Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Temple, Mumbai

Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Temple Mumbai

Visitor Information:

  • Famous For Worship, Attraction, Architecture

  • Fee Free

  • Visiting Time 5:00 AM - 9:05 PM

  • Duration of Visit As per your convinience

Sri Sri Radha Gopinath temple is a part of ISKCON group of temples. ISKCON is an association in India, which stands for International Society For Krishna Consciousness. The main deity of the temple is the Lord Vishnu with his consorts, Lord Vishakha and Lord Lalita.

This is not just a temple. It is a temple complex which acts as an ashram, community and a school for residents. This is the specialty of all ISKCON temples of India. There are more than 200 resident monks in this temple.

Do not get confused with the Sri Sri Radharasabihari Ji ISKCON temple of Juhu in Mumbai and the one with the same name in Andhra Pradesh.

Location of Radha Gopinath Temple

The temple is situation in the intersection of Munshi Marg. Right opposite to the temple, you will find Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan.

History of Radha Gopinath Temple

The temple was inaugurated in 1988 as a fulfillment of a prophecy of Srila Prabhupada. When Srila was walking down the stairs of Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan (structure right opposite to the temple), he pointed at to a vacant spot right opposite to it and told his secretary that there should be a temple there.

Although the temple was built in 1988, the main deity statue was formally inaugurated in 1990. Since then, the temple has constantly undergone many changes. Today, the temple is a classic luxury museum with spiritual element.

However, it started as just a simple room with a deity in 1988.

Architecture of Radha Gopinath Temple

Usually ISKCON temples are white. However, this temple takes a sharp difference with sandstone structure. The entrance to the temple is curved arch, which adds more beauty to the structure.

The interesting part of this temple is the wood flooring strengthened with iron beams. The wood is Burmese teak wood. The exterior of the temple is carved with several mythological structures.

You can find many sandstone columns in the temple. The walls of the temple are lined with Italian marble and have wooden carvings in the interior.

On the ground floor, there is Bhaktivedanta Hall, which has floors lined with Makrana marbles and walls are covered with teak veneer. This is one of the very few temples in India to have air-conditioned interior.

Tourist Attractions in Radha Gopinath Temple

  • You can find several paintings in this temple, each one describing a life story of Lord Krishna
  • You can find many religious and cultural items in this temple for display.
  • The ceiling art and chandeliers make the place very grand.

If you are in Mumbai for a weekend, try to visit this temple during Sunday. Every Sunday, the temple organizes Sunday Festival with lively debates, free lunch, lectures and much more.

Top attractions closer to the temple are :

  • Babulnath temple
  • Kamala Nehru Park
  • Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum
  • Chowpatty Beach
  • Malabar Hills
  • Nariman Point

Significance of Radha Gopinath Temple

This structure is more than just a place to get connected with your spiritual side. This temple focuses on sharing and spreading the Vedic knowledge to all. There are many courses and classes conducted in this temple.

Philosophy classes are conducted based on Hindu religious literature. The courses are conducted in both English and Marathi.

Visiting Timings of Radha Gopinath Temple

Mangal Aarti 5:00 Am to 5:25 Am
Narasimha Aarti 5:25 Am to 5:30 Am
Darshan Closed 5:30 Am to 7:45 Am
Tulasi Aarti 5:30 Am to 5:45 Am
Japa 5:45 Am to 7:30 Am
Sringar Darshan 7:45 Am to 7:50 Am
Guru Puja 7:50 Am to 8:15 Am
Srimad Bhagavatam lecture 8:15 Am to 9:15 Am
Darshan Closed 9:30 Am to 10:00 Am
Darshan Closed 11:50 Am to 12:30 Pm
Raj Bhog Aarti 12:30 Pm to 1:00 Pm
Darshan Closed 1:00 Pm to 4:30 Pm
Brahmacari Class (Only for Temple Residents) 4.00 Pm to 5.00 Pm
Vaikalika Aarti 4:30 Pm to 4:45 Pm
Darshan Closed 6:25 Pm to 7:00 Pm
Gaura Arati 7:00 Pm to 7:30 Pm
Darshan Closed 8:00 Pm to 8:50 Pm
Shayana Darshan (15min kirtan) 8:50 Pm to 9:05 Pm
Darshan Closed 9:05 Pm to 5:00 Am

Entry Fee of Radha Gopinath Temple

There is no entry fee for the temple.

Best Time To Visit Radha Gopinath Temple

Krishna Jayanthi or Janmashtami is the right time to visit the temple. This festival falls in August or September. You can find many rituals and celebrations here including the famous Kalash Abhishek, an important ritual.

In general, the best time to visit city of Mumbai is from September to March. This is the winter season of the land, which would be pleasing and clear.

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How To Reach Radha Gopinath Temple

The nearest train station to the temple is the Grant Road railway station on the Red line. From the station, the temple is 950 m away. Charni Road railway station is located one kilometer away.

You can also find other local transportation like buses, rickshaw and others to the temple.

If you are taking the local bus, you can find frequent buses from Shivadi, Bandra Worli Sea link, Dharavi and others.

  • Bus from Shivadi to the temple – 80 LTD, 57, 70, 42, 168 and 70 (30-40 minutes based on the bus stand of Shivadi)
  • Bus from Bandra Worli Sea link to the temple
  • – 214 and 86 (65 minutes)
  • Bus from Dharavi to the temple – 52 and 67 (49 minutes)

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