15 Famous Festivals In India In August 2023

India is known world-wide for its rich culture, ancient traditions and colorful festivities. This is the thing which not only makes India unique but also attracts a lot of admirers from places across all over the globe.

When in India, not even a single day can be termed as boring because being amidst such fun, happiness, smile and colorful chaos one can be anything but not bored! Not even a single month passes by without having at least a few festivals, it can be said that in India every month is blesses with a bucketful of exciting festivals which not only bring people closer and united but also teaches people about the country’s propensity.

If you are you planning a trip to India in the month of August, then you are going in the right way as this month is seriously gifted with some amazing bunch of festivals. Come, lets have a look at some of best festivals out of the whole lot!

1. Raksha Bandhan

Date: 30th Aug, 2023

Known by different names like Nariyal Poornima and Kajari Poornima but widely known as Raksha Bandhan, this is one of the favourite festivals celebrated all over in India.

Highlighting the love of sisters and brothers, on this day as a symbol of chaste love all the sisters tie beautifully crafted Rakhis, which can be a simple thread as moli or decorated with stones and stickers, on the wrists of their brothers to bring them good luck.

Some even believe that tying of Rakhi, is a way of thanking by the sisters to their brothers for always protecting them. This one of the prime festivals, spreads love throughout the country.   

Tip: Go to the local markets and according to your desire explore some really trendy, funky or traditional Rakhi.

Rakshabandhan Tying Rakhi in India
Raksha Bandhan

2. Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race

Date: 12 Aug, 2023

Destination : Kerala

This prestigious event is happening from as long as the year 1952 in the splendour of God’s own city, Kerala. With a huge crowd of audience to cheer for the boat race, the enthusiasm, happiness and excitement of the place surpasses the quiet atmosphere of the exotic Punnamada Lake.

In this exceptional festival of Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race the main spotlight falls on the ceremonial water processions which are unlike any other in the whole world. Moreover, in addition to this beauty and the tasteful decorations around the place, there are the mesmerizing snake boats which put the crystal blue waters of the calm lake to fire.

Visiting this festival which is held on the waters of lake Punnamada, Alappuzha in Kerala is truly a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity which one should not miss!

Tip: Go timely to the place to reserve front spots for yourself and watch all the festivities and decoration closely.

Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race, Kerala
Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race

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3. Krishna Janmashtami

Date: 6th  Sep, 2023            

Krishna Janmashtami is one festival, which is celebrated with lots of love, fun and happiness throughout India. The reason behind the lavish celebration of this festival is that Krishna Janmashtami is considered as the birthday of one of the greatest Hindu Lord, Krishna who is believed to be the blue-skinned incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Though on this day every place is echoing of the ongoing festivities but to witness the best celebrations with elaborate rituals you must head to Mathura, the birth place of Lord Krishna.

Krishna Janmashtami Celebration Mathura
Krishna Janmashtami Celebration Mathura

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Other than Mathura, one place which gives it a tough competition is Mumbai, where the unique ritual of “Dahi Handi”, wherein an earthen pot containing curd, butter and money is tied up at a height and a group of young people form human pyramids to reach Handi and break it, will instantly catch your heart.

Dahi Handi in Maharashtra
Dahi Handi in Maharashtra

Other rituals include decorating temples, singing devotional songs, enacting skits, dancing and fasting. Lord Krishna is considered as one of the most mischievous God’s, hence his celebrations are also completely fun-filled!

Tip: For adding on to the celebrations combine devotion with some great delicacies including the delicious pedas and the buttery lassi of Mathura and Gokul.

Prem Mandir Janmashtami
Prem Mandir Janmashtami

4. Independence Day

Date: 15 Aug, 2023

India is one independent country and it celebrates its independence from Britain one 15th August since the year 1947. It is one of the biggest and most important celebrations for the Indian citizens and around this day you can literally feel the presence of patriotism floating in the air.

The celebrations begin a day before with a patriotic speech by the President of India and continue till the next day, that is, the Independence Day where the Prime Minister of India hoists the national flag and addresses the nation at the Red Fort.

