Best Places for Honeymoon in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the best place for your romantic honeymoon trips in India. There are so many places in Rajasthan which make beautiful moments for couples. Rajasthan is the best place for luxurious resorts for staying and different honeymoon tourist spots. Couples mostly like to visit Rajasthan for their beautiful moments in their life. For a beautiful and romantic honeymoon in your life just visit Rajasthan.

The best places for honeymoon trips in Rajasthan are Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Mount Abu, Jodhpur, Pushkar etc. Newlyweds can plan a beautiful and romantic honeymoon in these places.

1. Udaipur

Udaipur in Rajasthan is a beautiful and romantic city for couples. It is well-known as “City of Lakes” and this city was famous for its rich architecture and royal palaces. Couples can plan a beautiful and memorable honeymoon trip in their life. The most visited places for couples in Udaipur are the City Palace, Monsoon Palace, Moti Magri, Lake Pichola etc.

Famous Honeymoon Spots in Udaipur

In Udaipur, two famous palaces attract couples to stay and enjoy the royal era of Rajasthan. The two palaces are Monsoon Palace and the City Palace in Udaipur. Each palace is famous for different attractions. The first palace to be visited is the City Palace. City Palace is the famous palace in Udaipur and it is ideal for couples to enjoy the experience the royalty and architectural style of the palace. The major attraction of this palace is not one because it was divided into different Villas, chowk, Mahals, and a Museum.

City Palace, Udaipur

The major attractions of this Palace are Sheesh Mahal, Amar villas, Fateh Prakash Palace, City Palace museum etc. Different fountains, gardens, towers, and terraces in this palace make beautiful and memorable moments for couples. The famous couple spot in City Palace is the Fateh Prakash Palace terraces for a beautiful sunset in the backdrop of Aravalli range. All these attractions of City Palace attract couples to visit this Palace.

Another famous palace is the Monsoon Palace. This palace is the best place for the panoramic view of Udaipur. Mostly couples enjoy the environment and presence of the palace with a beautiful sanctuary and architectural attractions. A wide variety of birds and creatures will entertain in this palace. Couples can go for a safari ride into the sanctuary. The Fateh Sagar Lake can be viewed directly from here and it is the best sightseeing moment for couples. Many attractions in this palace admire the couples to stay for a long time in this palace.

Sheesh Mahal, Udaipur

Lake Pichola is the best place for couples with a romantic view of Lake. When you visit this place never forget to visit and stay in Lake Palace by Taj. This is another attraction and the best hotel for couples to stay. Couples can go for a boat ride in Lake Pichola or can spend a lonely time near the lake with your partner. Gulabh Bagh is another attraction for couples because it was home for thousands of variety roses. All these attractions in Udaipur attract couples in a large number for honeymoon trips.

Activities for Couples in Udaipur

As we know “City of Lakes” never forget to go for a boat ride in Pichola Lake. Paragliding also available for couples in Udaipur for an adventurous moment in their life and camel safari etc. The best resorts and hotels for couples are Fateh Prakash Palace, Taj Lake Palace, Hotel Udai Kothi etc. Honeymoon trip in Udaipur will give a royal touch to the lovable couple.

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2. Mount Abu

Mount Abu is the famous Hill station in Rajasthan for Honeymoon lovers. This place is popular for a large number of newlyweds for Honeymoon trips. The most attractive places in Mount Abu are Nakki lake, Honeymoon point, sunset point, etc. Some attractive activities in Mount Abu attract couples. Different resorts and hotels in Mount Abu are famous for couples to stay.

Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Famous Honeymoon Spots in Mount Abu

Mount Abu hill station is famous for many tourist attractions because of surroundings of Aravalli Hills and Nakki Lake. The best honeymoon spots in Mount Abu are Honeymoon point, Sunset point, and Lake Nakki. These are the best tourist spots for couples to enjoy their spacious time in a blissful atmosphere.

Honeymoon point in Mount Abu is most famous which is elevated at 4000 feet with a backdrop of Nakki Lake. Once it was the Old Gateway to Mount Abu. This place is named as Honeymoon point because of Love rock which is located here. Couples can enjoy their time by sitting simply at this place and can enjoy the scenic beauty of Mount Abu. The weather and atmosphere of this place make a couple to keep calm in a pleasant environment to enjoy their time.

Another honeymoon spot in Mount Abu is the Sunset point. It is the popular viewpoint in Mount Abu which attracts a large number of tourists and couples. The famous attraction of this place is the orange colored sun setting behind Aravalli ranges. The couple can enjoy a romantic weather in this spot by surrounding villages and green valleys. Couples can go for shopping near the point and attractions in these shops are wooden toys, sandalwood idols, and marble statues etc.

Baylay’s Walk is another point near sunset point. This walk will be enjoyed most by the couples to enjoy the scenic views and capturing pictures of their beautiful moments. Here Lake Nakki is another honeymoon spot in Mount Abu for spending time in a beautiful environment for couples. These are all the honeymoon spots in Mount Abu for a beautiful honeymoon experience.

