Top Tourist Attractions in Bharatpur

Bharatpur is not just some interesting attraction in India. This is far beyond what can be tagged as an iconic destination. This place has a rich essence of wildlife, nature and history. This city has earned its place in numerous luxury train itineraries. Bharatpur is wrongly categorized with just wildlife national park category by many tourists. Yes, Bharatpur stands as an important destination for animal lovers and bird watchers. There are a lot more to this city than what it looks like.

We have selected the top ten attractions in Bharatpur city that are common among tourists. We have also included some off-beaten destinations that should be visited if you are choosing Bharatpur as your next destination.

1. Bharatpur National Park

This park is famous for bird watchers and animal lovers. Spanning for more than 29 km, this piece of landform is a mixture of many geographical surfaces like dry grasslands, wetlands, woodland swamp and others. There are more than 366 species of birds 379 species of plants, 50 species of fishes and a few mammals. You can find numerous migration birds during winter season. Apart from birdwatching, you can enjoy elephant safari, jeep safari, rickshaw safari and others.

2. Banke Bihari Temple

The temple is dedicated to Hindu god, Krishna. Apart from the religious factor, this temple is famous for its unique rituals that takes place thrice a day. The temple opens by 7:45 in the morning and closes by 9:30 in the evening. The timing changes with season. This 150 years old temple holds a deity that is older than the temple. The best time to visit the temple is during monsoon as you can find numerous festivals celebrated in the temple.

3. Lohagarh Fort

This fort is considered as the invincible fort of India as it stood strong through many battles and military invasions. The architectural element of this fort is an unexceptional one. The carvings, painting, frills and others. The overall décor of the fort is simple and elegant. Inside the fort, you can find three palaces, monuments, museums, Nehru park and others. Each palace has many attractions in it. There are two gates to the fort. The one in the north has many paintings. The south gate opens to a durbar where you can find carved pillars, archways and others.In the museum, you can find many sculptures, carving and artifacts of 1st BC.

4. Mathura Gate

Do you know that silver is relatively cheaper in Rajasthan? Mathura Gate is a famous shopping spot for buying silver articles, clothes, marble articles, antiques, shoes and others. You can also find street food vendors and sweet shops throughout this market. The best time to visit Bharatpur for shopping is from October to March. During this season, you can find a lot of unique souvenirs in the market.

5. Ganga Mandir

The first element of attraction in this temple is the architectural beauty. The carvings in the pillars and walls of the temple stands with pride until date. This destination suits anyone who loves and appreciates a good architectural monument. It is also a good spot for some lone time in peace.

6. Laxman Temple

There are two Laxman temples in the city. One is 400 years old and one is more than 300 years old. The oldest temple gets its name in this list. This temple is made with marble and sandstone. The main attraction of this temple is the architectural beauty and the structure. The temple is open for 7 in the morning to 7 in the evening.

7. Bharatpur Palace

This enchanting palace of Mughal style has a rich history and dense décor associated with it. The palace holds a museum that is filled with ancient artifacts. A part of this palace is converted into a hotel. If you were looking for a luxury stay, this would be a good option. Tourists can also visit this palace for sightseeing.

8. Deeg

This is a small garden city located near Bharatpur. This city has many palaces, fort and gardens. The main element of Deeg is its fort surrounded by gateways and moats. Some part of the fort has fallen to ground but the mighty watchtower is still in use. The fort was built in an elevated surface for the purposes of watching over Bharatpur.

9. Bandh Baretha

This is not as fancy as the Bharatpur national park yet; the reserve holds 200 species of birds including Black Bittern. This park is famous among professional photographers and birdwatchers.

10. Kaman

This small town is famous for a religious structure, which is still not defined as whether it represents Hinduism or Islam. The structure is in ruins today but 84 pillars that are present in the temple are still standing with pride as a major attraction. This place is also famous for religious rituals during festivals.

This is a fascinating city for nature lovers. The city has very strong link with Hindu mythologies and has been a ground for many battles in the past. The city is close to Agra and is visited by millions of tourists every year. The city is filled with many attractions and you can make a complete vacation out of this city.

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