Best Places to Stay in Mumbai

Mumbai is an exciting city with a ton of opportunities to blow your mind and give you an adventure of a lifetime. Its roots are in a diverse historical background which gives it a ton of interesting architecture and cultural events. The food is incredible, and a world class shopping experiences. While this is entirely true, it still is a big city, and finding the perfect place to stay is important to ensure that your experience goes perfect as well.

Here we mentioned the best places to stay in Mumbai are:

1. Colaba

Colaba is the ideal place to live in when you are a first time visitor to Mumbai. This neighborhood is in the Southern region of the city, and has a rich mixture of the Mumbai history, food, and a ton of attractions to keep you busy throughout your stay. The place is filled with a vibe of charm, color, and an exotic experience. The environment is bound to capture your heart, and make you fall in love with the true experience of what it's like to really live in Mumbai. It also has a ton of pubs that you can visit with your friends for a chill night out.

Things to do in Colaba

  • Admire the beautiful architecture of the Cathedral of the Holy Name
  • Visit Leopold Cafe for an amazingly unique meal
  • Enjoy Mumbai's best burgers at Colaba Social
  • Visit the Deccan Odyssey for an exotic experience
  • Enjoy a variety of dishes and sweets at the renowned Bade Miya
  • Check out the mystery of the Kanheri Caves
  • Enjoy a luxurious stay at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel
  • Inhale an air of history at the Gateway of India
  • Visit the amazing Café Mondegar to get the party on during the day

2. Bandra West

When all you want are accommodations at the best value, then Bandra is the best place for you. This neighborhood in Northern Mumbai will make your experience world class even on a budget, and is especially great for single night trips. The selection of accommodations here varies from hostels for backpackers, to vacation rentals and boutique hotels. This is a central neighborhood filled with life and will give you a cultural experience of a lifetime. It has modern hangouts, exquisite restaurants, and a variety of contemporary attractions to keep your trip filled with excitement.

Things You Can do in Bandra

  • Enjoy the beautiful view from the Bandra Fort
  • Experience Diwali for your tastebuds at the Monkey Bar
  • Check out Moti Mahal for an exciting experience
  • Test your capacity for spicy food at Elco
  • Walk on the pristine Bandstand Promenade
  • Have a night of great drinks, music, and snacks at the Bar Stock Exchange
  • Get souvenirs for your friends at the Link Square Mall
  • Satisfy your need for sugar at the Hearsch Bakery
  • The Mount mary Basilica Roman Catholic Church will give you an amazing experience
  • Visit the Bandra M.O.D for a unique donut experience

3. BandraKurla Complex (BKC)

BandraKurla Complex is a beautiful neighborhood in the central part of Mumbai known for being the financial home of the city, housing most of the offices. However, at night BKC switches into its alter ego – the home of the Nightlife of Mumbai. It has some of the most happening bars in the world, along with a few nightclubs that are bound to make you grove all night long.

This is therefore the best neighborhood you should visit if you wish to get the authentic experience of the Mumbai nightlife. Moreover, it has a ton of malls and markets where you can shop till you drop.

Things You Can do in Bandra Kurla Complex

  • Enjoy the best beer cocktails at the Gateway Taprooms BKA.
  • Drink the best chilled beverages at the BKC Dive
  • Enjoy a night filled with eating, drinking, and partying at the True Tramm Trunk BKC
  • Enjoy an amazing pallete of North Indian Food at Tuskers
  • Hitchki BKC is bound to excite your senses to a new level
  • Try out delicious Latin American dishes at the Lima Bar
  • Enjoy a night of cheap drinks, and yummy snacks at the Burn Bar and Kitchen
  • Try out exotic cocktails at Illuminati
  • The Irish House will offer one of the best drinking experiences in Mumbai
  • Yauatcha will indulge you in a night filled with dim sum, dumplings, and other delicious food

4. Fort Ghoda

Fort Ghoda is definitely one of the coolest places in Mumbai that is filled with beauty at every corner. It has an abundance of energy, excitement, color, and fun. From cool cafes to renowned art galleries to give you an art attack, there’s nothing you won’t find here. Fort Ghoda will definitely help you to get an experience of re-finding yourself and connecting with the beauty that the world offers at a deeper level.

Things You Can do at Fort Ghoda

  • Visit the ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharaj Terminus for a burst of architectural amazement
  • Visit the National Gallery of Modern Art for a comprehensive collection of artistic spirit
  • Try authentic Burmese food at Burma Burma Restaurant and Tea Room
  • Experience an upliftment of your senses with the beauty of the ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharajVastuSangrahalaya
  • Have a date with fashion, art, and culture at the Kala Ghoda Art Precinct
  • Enjoy the best Indian food at Trishna
  • Chill down at the Comedy Store
  • Visit the Nutcracker for a ton of exciting sweets
  • Visit the Jahangir Art Gallery for an amazing art experience

All of the places mentioned here will make your Mumbai experience a thousand times better. You can choose which one of them would be best for you based on what you hope to get out of your Mumbai trip, and your expected budget.

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