Top 20 Tourist Places to visit in Agra

Agra is usually covered along with a Delhi trip or as a weekend destination from Delhi. What people usually don’t realize is that the city of Agra has more attractions that you can make an entire vacation out of it.

Here are the list of 20 Best Tourist Places to visit in Agra.

Tourist Places to visit in Agra

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1. Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is the iconic label of Agra and even the entire country. This marble mausoleum was erected by a Mughal Emperor in memory of his favorite wife. This monument receives more than four million visitors every year. This 17th century monument is built with a mixture of Turkish, Indian and Persian architecture. The main attraction of the Taj Mahal is the architectural beauty, carvings, lattice works, sandstone inlay work, garden and the massive Taj Museum.

Taj Mahal, Agra
Taj Mahal

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2. Agra Fort

Located very close to Taj Mahal, this fort is a heritage site. Covering more than 380 thousand square kilometer, this massive fortress is the second most important monument of the city. The fort’s history head back to the time before the rule of Mughal Empire in the country. However, in 16th century, Akbar re-built this sandstone fort and created a new face for this fort.

Top attractions in the Agra fort are the Delhi Gate, Lodhi Gate, Moti Masjid, Nagina Masjid, Hall of Public Audience, Hall of Private Audience, Musamman Burj and others.

Red Fort in Agra

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3. Jama Masjid

This is a magnificent mosque of the country built by Shah Jahan, using the best artisans of the land. This mosque took 6 years to complete and the entire cost was estimated to be more than million INR. The verses of Quran are inscribed on the walls of the mosque. This mosque has a capability of accommodating more than 25,000 people at the same time. The minarets, prayer hall, relics and gates of this mosque are incredible beauties to watch.

Jama Masjid
Jama Masjid

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4. Itmad-Ud-Daulah

This is a grand mausoleum which is considered to be the inspiration for Taj Mahal. Itmad-ud-daulah tomb’s interior is very similar to that of Taj Mahal. The monument is surrounded by gardens and it was built by Nur Jahan, mother of Shah Jahan. Also named as Baby Taj. Top attractions of this baby Taj are hexagonal towers, jalli works, glorious garden and beautiful enamel work.

Tomb of Itimad ud Daulah, Agra

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5. Akbar’s Tomb

This tomb covers 119 acres of land and is the resting place of Akbar, designed by Akbar himself. This tomb is famous for the beautiful geometric patterns in the sandstone structure, pyramid styled four tier structure, marble pavilion, white minarets and inlay works on the panels. The decorations and carvings of the Akbar's Tomb are mostly floral or geometric. Just like any other mausoleum of the city, this also has a well-manicured garden, in the middle of which, the massive tomb stands.

Tomb of Akbar
Akbar's Tomb

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6. Moti Masjid

This mosque is located inside the walled fortress of Agra Fort. This mosque is called as the pearl mosque due to the color of this marble mosque. This mosque was built by Shah Jahan and was used only by the royal people in the past. In the center of the mosque, a marble tank is located. There is also a sundial located on an octagonal pillar.

The arches of this mosque are a note-worthy structure. The western wall of this mosque has many intricate carvings. There is a separate section for prayer halls, which were used by women. This section is separated from others with a jalli screen. The architectural structure of this mosque closely resembles the structure of St. Basil’s Cathedral of Moscow.

Moti Masjid
Moti Masjid

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7. Sikandra Fort

This fort is very famous for holding the Tomb of Akbar. Apart from the Tomb, this fort is famous for its architectural beauty. The fort is built with the right blend of Hindu and Islamic architecture. Bordered by four high walls and covered by a garden, this fort flourishes even during the peak summer season, thanks to the fountains and water passage channels.

Sikandra Fort, Agra

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8. Fatehpur Sikri

This ancient abandoned city was designed to be the capital of Mughal. However, due to lack of water supply, the capital was abandoned within a decade. Today, this ghost capital stands as a museum for Mughal city with numerous palaces, monuments, mosques, pathways and much more.

Fatehpur Sikri Agra

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9. Mehtab Bagh

Do you want to get a grand view of Taj Mahal?

Visit Mehtab Bagh, a garden located right opposite to Taj Mahal. This is a planned garden built keeping geometric symmetry in mind. The garden is square shaped and was built with other similar square gardens which are equally separated from each other.

Today, only Mehtab Bagh has survived. This garden was considered as a grand spot by King Shah Jahan to enjoy River Yamuna. There are numerous pools and pavilions in the garden and the walkway is covered using white plaster. If you are looking for a nature-rich place for strolling and picnic, this is the best place. Moreover, you get a grand look of Taj Mahal from this garden for photography.

Mehtab Bagh Agra

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10. Jodha Bai ka Rauza

Akbar had many queens and among them, there was a Hindu Rajput queen whom he married for political support from Rajputs. The Rajput princess was renamed as Jodha Bai. It is said that Jodha Bai was his favorite queen and this palace was specifically built for Jodha Bai. This palace has a simple structure with intricate designs.

