40 Best Places to Visit in August in India

August is the time when rainfall has started its work in most of the places in India. You can find the land to be freshened with frequent mild showers but, the showers would not hinder your vacation as they are usually mild and short.

August is usually not the tourist season but, you can enjoy a lot of important destinations in India in August. If you are planning to visit India in August, there are two advantages to it. The first is the discounts you receive because it is a lean tourist season and the second advantage is this list of Places to Visit in August in India covering North India and South India would be a paradise. So, pack your bags and let’s get going!

Top Places to Visit in August in North India

1. Cherrapunjee

Cherrapunjee is a place in Meghalaya which is considered as the second wettest place on earth. This place receives rainfall throughout the year. If you are visiting during monsoon season, you might not be able to enjoy the monsoon trekking trip. August is the right time for travelling through the place with less mess and also enjoying trekking trip of monsoon. You ought to enjoy the orange flower honey and tea here. You might not find a lot of flowers here but, the place would be ultimately green and fresh. There are a lot of natural attractions here including the double decker natural bridge to enjoy in the mild showers of August.

Double Decker Living Bridge
Double Decker Living Bridge

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2. Udaipur

The city of lakes and the former capital of the royal state of Mewar, Udaipur though clichéd is still one of the best places to visit in India. The month of August offers some much needed respite from the hot desert sun with fluffy monsoon clouds coming in and frequent showers. The romantic and whimsical city of Udaipur with its vast lakes gets replenished with the freshness of the monsoon, lending a new life to the greenery around the city.

Udaipur in Monsoon
Udaipur City View in Monsoon

Udaipur Travel Guide :

Visit the city of Udaipur for the most romantic sunsets and candle lit roof top dinners atop palaces surrounded by serene waters of large lakes, tucked in the middle of the majestic Aravalli range for a perfect vacation with close ones.

Roof Top Candle Light Dinner Udaipur

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3. Jodhpur

Jodhpur is a desert destination and it receives mild rainfall during August. Thus, the place will be pleasingly warm and lush during this season. August is the right time to explore the forts, lakes, and small hillocks in and around the region. Top places to visit in Jodhpur during August are Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswanth Thada, Mandore Gardens, Arna Jharna Museum, Kaylana Lake, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Rao Jodha desert rock park, and others. Monsoon is one of the most photogenic seasons in Jodhpur.

Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur
Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur

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4. Mount Abu

The only proper hill station of the desert state of Rajasthan, Mount Abu is a short drive away from Delhi, Jaipur and other neighboring cities. The cool atmosphere and lush greenery attracts families wanting to unwind for a short vacation all around the year to Mount Abu. The famous Dilwara temples are one of the top attractions in Mount Abu, and the most stunning pieces of architecture in the country. Mount Abu Wildlife sanctuary and the famous Nakki Lake are other spots of interest for tourists coming to the hill station. This is a simplistic tourist spot offering a pleasant weather and scenic natural beauty that is always welcome for some much needed break.

Mount Abu Nakki Lake in Monsoon
Mount Abu Nakki Lake in Monsoon

Mount Abu Travel Guide :

5. Bikaner

Bikaner is a famous tourist area in Rajasthan. With mild showers, the palaces in this area like Palace of Junagarh, palace of Gajner and even many temples would look fresh. The temperature of Bikaner is always high and with mild showers of August, the temperature becomes bearable. Moreover, the showers would not hinder your sightseeing or shopping experience.

Gajner Palace

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6. Ladakh

One of the chart toppers in the list of most popular backpacking sites in India, Ladakh is every youth’s dream destination when it comes to bike journey on hilly roads. Have the most exciting time of your life roaming the Himalayan snowy hill station with the most amazing views of the mountains, greenery, and breath taking sunsets and sunrises from the top of the world.

It is not just a tourist spot but is a land where people go to reclaim their soul! You have to witness the beauty of Ladakh, first hand to understand the allure of the Trans-Himalayan terrain. It is also called as Little Tibet as it shares a border with the neighboring country and has a large population of Tibetan Buddhist and several magnificent monasteries.