Nakki Lake, Mount Abu

Activities for Couples in Mount Abu

Famous activities for couples in Mount Abu are Hot air balloon ride, a romantic boat ride in Lake Nakki and trekking to the Bridal path for amazing views. These are the famous activities in Mount Abu for couples. Famous resorts and hotels for staying are Ratan Villas, Hotel Silver Oak, Hotel Hillock and Hotel Hillton etc. These are all the attractions and the famous spots for unforgettable Honeymoon in Mount Abu.

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3. Pushkar

Pushkar is another lovable city for Honeymoon couples in Rajasthan. This scenic and silent town was popular for Honeymoon lovers to charge lovable moments. This city is completely surrounded with greenery one side and another side with the Thar desert. This mixture of greenery and desert attract more tourists to Pushkar. The lovable places for Honeymoon couples in Pushkar are Rose Garden, Pushkar lake, Varaha Ghat, and the Thar desert.

Famous Honeymoon Spots in Pushkar

The first place to be visited in Pushkar is the Pushkar Lake in Ajmer district. This Pushkar lake is a spiritual and holy lake to people in Rajasthan. The environment around this lake is so beautiful and pleasant for couples to enjoy. This lake was encircled by a large number of temples and ghats. In one word this lake is a pilgrimage spot in Rajasthan. The famous attraction of this lake is the Pushkar Fair. Couples can enjoy their time by visiting different ghats and temples in Pushkar Lake.

Another attraction for Honeymoon lovers in Pushkar is the Rose Garden. This garden is the best place for couples to enjoy their time in the pleasant and colorful environment. Rose Garden in Pushkar is famous for all different types of Roses and it was the large exporter of roses to different countries. This rose garden is famous for couples to enjoy the fragrances of roses by sitting and enjoying the glimpses of lovely flowers.

Thar desert is another attraction in Pushkar. Couples also enjoy the safari of the desert. The best safari for couples in Thar desert is the camel safari which is a fun ride for them to explore the desert. There are many attractions in Pushkar for Honeymoon lovers to see and enjoy.

Activities for Couples in Pushkar

Topmost activities for couples in Pushkar are camel ride and jeep safaris in Thar desert, long drives, visiting different temples etc. Couples mostly like to go for safaris in the Thar desert. Most couples like to hire a bike and enjoys a long drive in Pushkar town. Hiking from Ratnagiri Hill to Savitri temple is another best activity with your partner. These are all the different activities can be done in Pushkar.

The best honeymoon resorts and hotels in Pushkar are Gulaab Niwas Palace, The Western Pushkar Resort & Spa, and Hotel Prem Villas etc. These resorts and hotels are perfect for Honeymoon lovers in Pushkar.

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4. Jaipur

Jaipur is well known as “Pink City” because of a large number of forts. Honeymoon trips in Jaipur are luxurious and royal resembling the royalty of Jaipur. For the couples who want grandeur and royal honeymoon trip is the one and only place is Jaipur. Different forts, desert environment, havelis etc are the attractions of Jaipur. In Jaipur, different gardens and parks will entertain the honeymoon lovers in a peaceful and pleasant environment.

Famous Honeymoon Spots in Jaipur

Sisodia Rani Garden is the famous place for Honeymoon lovers in Jaipur. This garden was famous for the lovable environment and mostly visited by honeymoon lovers and love buds. Lit fountains, painted pavilions and rich living rooms in this garden attract a large number of couples. This garden was famous for different fests and occasions. The famous fests and occasions are Gangaur Fair, Elephant Festival, Teej etc. In one word, Sisodia Garden is the best place for couples to enjoy a beautiful garden and it makes a memorable moment in their life.

Smriti Van is another beautiful garden in Jaipur with lush greenery and different species of trees. This place was the right place for couples to spend their time in the shades of different types of trees. Smriti Van is popular for different types of tree species and they are Bahera, Amla, Tulsi, Arjun etc. Different types of birds entertain the couples in this garden. The major attractions of this garden are different species of trees and birds. All these attractions of Smriti Van attract the couples for lovable and romantic time.

Another attraction in Jaipur for Honeymoon lovers is the Central Park. This is the best place with 5km jogging and walking track, park, beautiful garden, etc. Couples can freely spend their time by doing walking on this long track. This place was famous for thousands of migratory birds and native birds. This place was mostly attracted by the bird lovers and couples. Major attractions of this park are the Rambagh Polo Ground, golf club, the tallest national flag, etc. Central Park in Jaipur is also the best place for honeymoon couples.

Activities for Couples in Jaipur

Jaipur is famous for different activities mainly for couples. Hot air balloon activity in Jaipur is famous for couples. Fairmont Jaipur is famous for a romantic date night for couples. In Jaipur street food is famous at the main market and non-veg is famous at MI road. These are the activities can be done by the couples in Jaipur.

