When Is The Best Time To Visit Golden Triangle India (Delhi Agra Jaipur)?

Delhi, Agra and Jaipur regions are collectively called as the Golden Triangle Route. There are many places in India, which keep up their mesmerizing beauty throughout the year. Unfortunately, the iconic Golden Triangle Route (Delhi Agra Jaipur Tour) is not one such destination. In a tropical country like India, the right time matters a lot.

If you choose the right time, you are in for a memorable stay. If you end up on the wrong side of the calendar, you would experience a simpler and bland vacation. Here is a small guide for choosing the right time to visit golden triangle India.

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Usually, tourists choose winter season to visit most of the India destinations. It is quite true when it comes to Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Winter starts in October and ends in February.

Due to the geographical location of these regions, the winters can be pleasingly cold and the summers are sweating hot.

Since you are about to travel very lot on foot, from one monument to another, it is better to stick with the winter season. A little rain can always add beauty to the regions, if you are looking for a romantic vacation. If you are planning such a vacation, choose September and early October. Must read briefly about the best time to travel to India.

Golden Triangle

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Popular Golden Triangle Tours

During Festivals

How to make Delhi Agra Jaipur Trip more cheerful? Throw a festival and culture will start to bloom with colors. If you are in for a treat, you ought to choose festival times. The local festival times varies from one destination to another.

Therefore, a local festival of Jaipur might coincide with peak summer, which would lead to chaos while travelling to other two destinations. Thus, it is better to stick with nation-wide celebrations like Diwali of October, Christmas of December, Harvest Festival of January, Holi of March, and so on.

holi in india

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Best Time of the Day

Golden Triangle route is not just about sightseeing. There are numerous elements to enjoy like cultural activities, adventure activities, trying out the cuisine, shopping and others.

When it comes to sightseeing, it is important to stick with morning. The sunrise view of Taj Mahal gives the mesmerizing view.

Morning View of Taj Mahal
Morning View of Taj Mahal

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Dawn pinkish look of Jaipur can add more beauty to a vacation.

Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur
Pinkish Look of Jaipur

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A hustle morning ride in Delhi’s local transportation in not less than any adventure. For every cultural activity, the lazy evening would do wonders.

Morning Ride in Delhi’s local transportation
Morning Ride in Delhi’s local transportation

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If you are up for some adventure activities, stick with early or late morning. For shopping, avoid late evenings and weekends, as the crowd will be hectic.

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