What to Buy in Jaipur?

Jaipur is the capital city which showcases the rich set of arts and architecture. It has become a busy metropolitan city yet it holds the value of ancient traditions, customs, and historical facts. Planning a cool trip in this hot city could give you a memorable experience. Whether you are planning for a solo trip or a family trip, don't forget to get some cool stuff before leaving the city. There are many local shops and markets in the city that offers traditional stuff. Visitors should be aware of the places in Jaipur to get that creative stuff. So, through our article, you will know what and where to buy in Jaipur

Jewelry and Gems

Jaipur is the home of hand cutting gems and top jewelry industry. The handmade jewelry is available in varieties and the people of Jaipur still purchase that ancient jewelry. It also attracts a large number of visitors across the city. Whether you want gold jewelry, Meena, Kundan, silver jewelry and carved trinket, Jaipur is an ideal place to get them in adorable design and theme.

Hand Cut Gems

Jaipur is well known for its hand-cut gems like Agate, Topaz, Garnets, Emerald, Amethyst, Ruby, etc. The blend of the unique design and creative style of those handmade gems make the shops more noticeable. The premium quality gems are collected from nearby states. Hand-cut gems are something that you would not miss in any shopping center.

Hand cut gems are not limited to cuffs, headgears, anklets, and necklace, but also other rare varieties of jewelry are available to buy in Jaipur.

Where to Buy

You can visit Johari Bazaar in Jaipur for unique collections of jewels. Since Jaipur is home to some best jewelry in India, you can get high-quality jewels at a reasonable price.


Rajasthan is best known for its traditional paintings especially Mughal paintings. Interestingly, these beautiful paintings were designed by highly skilled Rajasthan painters who portray the lovely life of some Mughal emperors. Also, Rajputana painting is available which depicts the life of Rajasthani’s during their period. These paintings also portray some incidents of great epics such as Mahabharata and Ramayana. Paintings have the power to change the vibration of your place. So, if you are fond of traditional paintings, you can get this.

Where to Get?

To purchase some of these miniature paintings, you have to visit the Hathi Pol Bazar in Udaipur. Traditional miniature paintings are the highlights of the city.


Do you want to purchase ethnic carpets for your beautiful home? Visit the busy city of Jaipur to enhance the look and feel of the city. Jaipur is the home to a top manufacturer of carpets. You will find unique collections of carpets include dushala, mehrab, charkona and much more. These premium quality carpets are of high quality and eye-catching.

Where to Get?

Rajasthan has the premium carpet industry for silk and wool. You can visit Ajmer and Bikaner to purchase magnificent carpets. You can go to small towns include Barmer, checksum, Tonk, and Manaharpura to find the major shops of carpets.

Artworks in Jaipur are the most interesting things to see. Blue pottery is used to enhance the beauty of your home. The blue pottery had been used to enhance the appearance of tombs, mosques, palaces of the Mughal Empire. Unlike other pots, blue pottery doesn't make cracks due to climate. The materials which are used to make this pottery were collected from various states. The premium quality materials include raw glaze, sodium sulfate, quartz, Multani mitt, etc.

Blue pottery can easily be found at the top cities in Rajasthan. When planning for a trip to Rajasthan, don’t forget to carry your apparels.

Handicraft Toys

If you want to visit a traditional village with your family, then Rajasthan is the ideal place to have a memorable experience. You would not leave the city without purchasing the toys, dolls and crafts materials. One of the interesting handicrafts in Rajasthan is Kathputli which is a kind of puppet that attracts several tourists.

There is a large number of handmade puppets are available out there that comes with vibrant colors and strings. Stuffed toys are also popular amongst handicraft toys and have an attractive look with glitters, straps, and jewels. The handmade toys that you buy in Jaipur add value to your home décor. It will enhance the look and feel of the home for sure.

Where to Buy?

Visitors are advised to visit places like Nagaur and Chittorgarh to find some rare collections of clay, wooden stores, and other materials.


Metal crafts are quite interesting to see in Jaipur. These metal crafts come in varieties and use the enameled silver to coat the jewels. These crafts can be used to make the decoration kinds of stuff in your home. Some of the crafts are used to make tabletops, figurines, boxes, etc. you will get a range of exclusive traditional metal crafts. Crafts in Jaipur come in unique styles, design like Bichi, Chikan, and Maori. You can visit the best places in Jaipur to get these metal crafts.

Aromatic Spices

Shopping in Jaipur is always the coolest things to do. No matter what stuff you are looking for, Jaipur got you covered. Jaipur is not just limited to jewels, pottery, paintings, carpets, etc, it also homes to spice markets. Visitors should explore these spicy markets to get some aromatic-spicy that get you mouthwatering spicy foods.

The creator of this city also creates the aromatic spices and so it is called as king of spices. The pure and premium quality spices invite a large number of visitors to make delicious dishes. Methi, cloves, carom seeds, saunf, Dhaniya, Jeera, Haldi, Black caraway are some of the evergreen spices to buy in Jaipur.

Where to Get?

You can visit the Ghanta Ghar and Clock Tower Market in Jodhpur to get those hot spices. Besides, you can also see flavored tea, handicraft, antiques, and hand-embroidered fabrics in the market.

Always special about Jaipur is gem and jewel. Collect yours here soon!