15 Best Trekking Place Near Pokhara

Pokhara is known for its lakes and located in Nepal. Pokhara welcomes you with its beauty that you had never experienced it before. If you are a trekking lover then Pokhara is the right destination for it. The beauty surrounded by the Himalayan Mountains is the best face of Pokhara. You can visit Pokhara in October, November, December, and January then only you can see the beauty of Pokhara which is covered by snow. If you are visiting Pokhara for the first time you will enjoy its nature and the beauty with lots of excitement. Find below the list of Top 15 Trekking Places Near Pokhara:

1. Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna is one of the famous trekking places in Pokhara. Annapurna Base camp consists of peaks up to 8000mts and the mount Annapurna ranks 10th highest mountain in the world. There are so many shops in the main strip that are selling to base camp. Annapurna Base camp also provides you a lot of entertainment like bumper cars, bowling, car racing machines, and also arcade games for a cheap cost. Annapurna is a challenging trekking place that you couldn’t trek it for before. You will get a wonderful experience in Annapurna Base Camp that you will never ignore to visit it again.

Best Time to Visit : September and October

Location : Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal

2. Dhampus Trek

Dhampus trek from Pokhara is an ethnic village of Gurung Communities. Dhampus trek the smallest trek of total two days that takes you through 3 different famous viewpoints are Dhampus, Naudanda, and Sarangkot. The beautiful scenery in the background is just awesome. The Dhampus trek reveals its beauty and makes us feel that we are all in unity in diversity. You should be there with your equipment like jerkins, water bottles, and lip guards. Dhampus trek gives you one of the best trekking experiences.

Best Time to Visit : November and December

Location : Dhampus Village

3. Royal Trek

The name Royal trek is named because the royal prince Charles explored the route in the 80's. The Royal Trek is at the beauteous lakeside city of Pokhara. The Gandaki zone is an attractive region occupies by people of the Gurung ethnic people. It seems beautiful views of hillside rice terrace and Machapuchhre is sacred and has never been climbed. The Royal trek is route is less crowded that you can get closure to nature and the local vibes.

Best Time to Visit : November, December and January

Location : Royal trek, Annapurna Base Camp, Pokhara

4. Siklesh Trek

Siklesh trek is a fabulous short trek traverse a variety of terrain from low land villages were group of Gurung people also known as Ghurkhas live. The trek takes you beautiful Begnas Taal through the paths increasing gently and steadily uphill that makes new trekkers learn how to trek. Siklesh trek routes are so clear to beginners and it is a good opportunity to show there vibes and talent. Siklesh is the excellent and very well maintained village of Siklesh rested on a small hill at a height of 3000 m.

Best Time to Visit : October and November

Location : Pokhara, Nepal

5. Ghandruk Trek

Ghandruk trek welcomes you with its natural beauty and several cultural aspects of that region. Ghandruk trek makes you fall in love with its cool and romantic nature and climate. The trek through the beautiful roads via forests of the lower Annapurna Region is really like an awesome feeling. You can visit the Gurung village of Ghandruk, with the scenery of Annapurna and Fishtail. Ghandruk trek is one of Pokhara's exciting and short treks, taking you through the villages while giving epic Himalayan views.

Best Time to Visit : November, December and January

Location : Ghandruk town, Pokhara, Nepal

6. Panchase Trek

The Panchase trek is a pretty difficult trek around 3 day with the highest point at 2500 m. The Panchase trek takes you through the villages and forests in the Annapurna region. The Panchase trek offers you a beautiful and awesome feeling of its scenery. Compared to other longer treks, you won't get any mountain views. The accommodation while having the trek is good. You can stay at tea houses that make you feel you are in an amazing and romantic mood. You can get food like chapatti, rice, dal, momos.

Best Time to Visit : December and January

Location : Panchase trek near Pokhara, Annapurna region

7. The Begnaskot Trek

The Bregnaskot trek is famous for its lakes and stunning seal trees. The Begnaskot trek seems to be one of the popular trekking trails in the country. The forest near the Begnas Lake is the perfect place for trekking. You can have boating over Begnas and cross the other side of it, then climb up to the Begnaskot then you will have beautiful scenery of Begnas and Rupa Lake, forest area covered the whole hill and awesome scenes of Himalayan Ranges. If you like to visit a temple Begnaskot temple welcomes you with its holy nature and vibes.