The best honeymoon resorts and hotels for staying are Jai Mahal Palace, Hotel Meghniwas, The Oberoi Rajvilas, etc. These are the best hotels for honeymoon in Jaipur for a luxurious and romantic spending.

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5. Jodhpur

Jodhpur is another famous place in Rajasthan for Honeymoon trips. The ancient palaces and rustic villages in Jodhpur attracts a large number of tourists and couples. Jodhpur is one of the romantic places in Rajasthan for Honeymoon trips. The scenic beauty and the blissful environment of this small town attract newlyweds for Honeymoon.

Famous Honeymoon Spots in Jodhpur

The famous tourist spots in Jodhpur for Honeymoon trips are Umaid Bhawan Palace, Kaylana Lake, Mandore Gardens, Umed Garden and zoo etc. These are the attractions in Jodhpur.

Umaid Bhawan Palace is the major attraction of Jodhpur and it is the symbol of glory and royalty of Jodhpur. This is the best place for visiting by a couple to see the architectural style and royalty of Jodhpur. Now it was converted into a heritage hotel and this palace constitutes 347 rooms and a museum also attracts tourists. Museum in this palace exhibits the royal era of Jodhpur and the art pieces etc. This will be the best place for couples to round up the palace to enjoy their time. Couples can also stay here in this palace for a romantic and royal experience.

Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

Different lakes in Jodhpur like Balsamand Lake, Kaylana Lake etc are the best place to couples for a spectacular view. Balsamand Lake is a beautiful lake surrounded by different trees like mango, papaya, guava etc. This lake is famous for jackal and peacock. And the Kaylana lake is famous for migratory birds and it mostly loved by birdwatchers. The sunrise and sunset near this lake is the best panoramic view. All these attractions in these different lakes attract couples to enjoy a lovable and romantic time in these beautiful places.

Umaid Garden and the zoo is the best place for couples and families. This garden is well-maintained with plants and trees which is suitable for picnics and zoo also attracts the people. Couples and tourists can visit “Walk in Aviary” to see the different exotic animals. This also the best place for Honeymoon spot in Jodhpur.

Activities for Couples in Jodhpur

Takhat Sagar is a peaceful lake for couples to spend time in the evening. Viewing sunrise and sunset in Kaylana lake is the best activity to explore the beauty of Jodhpur. The best resort and hotels are Vivanta hotel, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Ratanada Marugarh Resort etc. These are the best hotels for Honeymoon trips in Jodhpur.

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6. Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is a perfect Honeymoon trip in surroundings of Thar desert in Rajasthan. The presence of Jaisalmer city gives a look like a Honeymoon trip in Dubai. Honeymoon trip in Jaisalmer is the best memorable part in their life by experiencing the desert life. The famous honeymoon spots in Jaisalmer are Gadsisar lake, Patwon-Ki-Haveli, Jaisalmer Fort, Bada Bagh etc.

Famous Honeymoon Spots in Jaisalmer

Many attractions in Jaisalmer attracts honeymoon lovers to experience the Thar desert. The famous attraction of Jaisalmer is the Patwon-Ki-Haveli. Couples visit this Haveli to see the architectural style of Jaisalmer and it was a five storied building with different architectural styles. This Haveli is beautifully decorated with paintings and murals. Jaisalmer fort was also a beautiful place for couples to visit and explore the beauty and royalty of Jaisalmer. This two historic Haveli and fort are the major attraction in Jaisalmer.

Bada Bagh is another beautiful garden in Rajasthan for lovable couples. The name itself depicts Big Garden and here different royal cenotaphs of Kings are a major attraction. The cenotaphs are beautifully carved and maintained to the honor of past kings. Another major attraction in Bada Bagh is the garden, tank, and dam. Garden at Bada Bagh loads a number of trees and plants. Couples can enjoy their time by roaming on the tracks of the garden and visiting the dam etc.

Gadsisar lake is another attraction in Jaisalmer which is famous for birds and variant catfishes. The environment in Gadsisar lake in Jaisalmer attracts the couples to spend their time at this romantic lake. These are the honeymoon spots in Jaisalmer for honeymoon lovers.

Activities for Couples in Jaisalmer

The best activity can be done here is the desert safari. For couples, camel safari is the best to explore the Thar desert. Spending time in camps at Thar desert by enjoying the dance with your partner at campfires in Jaisalmer. Experience the walking on the desert which gives you a feeling like sinking.

The best honeymoon hotels and resorts to stay are the Jasmin Home Helsinki House, Hotel Pleasant Haveli, and The Gulaal etc. These are the best hotels in Jaisalmer for Honeymoon trips.

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These are all the different places which are apt for Honeymoon trips. Never miss these places when you planned for a Honeymoon trip in Rajasthan.

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