Top 15 Weekend Getaways from Agra

Agra is a grand city with marble beauties around it. This ancient Mughal paradise is located on the aesthetic banks of River Yamuna. Agra is a very important tourist destination in India. However, one cannot make a weeklong vacation with just Agra. Fortunately, Agra is surrounded by unique destinations and major spots to keep your vacation young and interesting.

Here are the top weekend getaways from Agra to enjoy during your visit.

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This list contains destinations, which are less than 300 km away (one-way travel). The weekend getaways mentioned here are not restricted to Uttar Pradesh and might not be at prime beauty throughout the year. Thus, before choosing the weekend getaways, learn about the destinations and make an informed decision.

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1. Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri
Fatehpur Sikri

This is an eminent destination to cover along with Agra. The city of Fatehpur Sikri is added to also all the Agra packages and even in luxury train itineraries. Fatehpur Sikri is a failed capital city. King Akbar created this marvelous destination with series of palaces and forts. However, within a decade from shifting his capital, the water source of Fatehpur Sikri disintegrated and inmates had to flee the city back to Agra.

Today, this city is open for architectural explorers who love monuments with carving and intricate designs. Most important attractions of Fatehpur Sikri are hall of private audience, Buland Darwaza, Jama Masjid, courtyards, palaces, Sufi saint memorial and many others.

  • Approximate distance from Agra – 36 km
  • Driving time – 53 minutes (one-way)
  • Best time to visit – November to February 

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2. Mathura


Mathura is one of the top pilgrimage destinations for Hindus. According to mythology, this is the birth place of Lord Krishna. Apart from the religious factor, this destination is also famous for heritage and culture.

The best part about Mathura is the festivals celebrated here. The best time to visit Mathura is during any religious festivals. Top sightseeing elements in this holy city are Sri Krishna Janmabhomi temple, Vishram Ghat, Kesava Deo temple, Mathura museum and others.

  • Approximate distance from Agra – 57.3 km
  • Driving time – 91 minutes (one-way)
  • Best time to visit – October to March

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3. Bharatpur


Bharatpur is one of the few Rajasthan destinations which are found commonly in luxury train itineraries. Bharatpur is very famous among nature lovers and bird watchers. This 17th century city is famous for Lohagarh Fort, Bharatpur Palace and others. However, the gem of all the attractions is the Bharatpur National Park, which is also called as Keoladeo Ghana National Park.A

This park is the home to more than 230 different species of birds. If you visit during winter, you can find many migration birds in this region. Apart from bird watchers and photographers, this park is liked by general tourists too. Rickshaw ride through the park is one of the top activities to enjoy here. Apart from wildlife, Bharatpur is also famous for its attractions. Here are the list of Top Tourist Attractions in Bharatpur.

  • Approximate distance from Agra – 58.3 km
  • Driving time – 76 minutes (one-way)
  • Best time to visit – August to February 

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4. Vrindavan

weekend getaways

This is another holy city linked with the life mythology of Lord Krishna, an avatar of Lord Vishnu. This aesthetic city is located on the banks of River Yamuna. This is one of the oldest cities in this region and Lord Krishna spent his childhood in this region, according to mythologies. Thus, it is not a puzzler that you can find many temples in this city.

The city of Vrindavan was once a forest rich region. The best time to visit this region is during holy festivals like Holi, Brahmotsav, Janmashtami and others. Top places to visit in Vrindavan are Prem Mandir, Banke Bihari temple, ISKCON temple, banks of River Yamuna and others.

  • Approximate distance from Agra – 75.4 km
  • Driving time – 93 minutes (one-way)
  • Best time to visit – October to March

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5. Gwalior Fort

weekend getaways
Gwalior Fort

Do you know that Akbar was influenced by the beauty of Gwalior Fort and used many similar designs and structures in Agra Fort? Gwalior is one ancient city that impressed Emperor Akbar and it will surely make a striking influence on you. This majestic city is filled with temples, forts, historic structures and others. Gwalior is also a land of music.

Tansen, the music genius of Mughal Court was put to rest in this city. This city is the proud site of the first musical instrument museum. Apart from Gwalior Fort and the museum, other important sights to enjoy are Padmavati Pawaya city, Kala Vithika, Scindia museum, Jai Vilas Palace and others. While visiting Jai Vilas Palace, look out for the carpet in the hall. This is the largest carpet in Asia, which was weaved by prisoners of Gwalior over a period of 12 years.

