Peer Baba Dargah, Jammu

When in Jammu there are many religious places one can visit among them is the Peer Baba Dargah or the Metha Baba Dargah. It is a very unique shrine in the fact that the visitors of all faiths come here. Muslims, Hindus and Sikh all can be seen paying their respects and also saying prayers in their own style.

This shrine is basically a tome of a Saint who is believed to have lived for 500 years only on milk. As an offering from his devotees he used to take only a pinch of sugar from them so he was also called Meetha Baba.

This saint was also believed to have known Guru Gobind Singh ji. This shrine is also believed to protect the area from any evil. You must visit the place and feel serenity in the environment. It is a place that can be felt only by a visit yourself rather than hearing from others.

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