Top 11 Luxury Things To Do In India

Unity in diversity is one thing that defines the true spirit of India. In this incredible India, among all the diversities, there is something to explore, to feel, to witness for anyone and everyone who comes to visit the place.

One can even enjoy sipping on tea at the roadside dhaba or can enjoy a refreshing monitor at a five-star luxury hotel. If you are more of a luxury enjoying person, then don’t worry has India has a lot to offer to you too. Not only in terms of accommodations but many exciting activities to try too.

Want to know some of the best ones which top this list of the luxury things to do in India? If yes, then go ahead and continue reading the article!

1. Fly In A Hot Air Balloon

Fly In A Hot Air Balloon

Did you also have a fantasy of being in a hot air balloon at least once? If yes, then you can surely strike this one off your bucket list. Pushkar is one beautiful city in Rajasthan and holds a Camel Fair every November attracting thousands of admirers from faraway places.

Not only is the fair exciting with the multiple races and beauty contests for the camels but the city in general is also too good to not explore. If you want to explore this gorgeous city, witness its blend of multiple bright colours, then there is no better way to be in the sky in a custom hot air balloon and have a bird view of the entire place at a time.

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2. Private Dinner At The Mehrangarh Fort

Private Dinner

Jodhpur is a place famous for its rich culture, history, majestic forts and delicious delicacies. A wholesome combination one can ask for.

Moreover, Mehrangarh Fort in its golden glory is one of the best places in Jodhpur to enjoy the best views of city line.

Why not double the fun by having a private dinner at this grand fort with the Director of the Mehrangarh Museum and also get to know a thing or two new about the history of the place?

Moreover, after an amazing dining experience you also are offered a private walking tour and of course generous sparkling of champagne comes complimentary.

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3. Ride In A Luxury Train

Do you wish to travel with more comfort, style and luxury? If yes, then a luxury train tour is a must in India for you. With its luxurious sleeper trains, expensive décor, multi-cuisine restaurants, fine dining options and many other high-class facilities, you will surely feel like a king or a queen while you travel.

The three most popular luxury trains in India are- firstly Maharajas Express Train which takes you from Delhi to Mumbai, stopping at popular cities, check out the price

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Secondly the Deccan Odyssey Train which will show you the highlights of Karnataka, Gujarat and the Deccan plateau area of Indian peninsula region, check out the price

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And Thirdly is the Palace on Wheels Train which follows a signature itinerary covering popular stops between a tour from Rajasthan to Agra.
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Don’t miss this experience for anything, after all, it is not every day that you get to travel in a comfortable train amidst all luxurious facilities viewing the mesmerizing views from your window and simultaneously travel the most popular destinations!

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4. Private Screenings

private threater

One of the many things that make India known worldwide is the world of Bollywood. If you are a fan of watching movies and especially Bollywood movies then nothing better than watching it on the big screen.

You don’t like sharing your movie watching experience with too many people?

Don’t like noises, whispers or people talking while you are enjoying your movie but still want to watch it in a hall rather than on a small laptop screen? If your answer to the above questions is yes, then private movie screenings is something you must try.

Go, rent out a cinema for one movie and enjoy being pampered with no people, no noise, food being delivered to your seat and convenient interval duration.

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5. A Visit To The Indian Wine City

Western India houses the wine city of India, Nashik which is also known as India’s Napa Valley. The area is known widely for its rich and high quality of wines. If you are into drinking alcohol and like travelling in a private plan amongst the gorgeous vineyards then luxury tasting at Nashik is a must-visit for you.

In addition to this, you also get to have a personal tour around the place and dinner at one of the reclaimed vineyards. Doesn’t the deal sound just great?

6. Do a Snake Boat Race

snake boat racing

Every year in the month of August, there is held the Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race Contest in the calm waters of Kerala, which due to its splendid beauty is known as God’s own city. In this contest traditional snake boats are decorated and ultimately the snake-shaped canoes compete against each other.

This is one of the most prominent races held in India and is truly a different experience. If not from the point of winning, you can try your hand at this snake boat race at least just for the sake of having fun!

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7. Dine Out At Taj Nadesar Palace

Like meeting new people? Like knowing more about different cultures and places? Like dining in a luxurious and royal environment? If your answer to all the three questions is yes, then don’t miss visiting the glorious palace in Varanasi for lunch.

The palace has been one of the favourite’s places to visit among celebrities and royals. Not only the guests are allowed to revel in the palace’s luxury in a private lunch but also get a chance to have conversations with the scholars of Jnana Pravaha which is a local centre in Varanasi for cultural studies.

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8. A Yacht Tour On Gateway Of India

boating tour

Though famous for many things, but undoubtedly one of the most famous attractions in the City of Dreams, Mumbai is the mesmerizing Gateway of India.

Standing and increasing the glory of the place since colonial period, the beauty of Gateway of India increases manifolds during the sunrise and sunset duration.

If you want to spend some peaceful time admiring the nature and the serene surrounding then must go for a private sunset yacht tour of Gateway of India.

9. A Stay At The Lake Palace

Want to stay in luxury amidst a royal environment but don’t want to go in for any luxury hotels? If yes, then a stay in the Sajjan Niwas Suite at the Lake Palace in Udaipur will be a splendid experience.

The Palace is known as Lake Palace as it is situated in the middle of the gorgeous Lake Pichola. Though built back in the year 1884 by a Maharana, the whole palace is a pure beauty with wonderful architecture.

The best part about the Sajjan Niwas Suite apart from its royalty is that the suite’s terrace opens up directly in the crystal-clear waters of the lake.

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10. Experience Travelling In A Houseboat On Dal Lake

Houseboat On Dal Lake

Located in one of the most beautiful Indian state of Kashmir with numerous snow-capped peaks all around is the Dal Lake in Srinagar. The site of the lake is so mesmerising that it is often referred to as the paradise on Earth by the visitors.

Imagine admiring the beauty from alone the shore is amazing, and then what it would be like going on a ride on this beautiful lake? Have a thorough view of the area and feel the beauty of the place by going on a Sukoon Houseboat which floats on the banks of the lake.

You can also get access to locally cook delicious meals as well as a gondola experience too. The ride on this houseboat would be highly refreshing!

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11. Play Polo Privately

Play Polo Privately

Are you more of an athletic kind of a person who loves playing, especially polo? Is privacy always an issue for you? If yes, then be rest assured as you can definitely enjoy all the three P’s of play, polo and privately together at one place.  

Whether you go to the capital city, Delhi or the pink city Jaipur, you can book for a private polo session to polish up your athletic skills. Moreover, if you want to try something new and are good with the wildlife, then you can even register for an elephant polo session.

You will surely get to try something new and exciting!

We hope that you have a luxurious, comfortable and enjoyable experience doing the above-mentioned things in India. Feel free to share your experience with us too!