How to Spend 48 Hours in Mumbai?

Mumbai is one of the most famous and important city in the world that a lot of people when planning a trip in Southern India or even India often go through here. It is hence very important that certain places should be visited to make a short trip to Mumbai fulfilling and wonderful.

There are many places in Mumbai that can be visited and some of the most beautiful locations. In fact, most of the movies both local and national are filmed in these locations.

The best place to visit Mumbai in just 2 days to get the complete taste of how life takes it course in Mumbai is given below:

Day 1


The morning is the best time to visit the places which are likely to get crowded during the daytime. It is also the time to get refreshed completely and hence having walk on some scenic places is what a person needs to start their trip in Mumbai.

Some of the places that can be visited on the morning of the first day of in Mumbai are the Gateway of India and the iconic Taj Mahal Palace which are the major tourist attractions here. Besides that, some of the coffee shops can be visited for lunch and the power coffee to keep one going the whole day.


Places to visit are the historic places which depicts how Mumbai gained its dominance in certain fields today. National gallery of Modern Art along with the Jehangir Art gallery gives the tourist a taste of the both modern and ancient art that existed several years ago. It is also known as the Mumbai art district where some forts are present to sight see them along with having a fine lunch at one of the restaurants nearby. From there the Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum can be visited through the railway. It is one of the major museums in the city and attracts a lot of tourists.


The evenings in Mumbai are cool and pleasant as the sun sets can be enjoyed by from the coastline of Mumbai and the beautiful beaches that are present there. But what's most enjoyable is the dance and other Arts that are performed during this time as they are a treat to watch. Nariman point is one of the best place to find a theater where all the music, arts and dance are performed at the national center which is wrapped up in Marine drive. A lot of people and locals can be seen jogging or even going out on an evening walk to let the cool breeze sink under their skin.

There are some places where dinner can be found from likes of restaurant that includes the Dome, the Table, Woodside Inn are some of the best options to choose from a wide range of dining places.

Day 2


The morning provides a great opportunity to start the day anew with some energy through morning coffee and a great view of the Bandra promenade bandstand for the exotic Arabian Sea view. Some of the super cozy places where baked goodies and some tea can be found are Taj Mahal tea house and many more places. With the amazing skyline and sea link which can be enjoyed during the morning time of the Mumbai it provides the energy to enjoy the day.


For those who love Bollywood can visit the national museum of the Indian cinema in Pedder road. Some of the ancient artifacts, props and posters can be still found here, that are delighted to find them preserved after years. For those interested in shopping should visit the various markets specifically the chor bazar where a lot of items can be found at cheaper price. Some street art can be enjoyed on the roads of Bandra while street shopping is very fun. Cafe noorani provides one of the best lunch for the stay in Mumbai.


Now is the best time to relax and prepare yourself to leave Mumbai by late night or early morning and hence the sunset should be enjoyed with a nice drink and some delicious food. Khyber and Trishna are some of the famous restaurants where dinner is eaten by a lot of tourists. These are award winning and provide the best service. With some shopping done and nice food the 2-day trip to Mumbai can conclude.

Mumbai is one of the best place to find opportunities and it attracts hundreds of people to their dreams. With the kings, dynasties and the famous seaport, Mumbai is able to make the best out of the people that have shown their will and wits to do something in their life. This can all be seen in the building and History of Mumbai and hence, it attracts a lot of people to its breezy ground.

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