Traditional Culture of Kathmandu

Culture is like a mother womb, where a baby nurtures and gets a human form by the mother supplements. Alike, a country’s fame and uniqueness will be shaped out through its significant cultural and traditional values, which were supplemented by the mother called “Culture”. Such a wonderful and unique place is there any means, undoubtedly Kathmandu is the one in Nepal. Its culture in the form of majestic buildings, monuments, arts, museums, temples, etc a lot make us witness one of the best places in the world known for rich cultural values.

Kathmandu is the finest place in this world to experience rich cultures and traditions. For a cultural tour, Kathmandu is the best choice to explore lifetime knowledge.

Kathmandu Culture

A region or place’s cultural beauty can be seen in various forms, aspects, structures, or in something else. When we experience them in close touch we can feel the intense culture of that region. Such things that draw a perfect posture to the culture of Kathmandu are its historic monuments, museums, arts and crafts, music, cuisines, festivities, and many more.

1. Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are the great witnesses of Kathmandu culture. Kathmandu is like a house of treasure for different arts, crafts, and sculptures. In various temples, stupas, palaces, courtyards, streets, you can eyewitness the epic arts of Kathmandu. The religious arts of Kathmandu are the best things to understand religious cultural significance. Mainly, Hindus and Buddhists are the key role players for the enrichment of religious significance. Different arts of Kathmandu make you examine its rich culture and history.

2. Literature

A region’s development starts from the literature, which creates a strong base to the education. Nepali, Sanskrit, and Nepal Bhasa literature can be seen in Kathmandu. Different manuscripts are the great examples and reflection of the culture deriving from centuries back.

3. Music and Dance

Kathmandu is also a well-known place for cultural music and dances. Various types of dances and music representing the culture attract everyone. Especially, the Jazz festival is the best-known music festival to attend, where a large number of musicians will exhibit their talents. Music and Literature can easily root cultural values into the minds of the people.

4. Festivals

Festivals are the carriers of traditional and cultural activities. In Kathmandu, various festivals will become great stands to execute different cultures and traditional acts. During festivities, we can be a part of different cultures and traditions. The best of Kathmandu’s festivals to be part of them are Holi, Bisket Jatra, Dashain, Diwali, Mani Rimdu, etc. At the time of these festivals, you can enjoy limitless fun and entertainment.

5. Cuisines

Cuisines of Kathmandu adds something more. Notably, cuisines coming from ancient days sound very good taste. Different cuisines made of various spices and special ingredients taste very fine and delicious. The best-try cuisines and sweets of Kathmandu are Dal Bhat, different Momos specials, Newari cuisine, Jelabi, Chatamari, Sel roti, Aloo chop, Sekuwa, and many more varieties. Whenever you visit Kathmandu never miss these delicacies in your food plan.

6. Religions

Kathmandu is the place to several religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism, Sikhism, etc. But particularly, Hindus and Buddhists are the most populated religions. Their majority can be seen in various temples and monasteries. Buddha’s the five Dhyani basic elements, worshiping the different ancient Vedic gods of Hindus, monasteries, mosques, churches; etc projects the unity in diversity of different religions at one stand.

7. Customs

The customs followed in Kathmandu enriches the culture of Nepal and its greatness. In Kathmandu, people treat “cow” as the Universal Mother, which symbolizes motherhood, kindness, and charity. Due to the reason, mostly Hindus never eat beef. Here all the religions follow one thing in similar is “Non-Violence” means “Ahimsa”. It is a great principle followed by everyone in the city. Moreover, not entering into a house or temple with shoes, always ready to help, as these many customs in Kathmandu reflect its importance to the cultural values.

Arts and crafts, literature, music, festivals, cuisines, religions, customs, etc like this everything will reflect the nation’s unique culture, which was drawn from the past years. All these are the perfect blend of culture to explore in Kathmandu.

Where To Witness Kathmandu Culture

In Kathmandu, several places stand as the iconic centers for the country’s culture. Starting from the temples to monasteries, various places of Kathmandu showcases its unique culture in different shades and hues. To explore the beauty of Kathmandu’s cultural glimpses you have to cover all these.

Temples and Stupas are the best places to experience the different arts, cultural, and traditional attractions of the city. Kathmandu’s population includes a large number of Hindus and Buddhists. Due to the reason, here a good number of Stupas and Temples stand as the best religious spots. Boudhanath Stupa, Swayambhunath Stupa, Pashupatinath temple, Kopan monastery, etc are some of the wonderful places to learn the deeper sense of Kathmandu culture.

After exploring the religious spots, Kathmandu’s different Durbar Squares are the next worthy choices to prefer. They are the great witnesses of true and historic cultural glances. The three Durbar Squares namely Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, and Bhaktapur Durbar Square are the fantastic places to communicate with the world’s best artifacts and architecture. At these Durbar squares, several things surprise everyone with their presence and existence. Not only these but also many things educate us about the true essence of Kathmandu culture.

To enjoy the cultural side of Kathmandu means, you have to divert your route map to all these beautiful and inspiring locations. With all these instances, we can understand that our ancestors restored great extent knowledge to the future generations in the form of culture and tradition. So it’s our part to respect and conserve our own culture. Hope this can make your cultural tour to Kathmandu unforgettable.

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