Shopping in Kathmandu

Wherever you go shopping is a must-do thing, no one likes to miss the opportunity. Moreover, shopping in new places will be very enthusiastic to shop for different articles or things which we don’t see in our localities. Shopping in traveling is like bagging memories of our travel diaries. To bag such wonderful memories in Kathmandu, many shopping destinations and things make you enjoy a lot. Paintings, jewelry, trekking gear, handicrafts, traditional attires, etc are some of the best things to buy in Kathmandu.

For the traveler comfort, here some fine things to buy in Kathmandu were listed down. Let’s have a look at what to shop in Kathmandu and then fill your houses with the memories of Kathmandu.

Famous Things to Buy in Kathmandu

1. Singing Bowls

Singing bowls are one of the best souvenirs to take back home. These singing bowls are the famous musical instruments, which were used in religious practices. The bowls will be given with a set of wooden sticks. When we rub the wooden sticks on the bowl edges, the generating sound from them hear to be soothing and relaxing. For a relaxing and meditating space, singing bowls are the best handicrafts to buy.

Where to Buy : Sagarmatha Bazar, Thamel, and Durbar Square of Kathmandu shopping destinations.

2. Paintings and Thangkas

In Kathmandu, Thangkas are worthy paintings to decorate your houses. Thangkas are the aesthetic paintings, which were made on cotton or silk fabrics. The paintings depict the importance or the scenes of Buddhist and Hindu deities. They seem to be fantastic with fine painting works. No one will leave Kathmandu without buying these wonderful paintings.

Where to Buy : Sagarmatha Bazaar is known for these paintings and the Thamel region is also a good place to buy.

3. Pashmina fabrics

Pashmina fabrics are quite popular in Kathmandu. From mountain goats fur, this fabric will be made. This fabric finds very smooth and light-weighted. If anyone wants the finest and 100% pure Pashmina fabric means, Kathmandu is the right location. In very few places only this fabric will be available. With this woolen fabric, shawls, scarves, stoles, etc will be made. Ladies who visit Kathmandu never miss the shopping Pashmina fabrics.

Where to Buy : Thamel region is the best place for pure Pashmina products and otherwise in some other famous malls like the Civil mall and Sherpa mall you can find these Pashmina products.

4. Beads and Stone Jewelry

For stone and bead jewelry, Kathmandu is a popular place. It’s like a home to various special beads, bones, precious and semi-precious stones. Due to this reason, the stone jewelry of Kathmandu is incomparable with others. Different styles of jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, anklets, earrings, beaded chains, etc look pretty. Surely, women will fall into a dilemma about what to buy here.

Where to Buy : Thamel and Lazimpat shopping destinations.

5. Incense Sticks and Spices

At particular places only, incense sticks and spices are worthy to buy. Among such places, Kathmandu is one. Here you can find the best incense sticks and spices. The good esthetic smell from the incense sticks and the aromas from the spices takes to you a serene world. The best of them in this world can be found in Kathmandu.

Where to Buy : Asan Tole and Aroma Garden are known for these products in Kathmandu.

6. Nepalese Clothing

Coming to Kathmandu and not purchasing the clothing of Nepalese tradition means, it is a big mistake. Kathmandu is a well-known place for traditional clothing and woolen clothes. Here you can buy different woolen clothes like woolen sweatshirts, waistcoats, hats, gloves, etc. They will available at cheaper costs also. Especially, Nepalese traditional clothing is the must to buy. Nepalese traditional clothes look beautiful in using bright colors in them.

Where to Buy : Thamel region is very popular for clothes and Baber Mahal Revisited is also a good place.

7. Handicrafts

Anywhere you go the handicrafts from the locals always excites you to buy them. They are also the best souvenirs to buy in shopping. In Kathmandu, different cultural and religious handicrafts attract tourists. Wooden and metallic products, idols of Lord Buddha and Hindu deities, sculptures, prayer wheels, door knockers, masks, statues, antique pieces, pottery, trinkets, etc are the best handpicks of Kathmandu handicrafts.

Where to Buy : Thamel, Durbar Square, New Road, Lazimpat, and One Tree stop are the best places for Handicraft stores.

8. Dolls and Puppets

Puppet shows are came to extinct in many areas. They are like symbolic embodiment of the culture and traditions of the nation. In Kathmandu, you can have these beautiful dolls and puppets dressed up in variant colors representing the culture. They seem to be lovely if we decorate our houses with the string puppets or dolls. These handicraft items are the best choice to gift others also.

Where to Buy : At Durbar Square of Kathmandu you can find different dolls and puppets.

9. Trekking gear

We know very well Kathmandu is the capital of the Himalayan kingdom. So here a lot number of mountains awaits for travelers to offer treks and hikes. That’s why many shopping destinations offer good trekking equipment for the best and safe trekking experiencing. Who wants to measures the heights of Kathmandu’s mountains by trekking, they have to buy for sure. Boots, sleeping bags, jackets, clothing, etc everything will be available.

Where to Buy : Thamel region is close to the trekking points. On the outskirts of Thamel, you can buy whatever you want for trekking.

10. Khukuri

Khukuri is a traditional knife of Gurkhas. It is also known as “Gurkha Knife”. This knife is mostly seen in traditional practices, rituals, and festivals. Since the 18th century, these knives are using by Nepali soldiers, Gurkhas, hunters, and farmers. There is great prominence for this knife and it is the best souvenir to buy in Kathmandu.

Where to Buy : Thamel region.

11. Rice Paper

Popularly known as Lokta paper or rice paper is an interesting and the best thing to buy in Kathmandu. This paper will be prepared from rice husk. Because of its great durability, it can be used for many times. With this rice paper, paintings, photo albums, notebooks, menus, diaries, frames, etc can be prepared and also all these products will also available in the markets.

Where to Buy : At Basantapur and Thamel regions you can find these rice paper products.

12. Nepali Tea

Very few only hates Tea but most of all habituated to its essence and odor. Nepal is also a good producer of tea. It is a must and should to take home a pack of Nepali tea. Different flavors of Nepali tea makes everyone fall in love with them. So never forget to buy Nepali tea in your shopping.

Where to Buy : At Thamel, you can choose the best flavors of Nepali Tea.

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