Independence Day Flag Hoisting
Independence Day

As a tribute to the national heroes, the Indian Armed Forces along with the paramilitary put up a march past show. Though the main celebrations happen at Red Fort in New Delhi, but the day is celebrated with equal enthusiasm in all the different states, localities, schools and educational institutions of India.

The day is marked as a National Holiday, so that the people can actively participate in the festivities. Kite flying is one activity which has turned into a ritual that is performed every year this day by hundreds of people.

Tip: To catch the best experience of kite flying and to see a sky filled with a number of dotted, colorful kites go to the Chandni Chowk area in Old Delhi.

Kite Flying Independence Day

5. Melbourne Writers Festival

Destination: Mumbai

This is a literature festival, which takes place in Mumbai. The venue for the celebration is not yet announced. This celebration brings together numerous countries together to appreciate the noteworthy works on literature, music, and others. The festival includes seminars, conferences, award ceremonies, book shows, and others.

6. Bangalore Shopping and Food Festival

Date: Not Confirmed

As the name indicates, this is an entertaining celebration, which will be taking place in the NLG Exhibition center of Bangalore. This festival goes on for three days with more than 150 stalls to enjoy shopping and cuisine tasting. Apart from shopping and tasting, you can also enjoy games, live dance, DJ music, fashion show, face painting, workshops, and others.

If you wish to enjoy the culture and beauties of Bangalore, this event is an entertaining way to do so. Starting from handlooms to herbal products, you can buy numerous interesting things and take part in fun activities. If you are visiting with your kids, you can take part in indoor games, arcade games, art workshops, and much more.

Bangalore Shopping and Food Festival
Bangalore Shopping and Food Festival

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7. Parsi New Year

Date: 16th August, 2023

This Iranian New Year is also called the Navroz. This festival is celebrated for more than 3000 years by Parsis and Iranians. The best places to enjoy this festival are Gujarat and Maharashtra.

According to legends, on this day, King Jamshed defeated an eternal winter with the help of a gem-studded throne, with which he rose to heaven to shine brighter than the sun. This is the day of cleansing and celebration. On the New Year’s Eve, the Pateti, people clean their house and get rid of any unwanted things in their homes. On the day of Navroz, people decorate their house, create rangolis, make delicacies, share, and enjoy.

Parsi New Year
Parsi New Year

8. Hartalika Teej

Hartalika Teej is one of the major festivals of North India. On the third day of North Indian Lunar month also known as Bhadrapud, this festival is celebrated.

This festival is observed by the women folk. They fast at the evening hours of Hartalika Teej and continue fasting till next day without even drinking water. They pray to Goddess Parvati & Lord Shiva and stay up all night. The fast is also known as nishivasar nirjala vrat.

In India, it is mainly celebrated in Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Bihar. Madhya Pradesh also observes the festival of Hartalika Teej as a minor festival.

This year Hartalika Teej will be celebrated on 19th Aug, 2023.

Teej Festival Celebration Jaipur

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9. Tarnetar Fair

Date:  18th Sep 2023 to 20th Sep 2023    

This Gujarati fair is famous for music, color, culture, and entertainment. The festival is celebrated for the young tribal men and women, who look out to find their future spouses. Folk dance, music, handicraft stalls, carnival rides, magic shows, and many other attractions are included in this fair.

This fair is celebrated in Thangadh town of Gujarat. According to mythology, this fair is linked with the swayamwar of Draupadi (choosing a spouse). According to the epic Mahabharata, Arjun took part in an archery competition to win the hands of Draupadi.

This festival has been celebrated for the past 250 years in the temple ground of Triniteshwar Mahadev temple. During this fair, people take a holy dip in the temple tank, which is said to give salvation to human soul.

Tarnetar Fair, Gujarat

Tarnetar Fair, Gujarat

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10. Ganesh Chaturthi Festival

Date: In 2023 19th September

Date: In 2021, Ganesh Chaturthi is on on August 31. Anant Chaturdashi is on September 9.

This is a Hindu festival, which is celebrated to honor the birth of Lord Ganesh, the elephant-headed god. This festival is celebrated throughout the county with cultural activities, music, and food. This is an eleven-day festival, which ends on Anat Chaturdasi day.

