Best Time To Visit Pokhara

Pokhara is like a queen of Nepal’s tourism with its mesmerizing beauty and attractions. The city flocked with numerous lakes, scenic views, mountain ranges, greenery, steals everyone attention towards it. Pokhara’s serene and lovely environment with chilling breezes and atmosphere attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world.

To experience this romantic kingdom of Nepal, we have to opt the right time to explore the beauty of the city. So just have a look which season perfects your tour.

The most preferred and best time to visit Pokhara is March to April and October to November. In these months, the atmosphere of Pokhara finds very comfortable with clear skies and less rainfall with moderate temperatures. Especially from October to November, Pokhara receives a large number of tourists. It is the peak season. If you feel overcrowd means, you can visit between March and April also.

However, Pokhara is open to tourists throughout the year. If you are interested you can visit any time but it’s better to avoid monsoons. The place will receive heavy rainfall.

Maximum Temperature : 240C

Minimum Temperature : 120C

During these months, temperatures will likely to be expected in this range. With this comfortable temperatures, you can enjoy a pleasant environment.

How other seasons impact

Other seasons are also the best choices for the trip. Maybe some small issues make you feel a little bit uncomfortable. Rather they are also the right selection to enjoy the beauty of Pokhara.


During monsoons, less number of tourists will like to visit the place because heavy rainfalls disturb the tour. June, July, and August months will fall under monsoons. Particularly, in July and August Pokhara will receive good rainfall nearly 900cm. But if you are rain loving fellow means, you can enjoy the trip. But in the showers, the place with huge mountains, lakes, falls, looks very fine and wonderful.


Pokhara will get a freeze moment in winters. Because it is encircled with mountains on the north side. It makes temperatures fall to the lowest points of approx 5 degree Celsius. If you want to experience the cold and chilled weather of Pokhara means, December, January, and February are the months to visit. Moreover, winters are the ideal time for winter sports. So for adventure thrillers, this is the favorable time to dwell in the adventure.

With the available information, you can plan your trip to Pokhara as per your comforts and likes. But choose the right time and enjoy the best of Pokhara in a pleasant atmosphere.

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