Interesting Facts about Kathmandu

Interesting facts or feed about an unknown place or a thing always excites us to learn something new. In the same way, if we excavate interesting facts about our next visiting tourist destination it makes our trip more exciting and joyous. So, now we are going to know some interesting facts about Kathmandu. Especially, Kathmandu like historical and cultural cities are home to many interesting things and facts. Going through them make us surprise with many fascinating things. Let’s have a look at what the facts of Kathmandu make you feel interesting.

1. How The Name Derived

In ancient days, Kathmandu was known as Kantipur, it means “The City of Glory”. Later in 1596, the city got derived Kathmandu from the famous temple Kasthamandap located in Basantapur Durbar Square.

2. The Origin Of City From a Lake

According to some mythological stories and books, Kathmandu is a lake turned into a city. An interesting thing is geologists also approved the fact is true. As per geologists and stories, Kathmandu valley was surrounded by the Himalayan mountain ranges and a huge lake with lotuses was there. Today that lake is Kathmandu city.

3. Greet With Namaste

In Kathmandu, people greet others by “Namaste”. They show great respect to others by joining their palms and bow saying Namaste. It means they are respecting the “God in you”. The actual translation of Namaste is “I salute the God in you”. From their respect and humbleness, we can learn a lot.

4. “Newaris” The Descendants Of Kathmandu

Today Kathmandu is home to different religious and races but the human existence in the valley was started with the Newari community. They were the original descendants of Kathmandu valley nearly from 2 millennium period. Newaris are the actual descendants of Kathmandu.

5. Name For The World Heritage Sites

In 1979, Kathmandu was declared as World Heritage Site. The interesting thing is Kathmandu is home to a large number of world heritage sites. No place in the world doesn’t contain as many as Kathmandu. Out of 10 World Heritage Sites of Nepal 7 belongs to Kathmandu only. With this, we can understand Kathmandu is the name for World Heritage Sites.

6. A Destination for Rich Cultural and Heritage Values

Kathmandu is a perfect destination to experience rich cultural and heritage values. The city flourished with an uncountable number of temples and historic monuments make us witness the past glory of Kathmandu. In addition to this, different religions living under one roof in Kathmandu is a good set example of “Unity in Diversity”.

7. A Fusion Of Different Architectures

Kathmandu is well-known for its Durbar Squares. In total, there are three Durbar Squares namely Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, and Bhaktapur Durbar Square. All these durbar squares are the finest places to witness mind-blowing architectural marvels in the form of court halls, palaces, temples, idols, water fountains, etc. Durbar Squares are like epitomes of the bygone era of Kathmandu kingdoms.

8. Untouched By Foreign Invasions

The greatness of Kathmandu is it was never ruled by other foreign countries. Even though India and China also ruled by Britishers but Nepal remained untouched by foreign invasions. Very few nations come under this list. Among them Kathmandu is one.

9. Ranked As The 17th Highest Capital

Kathmandu was ranked as the 17th highest capital in the world at an altitude of 4539ft above sea level.

10. Uniqueness In Flag Dimensions

Nepal flag seems to be different from all other countries. It consists of two triangles, one with sun and another with moon prints on them. What these two triangles convey means, they are the symbols of Himalayan mountains and dominant religions (Hinduism and Buddhism) of the country.

11. As A Trade Center

In ancient days, Kathmandu is a great trade center between India and Tibet. Due to the reason, the valley civilized with numerous constructions and you can observe remnants of the buildings used by traders.

12. Pashupatinath Temple : The Wonder Of Kathmandu

Pashupatinath Temple is the famous Hindu temple in Kathmandu. It was dedicated to Lord Pashupati (means Lord of Animals) familiarly known as Lord Shiva. This temple is a great wonder of Kathmandu with stunning and massive architectures. But only Hindus are allowed to enter and the remaining all have to enjoy from the banks of River Bagmati.

13. Holds Slowest Internet Speed

After visiting Kathmandu also, if you want to live in the internet world means, it’s a little bit difficult task. Because here internet speed is very low with a maximum speed of 256kbps. Due to its geographical conditions, the internet is weak. So you can happily enjoy the lovely environment around you without living on the phone for 24 hours.

14. Freak Street

It’s a famous street in Kathmandu, where a large number of hippies are used to live in the 1960s and 70s.

15. Name Used To Escape

Once Kathmandu’s name was used by Bob Seger to escape from media and business. In 1975, he wrote an ode on Kathmandu. So if anyone wants to find him it will be far away to reach.

16. 2015: A Nightmare For Kathmandu

The earthquake of Kathmandu in 2015 is an unforgettable bitter experience for all. Most of the major historic monuments were wiped out in this disaster. However, some monuments remained strong till today. But it is massive damage that happened to the lives of Kathmandu people.

17. Respect Their Customs

Every place will have their customs and beliefs and we have to respect them. The main thing to remember when you are in Kathmandu is never touch anything with your feet because it is a very offensive thing.

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