30 Most Famous Museums in India

India is a wonderful place with various attractions. There are culture, tradition, history, nature and adventure related activities in this country. If you are looking for museums in India, there are a lot of magnificent and unique styled museums in the country.

Here are the List of Famous Museums in India

1. National Museum, New Delhi

This is the largest museum in the country. It was built in the middle of 20th century in the capital of the country, Delhi. Do you want to see the train coaches used by kings or remnants of Buddha? No matter what type of historic element you want to watch, this is the right place to visit. There are a lot of manuscripts, arts, statues, utensils, craft items, armors, dresses and many other collections in this museum.

National Museum Delhi

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2. International Dolls Museum, Delhi

This is a collection of various dolls from various parts of the world. Starting from Australia to Africa, there are a lot of dolls from various origins. This doll collection is located in New Delhi. The dolls of various kinds and styles can be found in this museum. This is an important place to visit if you are in Delhi with your child.

International dolls museum delhi

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3. Rail Museum, Delhi

The Delhi Rail Museum is one of the few such museums dedicated to trains in India. This train themed museum covers 10 acres in area with around 100 life-sized trains of ancient India and modern world. This museum has a toy train that will take you through various exhibits and galleries of the museum.

The top galleries of the museum are collection of signaling tools, working models, antique décor items used in train, ancient photographs, vintage blue prints, and others. Main trains exhibited in this museum are 1928 Electric Locomotive, ancient train saloons used by kings of the land, the fire engine used in 1914, and others.

Rail Museum, Delhi

4. Sulabh International Museum Of Toilets, Delhi

This is an interesting museum, which holds exhibits of toilets. Starting from the ancient forms of toilets to the modern ones, this museum holds several vintage and novelty toilets from around the world. You can spot toilets from 50 different countries and even some weird models too.

Sulabh International Museum Of Toilets, Delhi

5. Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur

Albert Hall Museum is one of the oldest museum in Rajasthan. This museum’s structure is a grand example of the famous Indo-Saracenic style. The structure has been used as a museum since 1887.

Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur

Also called as Government Central Museum, this museum is famous for collection of carpets, marble art works, ancient coins, antiques, pottery, and others. The museum has a separate exhibit for mummies from Egypt. The clay art gallery and Jewellery galleries contain 19th century exhibits. There is a separate exhibit for collection of antique musical instruments used in India.

Inside Albert Hall Museum Jaipur

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6. City Palace Museum, Jaipur

The City Palace is an interesting tourist attraction by itself. One of the attractions inside the palace is the museum. Chandra Mahal of this palace is converted into a museum.

City Palace Museum Jaipur

The walls of this structure are filled with paintings and carvings with intrinsic structures. You can find a large collection of armors, weapons (mostly handguns), and other war equipment. This is the largest collection of handguns and weapons in India. You can also find collections of ancient royal items in this gallery.

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7. Partition Museum, Amritsar

Amritsar’s town hall is converted into Partition Museum to explain the story of partition of British India into India and Pakistan. This museum was started in 2017 and it holds newspaper articles, photographs, journals, and others. There is an exhibit that provides oral presentations and videos of history related to partition. The Boundary Commission Room has maps and census details about the boundaries. The Galley of Migration shows a life-size train replica to show the way, the refugees transported between the two countries. You can also find dairy entries from 1948 related to the partition.

Partition Museum Amritsar

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8. City Palace, Udaipur

The City Palace is opened to public as a museum. You can find photographs taken by the first camera of Udaipur in 19th century, portraits of kings, silver collection, musical instrument gallery, and others. The architecture of the palace is a beauty by itself. The Pratap Gallery holds collection of weapons and armors, including an elephant trunk worn by horses to disguise as elephants.

City Palace, Udaipur

The Mor Chowk is famous for peacock decorations and inlay works. You can find also mosaic art works in this courtyard. Zenana Mahal holds Mewar Music Gallery, which has a collection of Mewar musical instruments of the royal family.

