16 Most Haunted Places in India and their stories

When we were kids we were told Ghost stories that we loved to listen and showed a great interest in them. Despite being terrified we loved to hear those stories but as we grew up we consider them to be myths but now we know these were no myths.

Such haunted stories are prevalent all over the world and give us chills back to our spine. These paranormal activities can be seen at some particular areas that are marked haunted places, these places have a weird look and are freaky but still being dangerous, and some people love to visit the places in order to explore the place to the fullest.

Regardless of the origin these places have been a home to various paranormal and terrible activities. Such activity catches the fascinating interest of many curious and adventurous travelers, they come to explore the places and return with a heart chilling experience. Find here about the Most Haunted Places to Visit in India:

1. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort was built in the 17th century in the Alwar district of Rajasthan by Bhagwant Das. It is believed that the haunted Bhangarh Fort is a result of a curse of a tantric named Singhia, who was once attracted to the beauty of Princess Ratnavati.

The tantric tried to get on her mind but she kept on refusing that resulted him to user magic as he was a proven magician he hid a love potion in her perfume but the Princess got to know the master plan of the tantric and poured the perfume over a large rock that crushed Tantric, in his last times he uttered a curse on the town that lead to its destruction. The Fort entry is open from 6 am to 6 pm and is strictly prohibited to go after Sunset.

Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan

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2. Shaniwar Wada, Pune

Shaniwar Wada is a fort in the city of Pune, Maharashtra, built in 1732 and was ruled by Peshwas of the Maratha Empire, but lost their control in 1818 to British East India Company. The history backs when the eldest of the three sons of Nana Saheb took over after the demise of his father, Madhav, Vishwas and Narayan Rao.

After the death of the Vishwas Rao in a battle, Madhav also gave up a life that resulted in making Narayan the Peshva. His uncle and aunt created conspiracy and get him cut in pieces by their opponent . Result of various deaths caused the Fort to be haunted and entry is banned after Sunsets and on Full-Moon days.

Shaniwar Wada Pune

3. Agrasen ki Baoli, New Delhi

Agrasen Ki Baoli is an archaeological stepwell that is meant to be built during the Tughlaq Dynasty in Delhi. The spooky fact around which the storybrotates is that when you go deeper down the Baoli all the sounds fade out and you are left only with the sound of your footprints only. The silence embarks the presence of something negative, also it is kown that the Baoli incidently filled with Black water and asked for the sacrifice of their lives in the black water. Also from the past experiences it is said that the Baoli fills itself with the black water that makes it super spooky.

Agrasen ki Baoli Delhi

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4. Mukesh Mils, Mumbai

Mumbai – a city of happy and beautiful faces has something very strange about it! With all the beautiful and magnificent places there exists a mysterious site of the city known as Mukesh Mills. The place is not as ordinary as it sounds. Mukesh Mills was the only textile mill constructed by Muljibhai Madhavani and built on the Arabian Sea shore of the Colaba region in the 1870s. Unfortunately, in 1982 a disastrous fire compelled these mills to close down forever.

Several movie directors came to shoot their films in this mysterious place but ended up dropping their idea due to the paranormal activities taking place at the location. Many of them reported sounds of strange footsteps, thoughts of being observed, ghostly figures etc. Due to such happenings people barely think of entering the mills as they lack the dare to put their lives to a risk.

Mukesh Mills Mumbai

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5. Ramoji Film City, Andhra Pradesh

The joyful looking place Ramoji Film City in Andhra Pradesh is one of the most visited tourist places in India. It is also India's filmmaker's top preference when it comes to making unique and astonishing movies. The place was built in 1996 by film producer Ramoji Rao. The place has a lot more to offer than just the positive side to it. It is said that the site is possessed by the spirits of soldiers who died here in the many wars during the reign of Nizams.

There have been some weird incidents such as people being pushed by some invisible force, watching unusual figures, etc. during the film shoots and the visiting hours.  If we talk about haunted places in Andhra Pradesh then it takes to first place in the list.

Ramoji Film City, Andhra Pradesh

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6. Dumas Beach, Surat, Gujarat

Dumas Beach is located in Surat, Gujarat along the Arabian Sea is most haunted place in Gujarat. It is said to be haunted as it was once used to be a burial ground due to which the spirits of the dead haunts the beach. It is considered to be cursed because of black sand present there. According to locals the burning of the dead bodies and the ashes got mixed with the white sand that turned the sand black. The surrounding forcefully depresses you and takes you to a negative mind of state.

According to the locals various paranormal activities are experienced on the full moon night with something evil is found to be happened at the next morning and are enough to create chills down the spine.

Dumas Beach Surat, Gujarat

7. Dow Hill, West Bengal

Dow Hill is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in India. It is the most beautiful hill as it is the place where the most beautiful scenery of all the time can be seen. Here, not only one story but lies various haunted stories that leaves this place to be even more spooky.

Story of the Death Road and a Ghost of headless boy

The road between the Dow hill and the forest office is considerably known as the Death Road because of various deaths that took place . The local woodcutters have many times seen a ghost of a headless body that keeps on moving and disappears in the forests all of a sudden.

Victoria Boys High School

Victoria Boys High School is one of the oldest running schools in India. This school is a home to various unnatural deaths. The school is generally filled with students and their distinct chatter can be easily heard and liked in the presence of the children but when there is winter vacation say December to March. The locals reported indistinct chatters from the school and also heard the footsteps of the students, also one boy can be seen in front of the windows that disappears on its own.

