20 Best Hill Stations in Maharashtra

A large mountain range runs along the west coast of the country, providing it with lush vegetation, periodic rainfall and home to many exotic animals and birds. This mountain range is home to several hill stations, hamlets, untouched placid nature regions and so on. This mountain range runs through Maharashtra too and it has provided the state with numerous hill stations for enjoying nature and taking a break from the scorching sun.

Here are the top 20 hill stations to Visit in Maharashtra:

1. Lonavala

Rajamachi Fort in Lonavala

This is the top hill station of the land. It is also a popular weekend getaway from Mumbai. Apart from the cliché high altitude elements like unparalleled panoramic nature, lucid water sources and rolling green hills, the land is also famous for adventure activities. Hikers and trekkers visit Lonavala for its numerous trekking trails. Other top attractions to enjoy in this hill station are Rajmachi wildlife sanctuary, Duke’s Nose, Koregad Fort, Amrutanjan Point, Kondane Caves, Bhaja Caves, Tiger’s Leap, Lonavala Lake and so on.

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2. Igatpuri


This is another weekend getaway spot from Pune and Mumbai. However, this is not your average sightseeing hill station. This place is famous for rejuvenating trips. There is a large meditation academy in this hill station too. People visit this region to relax, meditate and get charged with nature’s power. The hill station is not a commercial tourism destination. Thus, the solitude environment will cleanse your soul and mind. Top attractions of this land for exploring are Bhatsa River valley, Tringalwadi fort, camel valley, Kalsubai peak, and others. This place is also the gateway to numerous other hidden hill stations of the state.

3. Matheran


You would be familiar with this name because of the famous train route. Neral to Matheran toy train is a famous honeymoon activity of the land. Do you know that Matheran is the only automobile-free hill region of the country? This eco-friendly hill station will keep you closer to nature with fresh breeze, exotic viewpoints, valleys and much more. If you love outdoor activities, this is the right place to explore. Top attractions of the hill town are Alexander Point, Prabal Fort, One Tree Hill Point, and others. Valley crossing and trekking are the two main adventure activities of this region.

4. Mahableshwar

Do you want to be closer to strawberry fields and even enjoy the aroma of the berries in the breeze throughout your vacation? Mahabaleshwar is the right hill station to choose from. This is one of the prime tourist destinations of the state and during peak tourism months, the hill town will be packed with tourists. This is one of the few hill stations in the country, which is at prime beauty even during monsoon. Monsoon is considered as the most romantic time to visit this place. Top places to visit here are Elephant point, Chinaman waterfall, Venna Lake, Kate’s Point, Connaught Peak, Mahadev temple, Wilson Point and others. Top adventure activities to enjoy here are horse riding, rock climbing, mountain biking, nature trails, and others. Do not forget to stroll through a strawberry field during your visit.

5. Panchgani


Panchgani can be translated as ‘five hills’. If you are not much of an adventure type and are looking for some hill station for relaxing and sightseeing, Panchgani has loads of such beauties. This land allures tourists with its untouched pristine natural beauty. The land is almost covered with dense forest, giving it a more colorful look. Top sites for visiting in this hill station are Lingmala waterfall, Table Land, Bhilar waterfall, Rajpuri caves, Sydney Point, Arthur Seat, and others. If you are looking for some outdoor activities, you can try cycling, shopping, waterfall bathing, and cave hiking. However, land is more famous for sightseeing than activities.

6. Jawhar


This is an off-beat hidden beauty located in Thane. The land is famous for its long list of waterfalls cascading from luxuriant hill slopes. Jawhar is famous for architectural sightseeing too. If you are looking for a monsoon hill station vacation, Jawhar is one of the top places to explore in Maharashtra. Tribal art forms like local dance and tribal paintings are very common here. Warli painting of the tribes is the top souvenir to buy here. Top attractions to enjoy in this hill station are sunset point, Khadkhad dam, Kalmandvi waterfall, Hanuman Point, Dabosa waterfall, Jai Vilas Palace, Jaisagar Dam, and more.

7. Khandala


Lonavala hill station will be jam-packed with tourists during the peak summer season. Do you want to enjoy the beauty of Lonavala but without the rush of tourists? The best place to visit is Khandala. It is a small hill town closer to Lonavala with similar nature luxuries. This destination is famous for honeymoon activities and adrenaline-pumping adventure activities. You can find numerous waterfalls and viewpoints to explore in this forest-covered town. Top adventure activities to try here are cave exploration, waterfall bathing, trekking, hiking, biking, and others. If you are looking for sightseeing, visit Bedsa Cave, Visapur Fort, Shooting Point, and others.

8. Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat

This is your iconic adventure-activities filled hill station. The land is famous for a holistic vacation with natural beauties for sightseeing, trekking routes, architectural marvels, and fantastic cuisine. If you are looking for a cliché high altitude vacation, this is the right place to visit. Top attractions of this land are PimpalgaonJoga dam, Harishchandragad Fort, Ajoba Hill Fort, and others. If you visit during the summer season, you can find a lot of birds in this region, especially around the PimpalgaonJoga dam.

9. Sawantwadi

Hill station has a serene beauty and coastal area has a unique beauty. How about adding both together in one destination? One side of Sawantwadi is bordered with Sahyadri hills and the other is the coastal region. The place is famous for the cliché hill station look with viewpoints, valleys, waterfalls, and others. The cuisine of this land is a fusion of vintage hill station cuisine and sea-food filled coastal cuisine. You ought to try the local dishes here during your visit. Top places to explore here are Moti Talao Lake, Sawantwadi Palace, ancient temples and others. you ought to explore the markets of the region for buying wooden toys.