The cream of celebration for this festival can be enjoyed in Maharashtra. This festival has been celebrated for about 125 years. The pilgrimage sites, especially Ganesh temples will have special rituals throughout the festival. Many pandals will be erected around the city in which clay statues of Ganesh is decorated and prayed to.

However, the highlight of this festival takes place on the final day. The statues will be taken on a grand parade with dance, music, and even color sprays. The parade will end in a beach or a waterbody’s shore. Later, they immerse the statue into the water and let it dissolve. It denotes the circle of life.

Ganesh Chaturthi
Ganesh Chaturthi

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11. Onam Festival

Date: 20th Aug - 31st Aug, 2023

Onam, the ten days long festival is celebrated with cultural activities, traditional cuisine, local competitions, and much more. The first day is called Atham in which people perform religious rituals and create pookolams (a decorative art made by arranging flowers in a circular manner). The second day, they add another row of flowers to the pookolam. This day is for cleaning houses. The third day is for buying jewelries. Each day, people add an additional row to the pookolam.

On fourth and fifth day, you can find many local games and celebration. The famous snake boat race is conducted on the fifth day. Sixth and seventh days are celebrated with rituals and traditional cuisine. On the 8th day, a small clay pyramid is placed in the middle of pookolam. 9th day is the first Onam day, which is an auspicious day to buy produce. 10th day is the Thiruvonam, the main festival, when the Onam sadya is served.

According to legends, the King Mahabali was sent to underworld by Vamana on this day. Onam is celebrated with a feast, sadya. Sadya is a style of feasting in which a large banana leaf is filled with 13 or more dishes. This festival is celebrated throughout Kerala.

Onam Festival in Kerala
Onam Festival, Kerala

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12. Nag Panchami

Date: 21st Aug, 2023

India is a land where love is not only limited to humans but is also extended to animals, plants, things, etc. Moreover, some animals are also considered sacred and according to the Hindu Mythology are associated with Lords. Similar is the case with the snakes.

Once you visit the Southern States of India then you will realise the utmost devotion of the people towards these serpents. Although there are many different sets of traditions and rituals followed in various regions of India but one thing that remains common is that these reptiles are considered divine like the Lords. Nag Panchami is the day of snakes and the common ritual practiced by people include offering a treat of honey and milk to the snakes, especially to Cobra.

According to the Hindu Mythology snakes are considered to be quite dear to Lord Shiva, hence on the auspicious occasion of Nag Panchami people worship and seek blessing at Shiva Temples.

Though celebrated throughout the country but if you want to witness the pure, traditional celebrations of this festival you can visit the rural areas of Maharashtra or temples in Andhra Pradesh, Jaipur, Chennai and Kerala.

Tip: When you go to Shiva Temples during Nag Panchami festival and someone with a snake comes to you asking for milk or alms, don’t be scared as the snake won’t bite, rather you must seek blessings! 

Naag Panchami Festivals

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13. Athachamayam Festival

Date: 20th Aug, 2023

Athachamayam festival is a part of the 10 days of the Onam celebration. This festival takes place in Thripunithura. This cultural celebration is conducted to mark the beginning of the Onam festival.

A grand procession is conducted in which the idol of King Mahabali is taken around the city accompanied by elephants, musical team, floats, and dancers. Thousands of people take part in this procession and you can enjoy the lively traditional music and dance forms of the land.

Athachamayam festival
Athachamayam festival

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14. Muharram

Date: shifted in 19th July 2023

Muharram, which is one of the major festivals of the Muslims is celebrated throughout India, in remembrance of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain- the grandson of Prophet Mohammad. Tazias beautifully decorated are taken out in processions during this festival. Tazias are replicas made of paper and bamboo. The procession is taken to the Martyr's tomb at Karbala.

Tazia Procession on Muharram
Tazia Procession on Muharram

If you a curious soul who loves knowing about different religions and their traditions as well as customs, then we can assure you that visit to India will be a wonderful experience for you which you will not regret even one bit. As long as you have the feeling of devotion and a desire of being a part of the ongoing festivities every person of every religion is welcomed in the festivals of India!

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