Top Things to do in Kathmandu

In Nepal, if is there any place with all shades of tourist attractions means, undoubtedly Kathmandu is the best-known one. It’s like a destination where all type of tourist attractions holds at one stand, from adventurous acts to cultural trips, heritage walks to jungle safaris, like many more things in Kathmandu surprises everyone who came to explore it. Kathmandu is such a lovable and serene place to enjoy as many exciting things.

So just think what visitors can do in Kathmandu to restore some memorable moments in their life which will be remembered forever means, then have a look at this about Top Things to do in Kathmandu:

1. Trekking

If anyone visit places like Kathmandu, the very first thing they love to do is trekking. Because Kathmandu is the name for trekking in Nepal. It is the starting point for many treks. So you can easily make a way to trekking in Kathmandu. From easy level to challenging levels, you can choose the better trek option as per your physical fitness.

From Kathmandu, you can trek to Annapurna base camp, Everest base camp, some royal treks, Annapurna Dhaulagiri trek, and others. If you’re lucky you will come across splendid views of surrounding Himalayan mountains, serene lakes such as Gokyo, stunning views of Mt. Everest, and many more.

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2. Rafting

Due to the immense wealth of the Himalayas, here several rivers create fantastic space for adventurous activities like rafting, kayaking, and other water sports. Rushing on boats in furious and aggressive waters is a mind-blowing and crazy thing to do in Kathmandu.

Moving on the forcible waters and passing through natural wonders surrounded you excites you a lot. Rafting is one of the must-try adventurous activity in Kathmandu. Trishuli, Bhote Koshi, Sun Koshi, and Seti are some of the famous rivers of Kathmandu known for rafting.

3. Nagarkot Viewpoint

Nagarkot is the popular hill station of Kathmandu and right place to map the whole Kathmandu valley. To this village, a large number of tourists rush to enjoy the scenic views of the Himalayan mountains. From this spot, you can easily catch the magnificent views of 8 Himalayan mountains out of 13. It’s a desired place for a clean overview of the Himalayan kingdom.

Especially, sunrise and sunset views from this viewpoint with the backdrop of mountains is just awesome and speechless. A perfect click with this backdrop is a must-do thing.

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4. Everest Mountain Flight

If you want to capture the beautiful views of the Mt. Everest and other Himalayan mountains, Everest Mountain Flight is the best choice. Those who can’t trek to mountains, for them also this mountain flight is the best alternative to fulfill their wish.

While you are exploring the pure snow-white Himalayan mountains from the helicopter you will get struck in amusement. Such an incredible thing to experience in Kathmandu which takes you very close to the world’s highest peak.

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5. Bungee Jumping

In any place bungee jumping is the craziest and the best-ever adventurous activity to do. Alike, in Kathmandu bungee jumping is one of the favorite acts everyone like to take part. There are different bungee jumping spots in Kathmandu but Bhote Kosi river spot is the best one and it deeps 160mts.

Just with the confidence of tight knot to your legs and then leaving ourselves into a deep is a stunning thing to practice. Moreover, bungee jumping on a suspension bridge at this location adds some more adventure to your act.

6. Wildlife Safari in Chitwan

Among different national parks in Nepal, Chitwan is the richest and the finest national park which holds a balanced ecosystem. At this national park, you can witness the rich flora and fauna wealth of Nepal. Here in this park, you can spot various species of mammals, reptiles, birds, predators, and other wildlife animals. But the major endangered animals of this park are one-horned Rhinoceros and Bengal tigers. You can spot them as easily as possible.

Safari to this national park is worth enough to explore Nepal’s forest wealth. An interesting thing is you can go for elephant safari also. However, when you visit Kathmandu never miss a trip to Chitwan National park. Early morning safaris results good spots of animals and birds.

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7. Paragliding

Paragliding is a wonderful activity which makes us feel that we have drawn wings from a flying bird. It’s a fantastic thing to experience to explore the marvelous views of Kathmandu. For adventure seekers, paragliding is the best preferable act to do.

In Kathmandu, paragliding over the Himalayas, beautiful villages, flowing rivers, jungles, and many more make you enjoy the eternal beauty of Nepal from the great heights.

8. Hot Air Balloon Ride

After paragliding, hot air balloon ride is a lovely thing to rule the skies of Kathmandu. If you can’t dare to experience paragliding, Hot air balloon ride is the best choice. Simply sitting in the cabin of a hot air balloon and enjoying the scenic views of Kathmandu’s beauty in majestic mountains, rivers, villages, and so on takes you to a serene world.

To capture the beautiful panoramic views of Kathmandu means, you have to enjoy the ride. The hot air balloon ride is like an adventure activity with a lot of fun so never miss this thing to do in Kathmandu.

9. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing shines out the person to be fit for trekking. It’s like a practice session for trekking. In Kathmandu, there are numerous sites for rock climbing activity. Small hills and mountains in the city can make use to excel your skills in trekking. Climbing the hills with your friends and estimating your strengths and weaknesses will teach you how to be the best trekker. Anyway, rock climbing is also a funny and enjoyable thing to do in Kathmandu.

10. Mountain Biking

Biking in the mountainous region is challenging because of sharp turning curves, edge curves, and many different conditions. But it gives a kick to experience biking in this like rough conditions. You can conquer the city with your rides whatever you want to see and experience. Mountain biking is an exotic activity to enjoy riding on the roads of Kathmandu.

Shivapuri National park’s trail, Nagarjun Ban, Nagarkot, and surrounding areas offer the best experience for mountain biking. If you want to witness the wild mountain biking, Nagarjun Ban is the right one.

It’s all about the top 10 things can be done in Kathmandu from the easy level of activities to adventurous acts. So as per likes and abilities, you can choose among them what you want to do in your Kathmandu tour. By the way, don’t forget to taste the savors of Kathmandu and shopping in the heritage city.

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