20 Best Places to Visit in India in November

India is a land filled with a lot of tourist attractions and year-round attractions. Many interesting spots in the country are still out of reach in many tourist itineraries due to many reasons. November marks the beginning of winter season in India. The climate would not be very cold and the rainy season would have just ended. Thus, the places with water attractions would be at its prime beauty like hill station. And, hill stations would look like a fairytale and this month marks the beginning of many cultural festivals.

Some attractions get beautiful only during certain season and this might be one of the reasons to why people usually skip these spots. Here are Top 20 Places to Visit in India in November that you should not miss at any cost.

1. Old Goa

Old Goa is very famous for old heritage buildings and monuments left by Portuguese empire in Goa. There are numerous churches, museums and other buildings of colonial era, which looks fresh with recent rains in November.

Church of St. Francis Xavier, Old Goa
Old Goa

November is also the most famous time to visit because of feast of St. Francis Xavier in Old Goa. November is also the right time for beach-based activities. Beaches are a little far off from Old Goa but, it is worth to visit the Goa beaches in November.

St. Francis Xavier Earthy Remains

Activities in November: Rituals at Churches, Sightseeing, Beach Activities and Nightlife

Top Attractions to Visit: Basilica Of Bom Jesus, Church Of St Cajetan, Se Cathedral, Royal Chapel of St. Anthony, Archaeological Museum, Museum Of Christian Arts, Adil Shah Palace Gateway And Others.

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2. Garo Hills

Garo Hill is located in Meghalaya and is one of the best spots for nature lovers. There are numerous hillocks, pine tree forests, waterfalls and other attractions in Garo Hills. During November, the hill will be rich with greens due to recent rains.

Garro Hills, Meghalaya
Garo HIills

November is a wonderful time to visit this destination due to Wangala festival. This festival is called 100-drum festival as the celebration includes traditional drums, horns, dances and other celebrations. This is the harvest festival and you can find people working on fields during this month.

Wangala Festival, Meghalaya
Wangala Festival

Activities in November: Enjoying Wangala Festival, Water Activities at Imilchang Fare, Spotting Animals at Dalpakram, Fishing at Napak Lake, Exploring Siju Caves

Top Attractions to Visit: Nokrek Peak, Tur Peak, Imichang Dare, Napak Lake, Borkona Kali Ashram And Others.

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3. Varanasi

Varanasi is a religious place that is known for many cultural activities. You ought to visit the banks of the river very early in the morning to witness some important rituals and mesmerizing nature.


This oldest inhabited place in the world becomes a paradise in November with the celebration Diwali. This is the festival of lights. The river Ganges would look enchanting during this celebration with fireworks decorating the sky at night.

Dev Dipawali Varanasi
Diwali Celebration in Varanasi

Activities in November: Enjoy Diwali Festival, Boat Riding at Ganges River, Strolling around Ghats of Varanasi, Shopping at Varanasi

Top Attractions to Visit: Dashashwamedh Ghat, Vishwanath Temple, Widow Ashram, Benaras Hindu University, Ramnagar Fort

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4. Kohima

Kohima is located in Nagaland, East India. It is a very rich and interesting hill station with many picturesque spots. The place is also famous for tribal attractions and events. November is the best time to visit Kohima as frost starts by December and snowfall becomes more frequent. During November, the climate will be mild for sightseeing and other adventure activities.


During November, the Naga tribes in this region conduct many events and festivals. Do not forget to taste the local cuisine of the land.

Hornbll Festival, Kohima

Activities in November: Tribal Events, Trekking, Sightseeing, Photography and Others.

Top Attractions to Visit: War Memorial and Cemetery, Kohima Market, State Museum, Catholic Cathedral and Others.

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5. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Jaisalmer is a desert. Think what would happen to desert in winter. You ought to take cool desert safari. You can find a lot of architectural marvels and other desert related activities only in winter. November is the right place to enjoy a colourful desert. Jaisalmer becomes a majestic place in November and you ought to visit to get a unique styled vacation.