Leh Ladakh in Monsoon
Leh Ladakh in Monsoon

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7. Lahaul

Lahaul is a valley filled area in Himachal Pradesh. Like any other place in Himachal Pradesh, this place is also known for its adventure activities. Top activities to enjoy in August are yak safari, skiing and wildlife trekking. You can find beautiful monasteries that are freshened with August showers.

Lahaul Yak Safari
Lahaul Yak Safari

The mountain passes and other major routes would be closed during August and upcoming winter. But, there are a lot of activities and attractions inside Lahaul to contain you in Himachal Pradesh for a couple of days. The best place to visit in Lahaul during August is Spiti.

Lahaul Monastery India

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8. Mandu

Historic places would be refreshing during monsoon season. The canals, baths, pavilions, and palaces are best visited during monsoon season here. The temperature would be around 30 degree C and thus, mild shower would be refreshing. Walking tours in Mandu are mesmerizing during monsoon. The climate is mild, allowing you to enjoy visits to the lake and enjoy camping. Top places to visit in August in Mandu are Eco Point, Roopmati Pavilion, Jami Masjid, Rewa Kund, and Baz Bahadur Palace, and others.


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9. Khajuraho

The harsh sun would be nullified in August and the monuments would look fresh and beautiful throughout the monsoon. Apart from the temples and monuments inside the Khajuraho Group of Monuments, monsoon is also best to visit Raneh Falls and Beni Sagar Dam, which are located a little away from the main city of Khajuraho. August is a lean season and thus, you can find better deals and discounts in hotels, travels, and other activities. If you wish to enjoy wildlife, try to experience a safari at the Panna National Park.

 Khajuraho Group of Monuments
Khajuraho Group of Monuments

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10. Orchha

Orchha is a natural beauty and is best visited during monsoon and winter seasons. August provides moderate rainfall, which cleans up the monuments and gives a fresh look to the land. The monsoon also adds lush to the Orchha banks and the forest around the region. Monsoon is the best time to enjoy cycling tour or safari at Orchha wildlife sanctuary. Apart from these, top monsoon destinations in Orchha are Jhansi Fort, Dinman Hardaul Palace, Orchha Fort, Chaturbhuj Temple, Chhatris, and others.

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11. Mussoorie

Mussoorie is located on the foothills of Himalayan ranges in Uttarakhand. The place would be very scenic in August. If you are planning to visit this place in August, choose road transportation to visit this place from Dehradun. The travel would be very mesmerizing with the sceneries and chilled climate. Inside Mussoorie, there are a lot of natural attractions to enjoy including waterfalls. There are a few temples and churches which would look fresh with the recent rainfall.


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12. Valley Of Flowers

Valley of Flowers is a heritage site located in Uttarakhand. The prime tourism season to visit this valley carpeted with flowers in July and August. August is the right time to spot numerous flowers of varying colors flourishing in the valley. Moreover, the streams closer to the region would be lush with water.

Remember that Valley of Flowers can be visited by trekking only and it needs a moderate stamina level to reach the valley. This is also the right time to take up the Hemkund Sahib trek, which will lead you to the glacier lake. Taking a holy dip in this lake, which is at -10 degrees C is a pilgrimage site and adventure activity for many.

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13. Kausani

August provides mild rain to Kausani. This hill town has a charming climate during this month with a chill in the breeze. The waterfalls would be lush and this is the best time to enjoy picnic closer to the waterfalls. However, it would be hard to explore caves during heavy rainfall. Baijnath Temple and other monuments would look fresh and pristine, best for photography.

Kausani is filled with pear and apricot farms. July and August are the peak harvest seasons for these two fruits. Exploring the orchards hand-in-hand with your special one is an important romantic activity.


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14. Pahalgam

Pahalgam is a beautiful hill station in Jammu and Kashmir. Monsoon is mild, pleasing and warm here. Top places to visit in August in Pahalgam are Aru Village, Avantipur Temple, Tulian Lake, Chandanwari, Mamal Temple, Betab Valley, Sheshnag Lake, Baisaran Hills, and others. August is also the right time to enjoy carnival rides at Lidder Amusement Park. Top activities to enjoy here in August are boating, trekking, hiking, camping, pony ride, and other activities in Pahalgam.