Dow Hill West Bengal

8. Vas Villa, St. Marks road- Bangalore

Vas Villa is one of the most haunted places in India. This villa was made by E.A. Vaz who was an advocate in Bombay High Court. Here lived his daughter Dolce Vaz who was a piano instructor and Vera Vaz who was an English tutor. One night an intruder tried to enter the villa with the purpose of theft but Dolce noticed something wrong and tried to stop the person. Vera, who was sleeping at that time heard her sister screaming and found her to be heavily injured on neck, hand and stomach.

She was declared dead before he reached the hospital. Since then the house is left deserted and no one tries to buy it. The locals have reported sound of piano and eerie voices at night. Even some paranormal activist have tried to explore the area with their instruments but failed every single time as they were forced to get out of the house.The blue car is always found to be parked in front of the villa and give chills back to the spine.

Vas Villa, St. Marks road- Bangalore

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9. Jatinga - Assam

Jatinga is a village located in Dima Hasao district in Assam. The village becomes haunted as it is known as the valley of death for birds. It follows a strange phenomenon of birds committing suicides. There is a specific time for this phenomenon to take place i.e. in the late monsoon months. Neither the scientists nor the people of the village are able to confirm a full proof reason for the strange behavior of birds. Because of such mysterious happenings, many tourists from different parts of India and other countries are attracted to the village for the past few years.

Jatinga Assam

10. Bombay Supreme Court - Mumbai

The Bombay high court is one of the oldest high courts in India. Constructed in 1862, it is an exemplary building in the city of Mumbai. Considering the fact of it being a court the only guess that we can make about the place being haunted is that it must be related to some conviction for murder. No one knows the story behind the spirit that haunts the place.

The ghost terrorizes those involved in a murder by speaking to them in a rough sound. Not only this but also it scares them from entering the courtrooms.

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11. Delhi Cantt - Delhi

Delhi Cantt was established in the year 1914 by the British. It is originally known as Delhi Cantonment. Its population is about 125k approximately in which males constitute 61% and females constitute 39% of the population. The spooky fact related to Delhi Cant comes with the Delhi Cantonment road.

It is believed that the incidents that happen here are stranger than any other terrible incidents happening at other haunted places. The most widespread incident related to Delhi Cant is of a mysterious woman dressed in white waiving at the passing vehicles for lift and then terrifying them. Most people avoid traveling pass the road at uneven timings.

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12. Jamali-Kamali Masjid, Delhi

Jamali was the pseudonym of Sheikh Jamal-ud-din who was a sufi saint and was eminent for his poetry. Jamali is derived from the Urdu word ‘Jamal’ that means beauty and positivity, Jamali was a great sufi saint and provided his services to the rule of Babar and Humayun. When he died, he was buried next to the tomb. It has always been the mystery, who Kamali was?

It is said that she was his wife and was buried before he was buried in the tomb. Some prople affirm to have sightings of some sort of light, eerie voices and a feeling that someone is standing next to you, but on asking the watchman, he told that he hasn’t seen anything and people make it up on their own. There is still a misconception who the Kamali was? According to different people Kamali was his disciple or a brother or a follower even some of the people think that they were homosexual couples.

Jamali-Kamali Masjid, Delhi

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13. Sanjay Van, New Delhi

It is a deserted forest area located in South Delhi near Vasant Kunj. It is 3 sq km in area and has multiple entry and exit points. It is a home to various birds and is considered to be heaven at the day time. The spooky story of the Sanjay Van goes as a lot of graves can be found near the forest area. These are believed as the graves of some Sufi Saints and some spirits actually live in the graves.

At night, some people have heard screeching and children’s cry directly from the graves. Entry is not allowed at the time of night because of the spooky and mysterious activities that haunt the place.

Sanjay Van Delhi

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14. National Library, Kolkata

National Library of India is said to be most haunted place in Kolkata. It is said that the corridors of the Library is haunted by the Ghost of Lady Met Calfe. Also a hidden chamber was found by the Archaeological Site of India that was meant to be the torture chamber at the time of British Rule. A hype in such activities were witnessed when 12 labors died in renovation work.

National Library of Kolkata is a beautiful site with one of the spookiest environment. Also the upper floor is found with many of the spooky dolls that are considered to be Greece dolls. These dolls are the symbol to the tantric activities performed. It is believed that with the help of these dolls one can be controlled physically and any type of physical strain can be provided to the person. No one is allowed to go at the upper floor even at the day time as it is said to be haunted by the courtesans and hysterical laughs and wails can be heard. It is still a interested place for finding horror stories for the writers and directors.

National Library Kolkata

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15. Three Kings Church, Goa

It is the time for the most haunted place in Goa, yes it is the Three Kings Church of Goa. This Church is located at a top of a hill in Cuelim and is the provider of beautiful sceneries. From fields to Ocean, everything is visible from the hilltop. Various haunted stories are revolving around but this is the most eminent one.

It is said that the three kings ruled the area but always had a word with each other. One king, in the desire to be the only ruler, killed the other two kings. When people heard this news, they came outraged to the king’s house and in fear the king committed suicide. Since then, their Ghosts roam around the church.

Three Kings Church Goa

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16. Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan

The city of forts does not only adorn beautiful sceneries but is also filled with various deserted villages. Rajasthan is home to the various haunted villages, likely it lies in the outskirts of Jaisalmer. It is believed that the Prime Minister of the state Salim Singh had his eyes on the daughter of the head of the village and threatened him to marry his daughter with him. The Paliwals held a council with 85 villages that agreed to the decision to leave the land, before deserting the area people cursed the land and left it haunted. To this date, the village is left barren and shelter to ominous activity.

Kuldhara Village Rajasthan

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