Jaisalmer Camel Safari with Kids

Activities in November: Desert Safari, Night Stay at Safari Camp, Jeep Safari, Sightseeing, Forts and Monuments, Shopping

Top Attractions to Visit: Patwon ki Haveli, Jaisalmer Fort, Desert Safari, War Memorial and Cemetery, State Museum, Catholic Cathedral and Others.

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Maharaja Express Journeys

6. Bodhgaya

Bodhgaya or Bodh Gaya is located in Bihar. It is an important religious spot for Buddhists as it is famous for the Bodhi tree under which Gautama Buddha gained enlightenment. Also a pilgrim spot, which becomes very special during November. November marks the time when monks from Dharamsala and other spots reach Bodhgaya on foot. During November, the sightseeing is easier with mild climate. The temperature would not raise above 20 degree C in the daytime.

Giant Buddha Statue, Bodhgaya

Activities in November: Spotting Monks Migrating, Temple Rituals, Sightseeing, Caravan Riding (Wonder on Wheel) and Others.

Top Attractions to Visit: Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhi Tree, Hindoo Temple, Mucalindalake, Vietnam Temple And Others.

This is not just a spot for Buddhism followers. The place has rich natural attractions, numerous temples and other attractions that pull numerous tourists from various parts of the world to Bodh Gaya during November.

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7. Shanti Niketan, Kolkata

This is a very small place near Kolkata. There are a lot of museum, gallery and many other attractions. This place is not much of any importance in other months. But in winter, this place becomes a wonderful paradise. Most importantly, the nature in this place becomes million times more beautiful. The whole place would look like a winter hill station.

Santiniketan Kolkata
Santiniketan, Kolkata

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8. Kuari Pass Trek

This trekking route is located in Uttarakhand. It is famous for the moderate trekking trail that takes 3-5 days for completion. The trail includes Nandi Devi, Kamet, Dronagiri and Chaukhamba backdrops. The trail covers green valleys, snow forests, villages and others.

The trek starts from Joshimath. Many cabs run from Haridwar to Joshimath. Early November is the best time to visit this trek. During monsoon season, the trail becomes slippery and becomes risky. During summer, the temperature would be high and travelers get exhausted easily. November is the time when the trail is rich with greens and flowering plants. The calm climate, green vegetation and clear view of the lakes and mountains make the trail more interesting in early November.

Top Attractions in the Trail: Camping, Sightseeing, Rock Climbing, Moon Light Trekking, Visit to Neelkantha, Natural Spring Bath and Others.

The trail begins at three different places namely Haridwar, Dehradun and Rishikesh. It is important to hire a guide during trekking. Rishikesh to Nanprayag is the longest trail that suits expert trekkers. The route through Auli will be at prime beauty throughout November. The Gorson Bugyal route will not suit those who visit during November. Talk to the guide to know more about the routes and attractions nearby.

Kuari Pass Trek, Uttarakhand
Kuari Pass Trek, Uttarakhand

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9. Bharatpur, Rajasthan

Bharatpur is an important place in Rajasthan for migration birds. November is the month for bird watching here. Hundreds of bird watchers visit this place every day in November for watching birds. A lot of birds from Central Asia like Pelicans, Flycatchers, Geese, Wagtail and many other exotic birds visit this place. You can find a lot of water birds and land birds. You can find countless of migration birds in November in this place.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Activities in November: Spotting Birds at National Park, Enjoy Boating, Sightseeing

Top Attractions to Visit: Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Temples, Monuments and Palaces, Nehru Park, Bankebihari Temple, Deeg Palace

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10. Lakshadweep

When it comes to island, people always remember Andaman and Nicobar islands only. Lakshadweep is an important tropical island group to visit during winter. It is a group of 36 small islands rich with water sources, lagoons and other attractions. Top elements of the islands are lagoons, reefs, coconut groves, beaches and others. November is the best time to visit Lakshadweep for beach vacation, honeymoon and adventure activities.