Pahalgam Golf Course

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15. Mawlynnong

If you do not like getting wet, then Mawlynnong is not the right destination to visit in August. Mawlynnong is the world’s wettest destination, which receives heavy and long rainfalls. During August, the place will be bathing in frequent showers. At the same time, the forest trails, waterfalls, and water bodies would be at prime beauty during August. Top places to visit in Mawlynnong during August are Balancing Rock, Mawlynnong waterfall, Root Bridge, and others.

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Top Places to Visit in August in South India

16. Pondicherry

Now also known as Puducherry, with the renaming frenzy of Indian cities, Pondicherry is a hangover from the French colonial past. However, as hangovers go, this isn’t a bitter experience. This unique place is aptly located along the coastline of the Coromandel Coast along the Bay of Bengal in Tamil Nadu.
Pondicherry is blessed with sun kissed sea beaches, tranquil and clean where you can take romantic soul-searching walks on the golden sand or simply camp along the seaside to watch the stars at night. Dig deep into the heritage and culture of the town that was once a prominent French colony where people are still fluent in the language. Dig into cakes and French deserts and sip some of the best made coffee, or have a romantic candle lit dinner at colonial bungalow with a complex French name! just like in France, when in Pondicherry C'est la vie for a good time. If you are a luxury traveller then you must prefer this destination with the most popular Golden Chariot Luxury Train.

Pondicherry Beach in Monsoon
Pondicherry Beach in Monsoon

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17. Agumbe

Agumbe is an important trekking spot in Karnataka. There are a lot of other natural attractions like waterfalls, hills and others. The prime attractions during August include visiting the ruins of Hoysala Empire during sunset, enjoying waterfalls and trekking through mild showers. A trekking experience should end with a hot vanilla flavoured tea. Agumbe in August is right for those who love adventure activities and for romantic visitors.


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18. Ooty

August is not the time to enjoy adventure activities in Ooty. It is the honeymoon time. The place will be lush with unique flowers covering the mountain slopes. This is also the time to spot unique flowers. The land will also be refreshing and lush during this season, making it a photographer’s paradise. Strolling through the plantations during mild showers is a prime honeymoon activity here. Also, it is one of the least chosen times for other types of travelers and thus, it is easier to find good deals on hotels, tickets, and other activities.

Ooty South India in August

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19. Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is a large hill station in Maharashtra. This hill station would become a green beauty with showers of rain. During August, the showers would be mild and the place would be foggy. This makes it one of the romantic getaways in Maharashtra. Moreover, you cannot find a lot of tourist in this area due to the rainfall. Thus, you can get better deals in August.


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20. Panchgani

Yet another breath-taking hill station in the southern part of India, Panchgani derives its name from the hills surrounding the town – the Panchgani hills. If you love the mountain air, picturesque sunrises and sunsets and panoramic views of greenery covering the valleys, then this is the place to visit in August. The weather remains pleasantly cool and the place experiences frequent rainfall that adds to its romantic beauty.

This is a unique hill station where you will find the views of majestic hills on one side and sprawling coastal plains on another. The colonial era saw many British officers treating the place as their summer vacation spots, which is why the place is dotted with large colonial architecture.

Panchgani in Monsoon
Panchgani in Monsoon

21. Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari is a humid and hot destination. Thus, it is best to visit this place during monsoon and winter. August gives lush rainfall to the land and the fields, farms, hillocks and other natural destinations would be lush with beauty. If you love to enjoy the coastal beauty of the land and a simple honeymoon, August is the best time.

It is also easier to enjoy sightseeing in August as the place would be pleasing to explore and less crowded. You can also find numerous temple festivals in the small shrines during August and September. Top places to visit in Kanyakumari during August are Thirparappu Falls, Vivekanada Rock Memorial, Thanumalayan Temple, Thiruvalluvar Statue, Kumari Amman Temple, beaches, and others.

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22. Thrissur

Thrissur has the cliché Western Ghats climate and thus, monsoons are warm and pleasing. You can find numerous monuments, temples and museums to explore during August. Apart from these, August is also best to visit Athirappilly Falls, Chettuva backwater, Charpa Falls, Vazhachal waterfalls, Marottichal waterfalls, Peechi dam, and others.

If you are looking for outdoor activities during mild showers, it is best to visit Vilangankunnu, Cheppara, Thekkinkadu Maidan, and others. If you are visiting with kids in August, visit Chimmini Dam, Thumboormuzhi garden, Heritage garden, lotus pond of Koodalmanikyam temple, and others.