  • Approximate distance from Agra – 120 km
  • Driving time – 2 hours and 22 minutes (one-way)
  • Best time to visit – October to March

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6. Sariska Tiger Reserve

weekend getaways

Among the few eminent nature destinations in Rajasthan, Sariska Tiger Reserve is one of the unique ones. This is majorly known for its tiger population. Located in Alwar, this reserve is a grassland-forest region surrounded by Aravalli Ranges. You can find various kings of big cats and other animals apart from tigers in this region.

Covering 850 square kilometers, this park is famous for jeep safari. After exploring the park, tourists prefer to enjoy surrounding attractions like Naldeshwar temple of 18th century, Kankwari fort, Sariska Palace and others.

  • Approximate distance from Agra – 214 km
  • Driving time – 4 hours (one-way)
  • Best time to visit – September to April

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7. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

weekend getaways

Among the numerous bird sanctuaries in India, this is one of the lesser known bird-lover destinations and it is located in Haryana. This destination is famous for local and migration birds. If you visit during winter, you can find more than 250 species of birds in this region. Winter is the migration time and birds from surrounding countries like Afghanistan, Turkey, Siberia and Russia visit Sultanpur for a warmer time. Top birds to spot are little egret, rose ringed parakeet, Indian roller, black-necked stork, red-collar dove and others.

Apart from birds, there are a few animals that you could spot during safari like four-horned antelope, blue bull, hedgehog, striped hyena and others. There is also a museum inside the park to educate visitors about its birds. The best time to visit this wildlife sanctuary is between September and March.  Apart from the sanctuary, explore the Sultanpur Lake, watchtowers and other attractions in this region.

  • Approximate distance from Agra – 250 km
  • Driving time – 4 hours and 10 minutes (one-way)
  • Best time to visit – September to March

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8. Kanpur

Phool Bagh, Kanpur

Kanpur is a religious heritage destination located on the banks of River Ganges.  Kanpur is a chaotic colorful destination bustling with beauty. Apart from the long list of temples like Shri Radha Krisha Temple, Dwarkadhish Temple, Bhitargaon Temple, Jain Glass Temple and others, this city is famous for mosques, churches, parks, museums and others. The Allen Forest Zoo is very famous among family holidays.

Other top attractions in this 10th century major city are Bithoor, Boodha Bargad, Kanpur Gardens, Jajmau and others. Jajmau is an ancient city of 13th century, which is one of the famous tanneries of the past. This is the oldest root of Indian Civilization. If you are visiting Kanpur, you ought to shop for leather souvenirs. More than 1000 tanneries are present in this region and Kanpur exports its leather wealth to many parts of the country.

  • Approximate distance from Agra – 277 km
  • Driving time – 4 hours and 30 minutes (one-way)
  • Best time to Visit – October to March

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9. Jhansi

Jhansi Fort, Jhansi

This is another historic city closer to Agra. This is a small destination that can be covered in a day. This princely state was a proud destination for Marathas. It is also famous for its part in Indian Independence. This city was ruled by Rani Lakshmi Bai, who was also called as Jhansi Rani. The fort of Jhansi ruled by the Chandelas up to 17th century is famous for its granite structure and bastions with cannon.

This fort also has a museum, which was once the living quarters of Rani Lakshmi Bai. If you are visiting during January and February, you ought to visit this fort to enjoy Jhansi Mahotsav, a colorful cultural festival. Other top attractions to cover in Jhansi are Government Museum of Jhansi, Chiragon town famous for temples, Maharaj Gangadhar Rao ki Chatri cenotaph and others.

  • Approximate distance from Agra – 234 km
  • Driving time – 5 hours (one-way)
  • Best time to Visit – November to March

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10. Bundi

Bundi Palace, Bundi

Bundi is a beautiful Rajasthan destination ruled by numerous Rajput rulers and has been home to many significant historic events. Bundi is famous for its lively flow of rivers, waterfalls, Aravalli Hill background and much more. This nature-riddled place is famous for many monuments and structures too.

The top monument of all is the Garh Palace, which is famous for its structure, mural paintings and carvings. Other attractions in this region are Taragarh Fort, Raniji ki Baori (step well of 17th century), Badal Mahal, Main Bazaar and others. If you are staying for shopping, the best souvenirs to buy from Bundi are miniature painting, cloth material, jewelry, handicraft and others.

