Top Things to do in Pokhara

With no doubt, Pokhara can name as the land of adventures. From easy to the toughest, different types of adventurous acts in Pokhara will fulfill the hearts of adventure thrillers with a number of options. Just have a look at Top Things to do in Pokhara and what they are to live in and enjoy the adventure.

1. Trekking or Hiking

In the mountainous region, trekking or hiking are the usual adventurous activities everyone takes part. The conditions and environment of Pokhara are very favorable for these. Especially, trek to Annapurna range made these activities regular and common. So as per your physical fitness you can choose the best route for trekking or hiking trails. From Pokhara, you can trek to Poon Hill, Mardi Himal, Annapurna Base camp, Muktinath, Mustang, and etc. Crossing through heights and staying in villages and many more things in trekking make you enjoy a lot.

2. Zip Flying

Zip-line in Pokhara is the world’s steepest, fastest, and tallest one. For this act adrenaline rushers mostly like to visit. The Zip-line starts at Sarangkot at 1625mts high and ends in 960mts high in Hemmja. Just think how it will be dropping from extreme to low. While you are in Zip-fly you will go through Annapurna range, Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhare, Lamjung Himal range, and the beauties of Pokhara valley.

3. Paragliding

It is the present craziest and popular activity in Pokhara and Nepal too. Mainly from Sarangkot paragliding trips will start because it is the highest viewpoint in Pokhara. You can take paragliding with a pilot(known as Tandem flight) who controls everything and it is the best also. Through paragliding, enjoying the views of Pokhara and passing over different peaks make you stuck in amusement. In everyone’s life paragliding trip is must-try or at least once.

4. Water Sports

A number of lakes, rivers, and ponds in Pokhara favors numerous water sports. The kick and joy in water sports can’t find in any adventurous activities. Rushing in force waters and feeling the cool breezes and everything is awesome and enjoyable. Whitewater rafting, canyoning, and kayaking are the water sports can take part in Pokhara. For serene seekers, Boating and Canoeing in still waters are the best acts to do.

Not only these but also several adventurous acts in Pokhara entertains the adventure seekers. The remaining list goes with hand gliding, sky diving, para motor, bungee jumping, mountain biking, para-hawking, ultralight flight, seti river rafting, and some others. With this, you can understand Pokhara is a delight for adventure thrillers.

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