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23. Diu

Diu is best visited during August as the please will be pleasing and calm in this season. August brings mild showers and thus, you can enjoy the beaches and nature of this land without any hurdle. Top places to visit in Diu are Shell museum, Una, Diu Fort, Nagoa Beach, Jalandhar Shrine, Gangeshwar temple, and others. Top activities to enjoy in August are bonfire party on the beach, boat tour, camping, bar hopping, birdwatching, and others

Diu Fort
Diu Fort

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24. Lonavala

A charming hill station in Maharashtra, not far from the capital city of Mumbai, Lonavla serves as the perfect getaway for the weekends. It is best visited during the monsoon months of June to August, where the air is moist and cool, the hills are wrapped in a misty layer of thick clouds and the greenery gets a new life renewed with the rainfall.

A great place for hikers and trekkers, Lonavala forms a part of the Sahyadri Hills with lush velvety greenery on surrounding the hills in magical allure. On the way to Lonavala you can enjoy some of the most scenic drives, either from Pune or Mumbai. Other popular tourist places like Khandala, Rajmachi, Bhaja Caves, Bushi Dam and Karla caves are on the way to this hill station and could be a great day trip route while on the way there.

Rajamachi Fort in Monsoon, Lonavala
Rajamachi Fort in Monsoon, Lonavala

25. Alibaugh

There are numerous monsoon destinations in Maharashtra and one of the hidden August destinations in the state is Alibaugh. This historic destination will have a pleasing climate in August, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful monsoon time. Top places to visit in Alibaugh during August are Alibaug beach, Mandwa Beach, Varsoli Beach, Kanakeshwar forest, Kolaba fort, and others. Top activities to enjoy in August are jet skiing, bumpy rides, Sagargad trekking, banana boat rides, camping, and others.

26. Goa

After a nice sip of French wine that is Pondicherry, what better place to be than the Portuguese colony of Goa. India with all its diversity has been blessed with the amalgamation of several cultures in its communal melting pot. If you have heard of Goa, you must have heard about the beautiful beaches, wild parties and nightlife and some of the most happening casinos in the country. Goa is India’s answer to Las Vegas, Manila and Miami Beach combined in its own unique way.

Apart from being the hub for parties, Goa’s rich heritage with some of the most unique colonial architecture adds yet another color to the state. The capital city Panjim in Goa, resembles Lisbon in many ways, you would find colorful tiled buildings, spicy sausages, brightly colored colonial bungalows and several neighborhoods that take you back to the past with Fountain has and the smell of Portuguese cooking.

Goa is all about luxury too. If you want to experience the luxury then you will find the luxurious hotels near the beaches. If you want to live like a royal then you must prefer Deccan Odyssey Train as this train has all the luxurious amenities onboard train.

Goa in Monsoon
Goa in Monsoon

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27. Wayanad

A quaint hill station with enchanting waterfalls, historical architecture, mysterious caves, and charming resorts and home stays – Wayanad has it all. Explore the beautiful spice plantations and replenish your lungs with fresh air while you explore the wildlife. Wayanad is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kerala. Major part of the tourist city is a part of a forest reserve sharing a border with neighboring state of Tamil Nadu.

Wayanad in Monsoon
Wayanad in Monsoon

The entire place is covered in lush greenery, dotted with small hills and peaks like Tholpetty in the North, Kalpetta in the south, Muthanga in the east bordering with Tamil Nadu, Sultan Bathery (Sultan Battery) in the east and Mananthvadi in the north-west. Go elephant spotting and in breath taking nature walks and hikes around the green city to tickle all your tourism senses.

Chembra Peak Wayanad Trekking in Monsoon
Chembra Peak Wayanad Trekking in Monsoon

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28. Alappuzha

A city along the seas, Alappuzha or as is popularly known as Alleppy is the Venice of India! Its beautiful backwaters, relaxing Ayurvedic massages and large temples attracting pilgrims make for a wonderful vacation spot during the monsoons in August. It is most popular for the Snake boat race festival that attracts crowds for all over the world during this season.

