Famous Temples in Kathmandu

Temples in Kathmandu are infamous for their infrastructure, heritage and much more. Be it the ancient Pagoda structured layout or the Buddhist temples where a monk meditates to the eternity. Temples in Kathmandu are definitely worth a visit when you take on a trip to Kathmandu. Being the hub of Hindus and Buddhist believers, there are several temples located in almost every region you may pay a visit in Kathmandu, but following is the list of 10 most famous temples in Kathmandu.

1. Sri Pashupathinath Temple

Sri Pashupatinath Temple is located on River Bagmati and dedicated to Lord Shiva’s famous incarnation Pashupatinath. According to Localities, Pashupatinath is worshipped and considered as the protector of animals. The temple is open to everyone, however, the main temple is only open to Hindu followers. As per the local beliefs, a cow was used to milk only at this place, out of curiosity a farmer dug in and discovered a linga beneath the same. Since then, this is amongst the prime tourist spots for people who visit Kathmandu.

2. Swayambhunath Temple

The oldest temple in Kathmandu is what can clearly define the Swayambhunath temple. The stupa is considered as the oldest stupa in entire Nepal, and as per the local stories, the stupa dates equivalent to Nepal valley’s origination years. The main temple is surrounded by smaller stupas and shrines. The shrine’s name means “self-existent one”. The inscriptions found in the temple dates back to 460 AD and hails to King Manadeva. The site is amongst the most visited sites along with being in the list of top 3 religious destinations for the Bodh followers. It is a Buddha Stupa where in the eyes of Buddha is painted on all 4 sides, and inscribed with a Devanagari quote mentioned for the first one.

3. Sri Doleshwar Mahadev Temple

Located in Bhaktapur, is where the Sri Doleshwar Mahadev Temple lies. The temple is not located in Kathmandu, however, people who pay a visit to Kathmandu, do visit this temple with great faith. Approximately 20kms away from Kathmandu, it is a pleasant 30 mins drive from the city center and is infamous amongst the Lord Shiva Disciples. People who are on Char Dham Pilgrimage, are specially instructed to visit the Doleshwar Mahadev Temple to complete the covent. It is believed that people who visit Kedarnath, Doleshwar Mahadev and Pashupathinath at one go, are cleared off their sins. Doleshwar Mahadev is said to be the missing head part of Sri Kedarnath.

4. Dakshinkali Temple

Located just a kilometer away from Pharping village is the ancient temple of Dakshinkali. The temple is considered as the most sacred, and is dedicated to the fierce goddess Kali. Traditions are followed big time in this temple. Animals such as Male goats, cockerels are sacrificed in order to make the goddess happy. The temple was built by Rani Rashmoni who was a great disciple of Goddess Kali. As per local beliefs the animal sacrifices are done to fulfill their wishes. There are numerous stalls which lie near the sacred temple from where people buy these animals and offer it to the goddess.

5. Guhyeshwari Temple

Guhyeshwari Temple is considered to be the temple of Shakti (The better half of Lord Shiva). People who visit Pashupatinath are requested to visit a Guhyeshwari temple before the same as Shakti comes before Shiva and the local beliefs says that people worship in this temple to gain strength. Tantrik Rituals are also followed here on demand by religious personnels. The highlight of this temple is the horizontal lying figure of the goddess, people bow down to take the blessing. Next to the figure lies the sacred pond of Bhairav kunda.This Pond is famous to get the divine blessing of goddess Shakti. People put their hands in the pond, and get something which they consider as a blessing of the dignity. A special fair is organized during Navratri. It has a special place amongst the top temples worshipped in the Kathmandu city.

6. Kirateshwar Mahadev temple

Deities of Goddess Durga, Lord Rama and Lord Shiva is what you get to see when you visit this ancient temple. Devotees are free to give separate offerings to this temple. The main shrine has a temple of Lord Shiva. The temple is ancient enough, and is mentioned even in Mahabharata, Lord Shiva has been worshipped across at most of the places as a lingam. Shiva is considered as “The Destroyer” and is said to be the most fascinating of all the gods in Hindu Mythology.

7. Kasthamandapa

Based on this temple , Kathmandu received its name. It is a triple storied building enshrined for Gorakhnath. The temple is built in Pagoda Style and is amongst the oldest wooden structure in Kathmandu. As per an ancient story, Machindranath, a disciple of Gorakhnath was bound in spell by a tantric, to sought help. After the help, and bestowment of the boon, a humongous tree grew there, whose wood, was later used by the tantric to create this Kasthamandapa temple. The Kathmandu city is accepted to be named after the temple itself. Kasthamandap means 'wood-structure'. Despite the fact that its verifiable foundation in regards to its root isn't sure, Kasthamandap sanctuary is accepted to be worked in the 12the century by Laxmi Narsingha Malla with wood carved out of a single tree.

8. Taleju temple

The temple is the most incredible northeastern temple however, even the Hindus are not allowed to enter the temple other than the Dasain festival commonly known as Navratri. The temple was built in 1564 by Mahendra Mall, and stands tall at a height of 35m. Taleju Bhawani is a south Indian goddess who became popular as a royal goddess amongst Malla Kings. The temple escaped 2015 earthquake with minimal damage, thanks to the influence of the goddess itself. 12 miniature temples surround the main temple area, and dominate the plinth area. The temple is fairly famous between people from the Malla dynasty, who still reign Nepal’s some states.

9. Baudanath stupa

The ancient stupa is known to showcase the relics and Buddh remains. It is the largest stupa of Buddha across the world. There are people from the Bodh community who visit this place from far and near. The temple was made by King Manadev and is the biggest Chhyorten in the world. The entire stupa is covered with gold, and believed to be the last remains of Kassapa Buddha. As per the locales it is the gateway between the earth and sky. The eyes of this statue is of utmost importance as the painted eyes depicts inscrutablitiiy, impassiveness, Empathy and Shrewdness.

10. Budhanilkantha

A large Vishnu statue is what you can see at this temple. Lying in the northern edge, this temple is carved out of a large stone wherein the statue is said to be lyeing in the water with serpents surrounding it. A trip to this place can be combined with a visit to the nearby Shivapuri National Park, which is lying on the nearby hill.

11. Changunarayan Temple

This Hindu temple is located in Bhaktapur province, which is at the eastern Kathmandu, is considered the most seasoned in Nepal, with its establishments going back to the fourth century. It's a photogenic cluster of endured red-block design, gembox hallowed places and wonderfully cut statues which escaped the 2015 earthquake completely. It is very popular amongst the international tourist due to the scenic locations it presents to them.

Most of these temples are amongst the most scenic destinations in Nepal and is even used during the film shoots and by the international delegates. Get in touch with us for more travel options and explore the best deals as you travel to Kathmandu during the upcoming vacation.

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