Best Time to Visit : December

Location : Begnas Lake, Pokhara, Nepal

8. The Landruk Trek

If you are in Pokhara don’t miss to visit the Landurk trek. The Landurk trek has its own and unique sight views. If you are trekking lover the Landurk trek makes your trekking trip so special and memorable. The walkthrough forest and the road which is not paved perfectly direct you to beautiful scenery that makes your heart joyful. The time away from modern life and spending time in Landurk gives you wonderful memories.

Best Time to Visit : November and Decembe

Location : Ghandruk Village, Pokhara, Nepal

9. The Pothana Trek

Trekking is like a passion for so many trekking lovers. The Pothana trek leads you with the glimpses of its nature and the heaven atmosphere around the Himalayan ranges. The joyful feeling comes from your heart when clouds touch you while trekking. It is like paradise for so many living things like birds, wild animals, and human beings. The peoples near Pothana place makes you feel like we are all in unity in diversity.

Best Time to Visit : November and December

Location : Pokhara city, Nepal

10. The Sarangkot Trek

The Sarangkot trek is the most beautiful trek all over the Pokhara. The best part of sarangkot trek is its morning vibes of sunshine is one of the undefined experience. The Sarangkot shows you several snowy mountains and waterfalls. Sarangkot height is up to 1600 m. The trek also follows through the villages that you can learn about their culture, habitants and what type of food they prefer. You have to carry your luggage. Their temperature must be in less than 25 degrees, thus you have to carry jerkins and some medkit.

Best Time to Visit : November

Location : Pokhara

11. The Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

The Ghorepani Poon hill trek attracts nature lovers with its beautiful nature and white- clad mountains. For learners, Ghorepani trek helps them to get knowledge of hiking in the regions like snowy places. The trek can be done in 3 to 4 days. The poon hill ranges up to 3131 m. You can stay there in any guesthouse with company and worth of cost. You can get the best food Nepalese, and other food like chapatti, rice, and dal.

Best Time to Visit : November, December and January

Location : Poon Hil, Pokhara, Nepal

12. The Sirubari Village Trek

The Sirubari Village trek is famous for its hospitality. It is a newly opened trekking place in the Sirubari village and it is seeking the attention of foreigners for its cool weather conditions. Sirabari village locates at southwest of Pokhara, in Syangja district. Sirubari place is the perfect place for trekking and you can find out how Sirubari village is dense farming group at the 1700 m above from sea level. The good impression of Sirubari village is the nature is perfect for trekking.

Best Time to Visit : Beginning of March to end of May

Location : Pokhara City, Nepal

13. The Banthati Trek

If you are looking for something different or like hilariously you may choose the Banthati trek. The Banthati trek is a package of 3 to 4 -day trip. In Banthati trek the sun raises very quickly that seen seems to be so pleasant to start the day. In Banthati trek you can shop thinks like antiques, jewelry made by local guardians, and some other like artistic products. The trek is somehow risky you have to ready with your all needs.

Best Time to Visit : Between October and December

Location : Ulleri, near Pokhara

14. The Naudanda Day Trek

The Naudanda day trek is an interesting trekking place around the Pokhara. Naudanda Hiking is pleasing hiking where you leave spectacular natural scenery and environment vibes. You can enjoy the beauty of Silver Mountain in the morning and racial Nepali village at its best from Naudanda. The trail Naudanda is 1443 m. It is one of the best Mountain View including Annapurna, Machhapuchre (also known as Fishtail), and Ganesh Himal, Phewa lakes, Pokhara valley, and Paragliding.

Best Time to Visit : Between November to December

Location : Sarangkot, Pokhara, Nepal

15. Australian Base Camp

Australian camp is located over the valleys of the Annapurna Mountain Range. Australian camp is the right destination for trekking lovers. It is located in the North West of Pokhara. Australian Camp is known as ‘Thulo Kharka’ means grazing land. The name Australian camp is raised due to early 8o’s people from Austria used to come here for its pleasant nature conditions. You can stay there in lodges with good climatic conditions, with excellent food, and Wi-Fi facility also available. Australian Camp is one of the craziest and awesome places for trekking.

Best Time to Visit : Green days of autumn

Location : kande, Pokhara, Nepal

Here we have 15 trekking places near Pokhara. We should never miss the beauty of nature. So, don’t miss these places while you are traveling in Pokhara.

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