10. Bandardara


This is a weekend getaway spot from Mumbai. This hill station has a unique beauty. Bandardara is bordered and shielded with mountains and waterfalls in almost all directions. Thus, the climate will be amazing throughout the year. If you want a perfect vacation, try to drive from Mumbai to Bandradara. It is just 117 km away and the route is amazing. Most tourists take a car drive from Igatpuri to Bandardara. There is a lot of viewpoints around the region and apart from those, try to visit Umbrella Falls, Kalsubai peak, Arthur Lake and others.

11. Koroli

This is another hidden beauty of Maharashtra. This is the place to choose if you are looking for solitude beauty. Koroli attracts tourists who are looking for photographic beauty, trekking routes, and romantic locations. Koroli is very close to Igatpuri hill station. Top attractions to visit here are the green fields, Bhandardara waterfalls, Trimbakeshwar temple, and others. You can find a lot of water bodies here for boating, bathing, and other water-based activities. Early morning trekking is one of the top romantic activities of this land.

12. Rajmachi


If you love trekking, hiking, and camping, Rajmachi is the best spot for your vacation. The only disadvantage is that it is a quite small destination and you will not have a lot of sightseeing options other than Rajmachi Fort. The entire region is filled with trekking trails and forest regions. Choose a viewpoint to enjoy the panoramic view of the city. Due to the limited tourist activities, the land has a solitude beauty. If you are looking for a break from city life, this is the best place to enjoy, especially during peak summer.

13. Toranmal

This is a year-around hill-station beauty famous for lakes, viewpoints and caves. This is also a pilgrimage destination with many shrines for local deities. The top attractions of this region are Lotus Lake and Machhindranath Cave. If you want to enjoy Toranmal in the most beautiful way possible, choose to visit during any local festival. The temples will be lush with cultural activities and you can enjoy a colorful time here.

14. Amboli


Amboli is a year-round tourist destination. It is located close to Goa and thus, the place will be jam-packed with tourists, who are looking for a break from their beach vacation. The place does not have many sightseeing spots other than Amboli falls, Madhavgad fort, Durg Dhakoba, and Nangarta Falls. However, the natural beauty of the land is an amazing feature. The best activity here is nature trail walking. If you love to enjoy bathing in waterfalls and other water-based activities, choose to visit during early winter or late monsoon season. Amboli is the wettest place of the state.

15. Karjat

Karjat has a charming beauty and a cultural environment. This is a hill-village, with a reviving lifestyle. If you are looking for trekking, exploring local life and enjoying a high altitude cool climate, this is a good option. Karjat is not very famous among tourists in India. Top tourist attractions to enjoy in this hidden gem are Kondana cave, Kotaligad, Peth Fort and others. There are numerous trekking trails in this region.

16. Chikhaldara Hills

If you wish to stroll through coffee plantations in Maharashtra, Chikhaldara Hills is your only option. This place has a history that dates back to the times of Mahabharata, Hindu epic mythology. This hill is said to be the place where Bheema killed Keechakademon and threw him over the cliff. This place is also famous for its wildlife resources. Top places to visit in this hill region are Cikhaldara waterfalls, Gugamal national park, Gawligad fort, Hariken point, Pandit Nehru botanical garden, Cikhaldara wildlife sanctuary, Wan sanctuary, Panchbol point, Semado Lake and others.

17. Panhala

This is a hidden beauty of Maharashtra. The place is not commercialized like the other hill stations and thus, you can be closer to nature. The beauty of the land comes from nature, which provides rolling hill slopes, green fields, lush water sources and much more. Top spots to visit in this hill station are Panhala Fort, Jyotiba Temple, Sajja Kothi, Teen Darwaja, Sunset point, botanical garden and others. The hill town is covered with numerous small temples.

18. Lavasa


Do you know that this is the newest hill station of the country? Lavasa is a man-made project of converting 25 thousand acres of land covering 7 hills into an exclusive private hill station. This modern hill station has beauties of nature and infrastructural advantages. The lake shores of this region are filled with water sports. Topwater sports to enjoy here are jet skiing, boating, water biking, and others. Other sightseeing spots in this region are Bamboosa, Temghar dam, Butterfly spot, Dasvino club, Dasve viewpoint, and others. Lavasa is at prime beauty only during monsoon.

19. Durshet


This is a small high-altitude village famous for water sports and hot springs. Unlike many high stations, it is not best to visit Durshet during summer. This is an adventure-filled hill region famous for forest lodge, Ashtavinayak temple, Sulphur water springs, Durshet River, farmlands and others. The top adventure and outdoor activities to enjoy here are nature walks, river crossing, trekking, hiking, camping, and others. Top watersports apart from river crossing are boating, rappelling, river rafting and others.

20. Suryamal

This is another small hill station in the region. Geographically speaking, this is a very small hill region. However, Mother Nature has been very generous with this land. You can find wildflowers everywhere you turn. These vivid flowers add a pinch of color to the otherwise green-tuned region. Trekking is a very common adventure activity to enjoy in Suryamal. Top attractions to enjoy here are the Suryamal peak, Amala wildlife sanctuary, Khodala village, and others.

Maharashtra is one of the major regions of India covered with industrial advancement for several centuries. However, the land is still in touch with its natural beauty and these forest-fringed hill stations are the best examples. Starting from wildlife sanctuaries to the vivid wildflowers along the trekking route, every element of these hill stations are worth a photographic click. If you are looking for a rejuvenating time, these hill stations could do wonders.