Hill Stations Near Mumbai

The city of Mumbai provides one of the best places to visit in India and is as similar to the New York of America where all the businesses are established. It lies in the state of Maharashtra where the Maratha empire originated and did some marvelous work during their reign.

There are several beautiful places located near the economic capital of India. Some of the places to visit near Mumbai are the hill stations which lies on the Western Ghats that run along the Mumbai.

Some of these famous hill stations are:

1. Khandala

This is one of the famous hill station near Mumbai which is located less than 100 kms from the city. Residents from both Pune and Mumbai come here to enjoy the getaway and hence it can be a populated place during the weekends. The town of Khandala is located at the altitude of 550 meters and on the green covered hills. Some of the famous activities to do in the Khandala is to hike and trek the famous trails and hope to see some lakes and caves which are the famous attraction points.

2. Lonavala

This is another famous hill station which is located at the distance of 85 kms from Mumbai. It has some of the most breath-taking scenery which is often enjoyed by the people living in Mumbai. It is a hotspot for tourists where hundreds of it visit it regularly. The hill station has several forts which are believed to have been occupied since the medieval times and have been promptly active during the times of Peshwa empire. There are several forts in the hills of Lonavala that provides some best sightseeing points for the tourists.

3. Amboli

This hill station is one of the most beautiful station that has some of the mesmerizing waterfalls covered with the green rocks and the melodious sound of the water stream hitting rocks. It is one of the least unexplored hill stations of Maharashtra particularly due to the reason that it is 490 kms from Mumbai. It has some flora and fauna which makes this place a must visit if a longer trip is being planned. The winter season is one the best season to witness the waterfalls and the foggy mountains.

4. Panchgani

It is picturesque hill station located at a massive height of 1300 m above sea level. It is located at the distance of 244 kms from Mumbai. It has some of the nicest summer resorts which makes it one of the ideal location to visit during the summertime. There are some imported plant species as it was the famous resting place for various British officials that include silver oak and poinsettia. There are numerous tourist attractions like Parsi point, Sydney point and many more to make the trip rememberable.

5. Matheran

One of the most beautiful hill station is just located at the around the wester Ghats at a distance of just 80 kms from Mumbai. It can be reached via railways and is again established by the British as summer home due to its cool weather all year along. The air around this hill station is pure, filled with joy and have less pollutions as the entry of the vehicles is prohibited. It provides everyone the opportunity to engage in trekking and hiking while exploring the beauty of some famous points.

6. Bhandardara

Located at the distance of 165 kms, it is one of the most popular hill station which has all sorts of attractions from winding roads, to green mountains, brown mountains, rivers, lakes and historic forts. It is easy to reach with some picturesque locations that come alive during the monsoon season. some of the famous tourist attraction points are Mount Kalsubai, Wilson dam, Ghatghar, Amriteshwar Temple, Ratangad Fort and much more.

7. Chikhaldara

This hill station is very famous for its coffee plantations and people from all over India often visit this place to ensure that they are able to find the mist valleys and majestic green trees. It is 672 km from Mumbai and is ideal place for weekend getaways. There are tiger reserve, dams and wildlife sanctuaries which make it one of the idea places to visit to get away from the problems of our lives.

8. Lavasa

Just like its name the hill station is an Italian based concept and has 5 cities over the stretch of 7 hills. It has the most wonderful scenic beauty, picturesque mountains during the sunsets and an ideal place to visit during weekends. It is 185 km from Mumbai and has some adventure sports, music fountains and laser show where the tourist can enjoy their time.

These hill stations make sure that we are able to enjoy the best any time in the year on some great heights above the sea level where the climate is suitable to engage in outdoor activities and socialize. These hill stations near Mumbai ensure that everyone is able to enjoy their weekend getaways.

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