Alleppey Backwaters, Kerala
Alleppey Backwaters, Kerala

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The boat race gets its name from the unique shape of the boat that almost looks like a gigantic snakelike structure floating on the water. It is a spectacle to hold with all the excitement of a canoe race festival. These canoes are the traditional war boats of Kerala and go back in history of the region. Multiple races are held at the various lakes of Alleppey and this is yet another major reason for a visit to the place during the month of August.

Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race, Kerala
Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race Alappuzha

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29. Munnar

Munnar is an important and romantic hill station in Kerala. No matter when you visit this hill station, it would be at its prime beauty. In August, you can enjoy some quiet time in Munnar as you cannot find a lot of tourists.

Trekking and sightseeing would be at its prime beauty and thus, spending time with your special one would not be a problem. Above everything else, Munnar during slight shower is the best romantic place in the country to rekindle relationships. Kids would love the mountains and plantations in small showers.

Munnar Trekking
Munnar Trekking in Monsoon

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30. Kumarakom

There are numerous monsoon destinations in Kerala and one of those destinations is Kumarakom. This natural paradise becomes lush with beauty and foliage during August. Taking a traditional boat ride on the backwater during mild rainfall is a stunning beauty here.

Kumarakom Backwaters
Kumarakom Backwaters

Ayurvedic treatment is best enjoyed during peak monsoon as the herbs used for these treatments would be flourishing during this season. Closer to Kumarakom, Aruvikkuzhi waterfall would be lush and beautiful. Kumarakom is famous for birdwatching. But, spotting birds during August is quite hard.

Maya Spa, Kumarakom
Maya Spa, Kumarakom

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31. Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is an important hill station in Tamil Nadu. It is also called as the princess of hill stations. You can find a lot of sightseeing spots that would be mesmerizing in August. Boating during mild showers is another interesting activity here. You can find all cliché hill station attractions and activities in this hill station. During August, the showers will be mild or moderate and it would not hinder your sightseeing activity.


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32. Coorg

Coorg is a hill station located in Karnataka. It is called as the Scotland of India. Think of the beauty that this Scotland can express with a little shower of rain. This hill station has picturesque spots and these spots would turn into green paradise with the showers of August. Moreover, you can find a lot of seasonal waterfalls in Coorg during August. River rafting is also open during this month.

Coorg Scotland of India

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33. Trivandrum

Also known as Thiruvananthapuram, this is the capital city of Kerala, also known as ‘God’s own country’. it is revered as one of the most green cities in India, with verdant greenery, scenic palm fringed beaches and long stretches of backwaters. Generous sprinkling of historical monuments and religious shrines make Trivandrum a perfect holiday destination for all kinds of travelers.

Thiruvananthapuram in Monsoon
Thiruvananthapuram in Monsoon

A visit to Trivandrum during the festival of Onam is especially recommended, as it is one the largest festival of Kerala and a unique celebration to witness. The festival begins with Thripunithura Athachamayam, which is a colorful street parade with the amazing Kathakali dancers, kicking off the start of the festival. Then celebrations take place at the Thrikkakara Temple, followed by a full-fledged Onam week of song and classical dance performances that are feast for the eyes. Most importantly Onam is the best time to sample of the finest offering of Kerala’s cuisine.

Onam Celebration at Thripunithura Athachamayam
Onam Celebration at Thripunithura Athachamaya

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The weeklong festivities then run towards their end with an interesting party called the Pulikkali Tiger Play, where people are donned with tiger masks and costumes. A parade with traditional percussion instruments and a city wide costume party with tiger theme, makes this one of the quirkiest festivals of India. Finally the festival draws to a close with the amazing Snake Boat race.

Pulikkali Tiger Play at Onam
Pulikkali Tiger Play at Onam

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34. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The place is a paradise with or without rain. The white sandy beach, warm lagoons, crystal clear water, palm filled beaches and interesting water sports would be more exciting with a mild shower. The beauty of the place will be intact even during August season. The place would be in its lean tourist season and thus, you cannot find a lot of tourists in your choice of place. This will help you enjoy some lone time or have picnic even in busy beaches. All these come with a very low discount price due to the lean season.

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There are not just an exclusive set of places to visit in August. With mild rain and reduced heat, the whole country would be more pleasing in August.

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