Monsoon is the worst time to visit this group of islands. November is the beginning of winter season and thus, the temperature is mildly cold and the showers are very less frequent making sightseeing and beach activities easier.


Activities in November: Beach Activities, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Lagoon Swimming, Yachting, Pedal Boating, Canoeing, Shopping and Others

Top Attractions to Visit: Minicoy Islands, Agatti Islands, Kavaratti Islands, Kalpeni Island, Bangaram Island, Marine Museum, Kadmat And Others.

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11. Sundarbans, West Bengal

You would be familiar with this place for its mangrove forest and exotic wildlife. In November, this place becomes very pleasing and has a rich wildlife and flora. Those who want a nature filled vacation should visit this place and take a boating through those mangrove trees. During other months, visiting this mangrove forest would either be difficult or not appealing. But, November is the right time to visit this small little tropical fairytale place.


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12. Hadoti

Due to top attractions like Jaipur, Jaisalmer and others, Hadoti has become a less known attraction in Rajasthan. Hadoti is a year-round attraction with beautiful sightseeing spots, heritage buildings and others. The best part of visiting Hadoti during November is Bundi festival. This festival is a traditional cultural festival, which is famous for turban competition, music competitions, rural sport meet, classic dance performances and others.

Hadoti, Bundi

Numerous people from various parts of the country visit Hadoti during November to be a part of Bundi festival. During November, migration birds from Russia, Ladakh, China and a few European countries visit the water bodies in Hadoti. Bird watching is a very important activity in November.

Bundi Festival Rajasthan

Activities in November: Bundi Festival, Sightseeing, Water Based Activities in Chambal River, Bird Watching and Others.

Top Attractions to Visit: Garh Palace, Chambal River, Hadoti Markets, Kota and Others.

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13. Amritsar, Golden temple

Amritsar is a year-round attraction. In November, Guru Purab festival is celebrated. The golden temple of Amritsar is an eye-catching attraction by itself. This festival would add more aesthetic value to this place. You can find a lot of exhibitions, fairs and other activities around the temple during November.

Guru Purab festival, Amritsar

Activities in November: Celebrate Festival, Guru-ka-Langar, Wagah Border Ceremony

Top Attractions to Visit: Guru Purab Festival Celebration, Wagah Border Ceremony, Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, Ram Bagh

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14. Mahabaleshwar

When it comes to vacation in Maharashtra, people usually stick to Mumbai and surrounding attractions. Mahabaleshwar is a small hill station in the state that is a paradise during winter season. The winter starts by middle or end of October and stretches until beginning of February. It is located in an evergreen forest range, which looks fresh with showers in the monsoon season.


Strawberries would be ripe during November and ready to pluck from the shrubs. Many fields allow tourists to stroll through the fields and pluck the berries. A clear view from the viewpoints is possible only during November as there will be less fog during this time. Sunrise and sunset view from Wilson point would be mesmerizing throughout the year.

Activities in November: Visiting And Picking Strawberries At Strawberry Fields, Sightseeing, Trekking, And Water Based Activities And Others.

Top Attractions to Visit: Old Mahabaleshwar Temple, Venna Lake, Kate View Point, Needle Hole Point, Pratapgad, Lingmala Waterfalls, 3 Monkey Point, Arthur Point And Others.

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15. Mumbai

The beaches in this place would be at its prime beauty during November. Rainy season would have bought a lot of rains filling the water bodies to full. Thus, by November, the beach related activities would be at its prime beauty of Mumbai. You can enjoy a lot of water related activities and sightseeing in this month.

Mumbai Worli

Activities in November: Visiting Temples, Walk into Dharavi, Trekking, Enjoy Street Food, Caves, Visiting Bollywood Studio

Top Attractions to Visit: Sidhi Vinayak Temple, Dharavi Slum Area, Ajanta Ellora Caves, Bollywood Studio, Hill Stations

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16. Bhuj

Bhuj is located in Gujarat. It became infamous due to the earthquake damage many years ago. Today, it stands as a charming tourist attraction for those who love architectural marvels. It has numerous heritage attractions. During November, you can witness a lot of events and rituals in many religious spots.


