How to Reach Pokhara

Pokhara, the tourist hub of Nepal is a worthy place to explore the wonders of the Himalayas and its bewitching beauty. Located at an altitude of 827mts high and the foothills of the Himalayas, Pokhara offers stunning views of different majestic peaks, lakes, landscapes, scenic wonders, a lot more. The natural wealth of Pokhara attracts everyone from all corners of the world to get treated in a pleasant environment.

At least, once in our life, you should visit the place like Pokhara. So if you are interested to pack bags to Pokhara, just follow the routes mentioned below and know how to reach Pokhara:

By Air

Pokhara has own a domestic airport, but you have to reach it by taking a direct flight from Kathmandu International Airport. Pokhara airport operates flights every day between Kathmandu and Pokhara. Just in 40 minutes, you can reach Pokhara from Kathmandu if you choose airplane. Sometimes due to climatic conditions, flights will be directed to other airports. It’s a small problem for travelers. Buddha Air, Simrik Air, and Yeti Airlines are the flight operators offers travel between Kathmandu and Pokhara.

By Road

The roadway is also the best choice to reach Pokhara. The city is well-connected with roadways to the nearby cities and capital city Kathmandu. You can easily choose a bus from Kathmandu to reach Pokhara. From India too, you can reach Pokhara through the roadway. It is the best choice to enjoy the road journey experience to the beautiful place Pokhara.

By Train

There is no direct railway option to reach Pokhara. Due to the high altitude town, railways are not connected directly to Pokhara. Up to the crossing borders, you can travel through trains.

How to reach Pokhara from India

India is the closest and well-connected country to Nepal. So from India, you can easily reach Pokhara in different ways. Let’s have a look at what they are.

How to Reach Pokhara From Delhi

From Delhi, you can have direct flights and bus options. From the Indira Gandhi International Airport Delhi, in a week 8 flights will be operated between Pokhara and Delhi. By bus means, you can take a direct bus but it takes nearly 20 hours to reach. If you want to go by train means, you have to take a train to Gorakhpur. From there, you have to reach Sunauli border then, you can take another bus to Pokhara.

How to Reach Pokhara From Mumbai

Mumbai has a good number of flight options to reach Pokhara. If you want to fly, you can take a direct flight to Kathmandu and then take another flight to Pokhara. By taking a flight to Gorakhpur also you can drive to Pokhara. It is the fastest route from Mumbai to reach. If you want to go by train means, you have to take a train from Thane station to Krishnagar. From there you can go by bus to Butwal. From Butwal Pokhara is close.

How to Reach Pokhara From Varanasi

Varanasi is one of the best routes to reach Pokhara at cheap cost. You can take direct flights to Kathmandu and then you will divert to Pokhara. If you like to go by train means, take a direct train to Butwal. Then you can drive straight to Pokhara. Also, you can drive straightly from Varanasi to Pokhara.

How to Reach Pokhara From Lucknow

From Lucknow, there are a good number of flights are available to reach Pokhara. So, you can fly through the air. If you want to go by train or road means, first of all, you have to reach Gorakhpur from Lucknow through trains or buses. From there, you can to take a bus to Sunauli border. As usual, from Sonuali border crossing you can have several buses to Pokhara.

How to Reach Pokhara From Kolkata

There will be several flights to Pokhara from Kolkata via Kathmandu. You can choose a train to reach Pokhara easily because Kolkata has direct trains to Raxaul. So from there, you can take a bus to reach Pokhara. By road means, you have to drive through a car or any other option. It seems buses are not available. If you can you have to change different buses to reach Raxaul then next to Pokhara.

How to Reach Pokhara From Patna

If you are interested you can choose flights from Patna to Pokhara. The best way to reach Pokhara from Patna means, you have to take the train at Sonpur Junction to Gorakhpur station. Then you have to choose another train to Butwal. From there you can hire a taxi to Pokhara. Also, you can take a train to Janakpur and Simara. From there you have to take flights to Pokhara.

How to Reach Pokhara From Bareily

There are no direct flights to Kathmandu to reach Pokhara. Still, you want to fly means, you can fly to Bharatpur from Dhangarhi. Then you can drive to Pokhara. But the most recommended route from Bareilly, is taking a train from Bareilly to Lucknow. Then take a bus to Krishnanagar and from it, you can hire a taxi to Butwal. As usual from Butwal you can reach Pokhara easily.

How to Reach Pokhara From Gorakhpur

From every destination, Gorakhpur name sounded many times. It is like a center to reach the Sunauli border crossing. So from Gorakhpur, you can reach Pokhara via bus. Just hire a bus or cab to reach Sunauli border crossing. From there you can have different local buses and cab services to Pokhara.

How to Reach Pokhara From Siliguri

There is the availability of flight option. So you can take a direct flight from Bhadrapur to Kathmandu. From there you can take another flight to Pokhara. You can reach by train and bus options. You have to take a train from New Jalpaiguri to Narkatiaganj Jn. From there, you can take a direct bus to Pokhara.

Among the all, through Delhi, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, and Patna travelers can opt the best cheapest ways to reach Pokhara. So if you want to cost less on travel, it is better to travel through Delhi and Patna.

How to Reach Pokhara Through Crossing Borders

Through border crossings from India also you can reach Pokhara. If you choose roadway means, through any one of the border crossings you have to reach Pokhara. Here some of the known border crossings are placed below.

How to Reach Pokhara from Sunauli

Sunauli is the popular India-Nepal border crossing. It receives a great number of tourists to leave to Nepal or to get in India from Nepal. From Gorakhpur, you can reach Sunauli, then take a rickshaw to reach Nepal side. After, take a bus or jeep to reach Pokhara. Roughly, in 6 to 8 hours you will reach Pokhara.

How to Reach Pokhara from Raxaul and Birganj

These two crossing borders are the safest and easiest crossing borders to reach Pokhara. You have to reach Raxaul crossing border and then to Birganj crossing border. From here you have to take taxis or local buses to Pokhara. It nearly takes 6 hours journey from these crossing borders.

Important Instructions

  • For Indians, there is no need of Visa but an identity card like voter id is enough. But foreigners have to bring Passport and Visa.
  • If you are crossing Nepal to India, Indian e-visas will bot be approved at the border crossings. So you have to apply for the visa at the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu.
  • It is always better to carry $US dollars for visa and you can exchange money near Nepal Immigration Office.
  • Jewelry, matchboxes, precious elements, matchboxes, acids, inflammable articles, explosives, etc are strictly prohibited not to carry.
  • Don’t violate the laws of the country and respect their culture and follow principles.

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