Romantic Places in Mumbai

One of the most important thing in the world is to spend some time with partner and the loved ones. While doing so anyone can find more peace and satisfaction in the things that they want to do. Among this travelling with partner or couples visiting new places is one of the best thing to keep the romance alive in their relationships.

There are quite many romantic places in Mumbai city where couples often visit to spend some quality time together. The regular question like are there romantic places in Mumbai, what to do in the Mumbai romantic places will be answered here.

Going places with partners often adds the spark in the relationship and is often used to sometimes take their relationship to next level by proposing and making grand gestures in such places.

Here are some of the most romantic places in Mumbai that couples can visit:

1. Marine Drive

One of the most famous places in Mumbai for the couple to visit is the romantic drive or even a walk during the nighttime as the warm sea breeze and the beautiful lighting around the road makes it one of the places to be.

It has been one of the most popular places in the world for couples and often being used as a romantic location for even the movies as well. This beautiful spot has hundreds of couples sitting during the evening time and to enjoy some of the simple and best moment. There are some stalls like tea, ice cream and other stalls which provide some snacks.

2. Worli Sea Face

It is one of the best place to visit for young couple like newlywed and unmarried couples. It has nice view to the sun which makes the love ignite and hence one of the beautiful place for the couples to be.

The most astonishing fact about the place is the rising sun over the grand Arabian Sea. The best time to travel to this place is during the nighttime as there will be less traffic and it can be reached by railway through Mahalaxmi and lower Parel. The drive with less traffic is beautiful and something cherish the moment in the future.

3. Madh Island Beach

The most important part of a romantic trip to find a best getaway from the daily problems and spend some quality time together with partner. It is important to spend some quality time as it brings back the emotions often found in healthy relationship.

The beach offers private locations which can be enjoyed by the couples. There is Madh fort and some other points that offers a great view and a romantic scenery for the couple and most importantly the quality time they want. Sunsets are the most mesmerizing picturesque to enjoy over the majestic Arabian sea during evening.

4. Bandra Fort

Another famous fort in Mumbai which has been used in various movies and has some most pompous structure. The fort has huge number of visitors in term of young couples where boys are bringing their girlfriends have great impact on their love life. It is 40 mins away from Bandra railway station and have a nice sea view which makes it one of the best place to be. The timings for the fort are 6 AM in the morning to 7 PM in the evening and offers the best sunrise and the sunsets.

5. Juhu Beach

It is one of the most romantic beaches in Mumbai and all over India. With a huge market close and one of the cleanest beaches with some beautiful birds and turtles can be found. The whole beach is a perfect place for couples to visit, enjoy and spend some quality time together. The beach offers the option for trying some delicious snacks like Dahi Puri, chaat, Kala Khatta, bhel puri and much more. This romantic snack sharing can easily increase the love between partners.

6. Carter Road

This is one of the stunning jogging track with a majestic scenery and a beautiful park. There are some lovely points for couples to explore, sit and relax while enjoying a good trip. This place offers a romantic sunset with some coffee shops and other drinking facilities. It is one of the best place to visit with lover or even friends.

7. Hanging Garden

One of the best places for couples to visit in Mumbai are the gardens and one of the famous garden are Hanging Garden. The best attraction of this garden is that it provides with a great green cover and some animal shaped plants. It is situated at the highest point at the Malabar hill and have a great reservoir of vegetations. It is very famous in Mumbai and a lot of people bring their partners with them. The couples can enjoy a peaceful time here and enjoy the day specially the sunset.

8. Palm Beach Road

One of the best places for couples to visit and enjoy specially during the monsoon season and during late night drive is the Palm beach road. The road is very refreshing and offers a great time to all the people visiting this road. The road can be visited anytime and is best enjoyed for a drive during the late night as the edge of the city gives it a cooler breeze.

9. Nehru Center

Nehru center is one of the most beautiful place and an amazing place as it offers the best Indian classical music from some of the leading artists. The music can relax anyone and help couples to relax themselves from other problems and can affect their relationship in a good way. Hence it a good place to visit and enjoy the performance by some great artists like Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma and Ustad Zakir Hussain can smoothen any relationship.

These places can lighten up the mood and visiting new places can help the relationships grow as it gives the opportunity to not just explore new places but explore new heights in relationships. Mumbai is one of the largest city and has the most astonishing places as it is located on the cost of royal Arabian Sea.

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