This palace is built in a mixture of Gujarati and Rajasthani style. Located in Fatehpur Sikri closer to Jehangir’s palace, this structure indicates the fusion of the two religions; Hinduism and Islam. The palace is riddled with mural designs of nature, triangular ceiling and other architectural details.

Jodha Bai ka Rauza or Palace, Agra

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11. Wildlife SOS

This is a small wildlife rescue center for wild animals. If you are an animal lover, you could visit this place to watch the animals. Some animal activist visit to provide donation for the wellness of the cause.

Wildlife Sos Agra

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12. Jahangir Mahal

This palace is located inside Agra Fort. Once you enter the fort, this is the first monument you would visit. This palace was built in 16th century and has a main zenana, the area used by royal females. This palace was used for quite a long time as the residence of Nur Jahan. This sandstone structure is built in a mixture of Hindu and Islamic style of architecture. The main attraction of this palace is the central courtyard which has numerous carvings.

Jahangir Palace, Agra

13. Khas Mahal

Yet another beauty inside Agra Fort is Khas Mahal. This palace is also called as the Aramgah-i-Mualla, which can be translated as the rest house of the nobles. Built in 17th century, this built has unique architectural structures like open terraces, partition pavilions, curtain walls, waterfalls surrounding courts and so on. This was used as the royal palace by many emperors during Mughal reign.

Khas Mahal, Agra

14. Mariam-uz-Zamani Tomb

Akbar’s Rajput wife was Mariam (Jodha Bai). This structure is the resting place of Queen Mariam. This fort is located closer to the Tomb of Akbar. Prior to the tomb, this site held a baradari, which was built in 15th century by Lodi Dynasty.

It was modified into a Mughal tomb by construction facades. The ground floor of the Mariam Tomb was the original one built by the Lodi king. This floor also holds the cenotaph of Queen Mariam. Similar tombs are erected in the first and the last floors of this structure.

Mariam Uz Zamani Tomb, Sikandra

15. Chini ka Rauza

Mughals had the culture of erecting elaborate and luxury tombs for eminent figures. Chini ka Rauza is also a similar mausoleum but, not of a royal figure. This structure is the resting place of Afzal Khan, a Persian poet of Jehangir’s court. During the rule of Shah Jahan, he was promoted to be the prime minister. The poet died in Lahore and was brought to Agra for his funeral. The monument is very famous for glazed tiles. Chini Rauza means glazed tiled tomb.

Chini ka Rauza, Agra

16. Soami Bagh Temple

This temple is located in the outskirts of Agra. Although named as a temple, this is a mausoleum of Radha Swami, creator of Radhaswami faith. This religion is a mixture of Hinduism, Sikhism, Christianity and Buddhism. This religious structure has architecture features of gurudwara, mosque, temple, vihara and others. Built with white marbles, this pilgrimage site is famous for inlay work, pillars and others.

Soami Bagh Temple, Agra

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17. Ram Bagh Garden

This is a classic Mughal styled garden located closer to Chini ka Rauza. This is one of the oldest Mughal gardens of the country built in 16th century. King Babur was temporarily buried here before he was taken to Kabul. This garden was first called as Aram Bagh.

It is said that King Akbar stayed in the Ram Bagh Garden for three days waiting for his lover (worker in the garden) to accept his hand for marriage. Thus, it was called as Aram Bagh (resting garden). When the Marathas took over the region, they renamed the garden as Ram Bagh. This Persian garden is famous for lush vegetation, floral plants, kiosk, terraces and others.

Ram Bagh Agra

18. Jaswant Singh ki Chhatri

This is a heritage site located in the banks of River Yamuna. This is a domed cenotaph with pillared pavilions. The architecture of this cenotaph is similar to Rajasthan architecture. This is the only structure built by a Hindu king in Agra. This monument was built in memory of Rani Hada who committed sati when her husband Amar Singh Rathore was killed in Agra Fort.

Jaswant Singh ki Chhatri, Agra

19. Mankameshwar Temple

This is an ancient Hindu temple located closer to Jama Masjid in Rawatpara. This is one of the very few Hindu temples in Agra. The main deity of this Shiva temple is said to be made by Lord Shiva himself. This temple is also an important destination in the mythology stories of Lord Krishna.

Shri Mankameshwar Temple, Agra

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20. Korai Village

Located between Agra and Fatehpur Sikhri, this tribal village is famous for dancing sloth bear. Village walk through this region is quite famous among cultural travelers and photographers. You can also catch a magic show, if you are lucky.

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These are numerous other attractions in and around Agra. If you are looking for a full-fledged vacation in Agra, it is best to mingle with the local population to experience the real colorful Agra. If you are looking for luxurious way to cover Agra, choose luxury trains. No all itineraries of every luxury train will cover Agra. Thus, choose the itinerary after comparing with each other.

Here we have shared few more information about Agra. Such as

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