  • Approximate distance from Agra – 414 km
  • Driving time – 7 hours (one-way)
  • Best time to Visit – October to April

Suggested tour package: 14 days – Rajasthan village tours

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11. Lucknow

Bara Imambara Lucknow

Lucknow is a major destination of Uttar Pradesh and is called as the City of Nawabs. If you are into cultural destination, it is an important site to visit. This city flourished during 17th century and is famous for architectural beauties, historic structures, cuisine and the cultural beauty.

Top attractions to visit here are Bara Imambara, Chota Imambara, British Residency, Lucknow Zoo, Hazratganj, Constantia House, Dr. Ambedkar Park, Lucknow Museum, Turkish Gate (Rumi Darwaza), Chattar Manzil, Bagum Hazrat Mahal Park and others.

  • Approximate distance from Agra – 336 km
  • Driving time – 5 hours 45 minutes (one-way)
  • Best time to Visit – October to March

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12. Jaipur

Amer Fort, Jaipur

This famous city forms part of the Golden Triangle circuit along with Agra. There are so many historical monuments to see here. some famous sightseeing destinations in Jaipur include Jaipur Palace, Amer Fort, Jal Mahal, etc. At these places nearby activities are organized for tourists to enjoy themselves.

This includes Quad biking, jeep safaris, hot air balloon ride, zip lining, ride on top of Elephant and also fairs like camel mela, etc. Jaipur is also known for the folk dance performances, stunts, musical talents, lip smacking cuisine, Pushkar Camel fair, colorful shopping and camel race. A single trip is not sufficient and you have to make another trip as there are endless things to do in Jaipur.

  • Approximate distance from Agra – 220 – 230 km
  • Driving time – 5 Hours (one-way)
  • Best time to visit – October to April

Suggested tour packages:

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13. Neemrana Fort

Neemrana Fort

This ancient regal 14 tier fort palace on the Delhi Jaipur NH8 is an exotic location for all types of vacations – birthday or wedding celebrations, or to re-visit regal history and spend great time in luxury and opulence.

There are also conference rooms for business conferences and meetings. It is spread over 25 acres of elevated high landscape amidst the lovely Aravalli ranges. There are various provisions for accessing the top tier floors of the palace.

The hanging gardens, two pools to cool down, large pavilions and balconies helps to enjoy the view. This is one of the best destinations to visit near Agra.

  • Approximate distance from Delhi – 100 km
  • Driving time – 2 Hours (one-way)
  • Best time to visit – October to April

14. Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park

This wildlife national park is located around Jaipur in Sawai Madhopur across more than 390 sq km. this makes the Ranthambore National Park the biggest one in North India. Many wildlife enthusiasts, photographers, tourists and scholars visit this wildlife park in Rajasthan.

The forest has 10 zones at different regions  under strict guidelines and rules for visitors. In addition to the big cats, other wild species of fauna include various types of deer, jungle cat, sloth bear, hyena, fox, and palm civet. You can find wild birds such as vultures and eagles flying around and  crocodiles can be found in and around water bodies. The area is dry but there is still a variety of flora in Ranthambore National Park.

  • Approximate distance from Jaipur – 150 – 190 km
  • Driving time – 4 - 5 Hours (one-way)
  • Best time to visit – October to April

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15. Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park

This national park is the oldest in India and was started in the year 1973 known as Haileys National Park. It is home to nearly 500 species of flora and fauna. This is one of the as it is set in a scenic state of Uttarakhand.

The place attracts many tourists as there are many tourist destinations to enjoy around here. Set in the picturesque foothills of the Himalayan ranges it is built on the banks of the river Ramaganga across 500 sq km including waterways, hill slopes, dry and marshy terrain, and different landscapes. There are 5 entrance gates to the National Park and various jungle safari options such as jeep safari, canter safari, and many more.

Moreover, timings are also based on the different entrance gates at Jim Corbett National Park. There are specific timings for different seasons – Summer and Winter. You can also choose to stay at any of the multiple resort choices here. 

  • Approximate distance from Agra – 58 km
  • Driving time – 2 Hours (one-way)
  • Best time to visit – Summer and Winter

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This is not an exclusive list of weekend getaways from Agra. Other top destinations to cover are New Delhi, Varanasi and others. The most common style of enjoying Agra is the popular Golden Triangle Route, which covers New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Some tourists prefer to add variants to this Golden Triangle to create a signature styled vacation.

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Explore different variants of Golden Triangle tour.

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