During November, many migration birds and interesting animals thrive in the saline wetland sanctuary. Top animals to spot are Indian porcupine, flamingo, black neck stork, wild ass, Indian cormorant and others. In Kutch Bustard sanctuary, one can spot coursers, flamingos, larks, sandgrouse, egrets, herons, plovers, sandpipers, mongoose, bluebull, desert cat, hyena, spiny tailed lizard, chinkara and others.

Bustard Sanctuary, Kutch

Activities in November: Exploring Forts, Sightseeing, Shopping, Safari in Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary

Top Attractions to Visit: Bhujio Hills, Swami Nayan Temple, Aina Mahal, Pragmahal Palace, Ainamahal, Chhatardi And Others.

17. Daman

Daman is one of the few places that were under the control of Portuguese before independence. The place is a small paradise during winter season. It is a beach-based tourism spot where all water-based activities will be at prime beauty during early winter. The tourism season starts by early November here.

Sunbathing and swimming are two main activities to enjoy here. It is a very quiet place, which suits romantic travelers and honeymooners.

Daman Beach

Activities in November: Water and beach activities, sightseeing, photography and others.

Top Attractions to Visit: Gulf Of Cambhat, Old Fort, Church Of Our Lady Of The Sea, Devka Beach, Jain Temple, Jampore Beach and Others.

18. Tawang

Tawang is a small hill town located in Arunachal Pradesh. Since the place was historically under the control of Tibet, we can enjoy Tibetan culture and architecture here. The most famous attraction in Tawang is Tawang monastery. It is the largest monastery in the country and the largest in the world, outside Tibet.

The place receives ample amount of snowfall during December and January. This makes November, the right time to visit this spot. The place will be clear for sightseeing and tourist activities would be easier to enjoy.

Tawang Monastery

Top Activities in November: Trekking, Hiking, Peak Climbing, Exploring Monasteries, Riding in Mountain Passes, Enjoying Waterfalls, Swimming And Others.

Top Attractions to Visit: Nuranang Waterfalls, Bumla Pass, Bap Teng Kang Waterfalls, Jaswantgarh, Shela Pass, Tawang Monastery, Gorichean Peak, Shongasterlake and Others.

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19. Dalhousie

Dalhousie is a small hill station in Himachal Pradesh. It was the summer retreat of Lord Dalhousie and, thus the name. The place covers five hill stations and is a wonderful spot to visit during early winter too. The place is famous for water based activities, mountain passes and churches.


Top Activities in November: Shopping, Boat Rides, Sach Pass Diving, Enjoying Waterfalls and Others.

Top Attractions to Enjoy: Chamera Lake, Gandhi Chowk, Sach Pass, Panjpulla, Satdhara Falls, Daikund Peak and Others.

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20. Almora

Do you want to visit a fairytale place? Almora of Uttarakhand is the best place to visit in November. It is a picturesque spot and November is the right time to play with deer in deer park.

Deer Park Almora

Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is famous during November due to increased spotting of animals. It is a small place and it needs just a couple of days for scaling the whole place.

Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary
Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

Top Activities in November: Wildlife Attractions, Temple Visits, Picnics, Shopping, Sightseeing and Others.

Top Attractions To Enjoy: Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kasar Devi Temple, Simtola, Gobind Vallabh Pant Museum, Lala Bazaar, Malli Bazaar, Katarmal Sun Temple, Martola and Others.

These places are not just the only November attractions in the country. Pushkar, Ooty, Darjeeling, Andaman, Gangtok, Spiti Valley, Coonoor, Araku valley, Gulmarg and many other places would be at its prime beauty throughout the year. If there is a water related activity in a city, you ought to visit that place in November.

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