Inside City Palace Museum Udaipur

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9. Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan Palace is one of the famous tourist destinations of Jodhpur. A large area of this palace is dedicated as museum to showcase the royal antiques and artifacts. You can find the Victorian symbolic flag given by the Queen to Maharaja Jaswant Singh. Classical car collection, stuffed wild animals, photographs, miniature paintings, unusual royal objects, artistic murals, and vintage clock collections are some of the exhibits in this palace museum.

Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum

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10. Vintage And Classic Car Museum, Udaipur

This loyal luxury museum holds the antique cars owned by the rulers of Udaipur. The museum holds 20 antique vehicles including four Rolls-Royce, 12 Mercedes models, MG-TC, Cadillac from 1939, Vauxhall-12 of 1936, Ford-A convertible, and others. Apart from cars, you can find rickshaws operated via solar power, Shell Petrol Pump, motor garage, and others.

Vintage Car Museum Udaipur

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11. Sarnath Museum, Sarnath

Sarnath Museum is one of the ancient museums of the India holding objects found during excavations in Sarnath. The museum holds five galleries of exhibits and the two verandahs of the museum holds antiquities.

Sarnath Museum Varansi

The museum’s main exhibits are edifices, sculptures, images, artwork related to Buddhism and others between 3rd century BC and 12th century AD. The museum also holds the original Lion Capital of the Ashoka Pillar.

Inside Sarnath Museum Varanasi

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12. Dogra Art Museum, Jammu

Also called the Dogra art gallery, this is a collection of numerous miniature paintings of Basohli region. The museum houses more than 7000 artifacts including rare manuscripts metal objects, gold bow of Shah Jahan, marble jharokhas, and others. The paining collection, decorative art display and terracotta collections are quite famous in this museum.

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13. Patna Museum, Patna

This is one of the hidden beauties of Patna, showcasing Hindu and Buddhist art works. The museum houses rare paintings of Victorian era, original canon used in WWI, holy relic casket with Lord Buddha’s ashes, and around 50,000 more rare objects.

Patna Museum

The natural history gallery contains preserved animal structures including a large bison. The stone sculpture gallery is famous for Buddha statues, and artifacts from Gupta reign. Terracotta gallery holds terracotta objects from Mauryan era to Gupta reign. Apart from these, you can find Rajendra gallery, Patliputra gallery, weapon gallery, bronze gallery, and others.

Inside Patna Museum

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14. Princes of Wales Museum, Mumbai

This museum is located in Mumbai, near to the Gateway of India. It was established in the beginning of 20th century. There are many sections in this museum like history, archaeology, art and so on. There are various manuscripts and other details related to Chaulkyas and Gupta era.

Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai

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15. Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

This gallery is one of the prestigious spots for artists to showcase their works. The gallery was formed in 1952 and today, it is famous for art exhibits. This large mansion holds gallery for visual arts, photography, terrace art, and others.

Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

There is an auditorium hall for unique exhibits that take place every now and then. Every year, 300 shows and more take place here. This amazing art museum also holds the office of India’s oldest licensed dealer in antiques.

Inside Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

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16. Mani Bhavan, Mumbai

The historic structure dedicated to Gandhi in Mumbai is converted into a museum. The structure was once the headquarters of Gandhi. Today, the museum holds a large library, collection of photographs from the life of Gandhi, press clippings, room of Gandhi, model of Gandhi’s deathbed, spinning wheels, and others.

Mani Bhawan Mumbai

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17. Chitra Museum, Goa

This is one of the new museums in the country with more than 4000 artifacts even from the ancient colonial times. The museum holds traditional artifacts, ancient tools, vessels, farming equipment and others. You can even find festival palanquins, musical instruments, showcases of organic farms, and others.

Chitra Museum Goa

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18. Hal Aerospace Museum, Bengaluru

The HAL Aerospace Museum was inaugurated by HAL in 2001 to exhibit the history and milestones of aviation in India. The museum holds numerous exhibits related to the history of aviation, like display of ancient models of Indian aero engines.

You can also find a few real engines used by Indian navy and aviation industry. Some of the engines of this display come from Kiran, Jaguar, and Dornier aircrafts. You can also take part in the mock control tower for air traffic or enjoy flight simulation.

Inside Hal Aerospace Museum Bangalore

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19. Folklore Museum, Mysore

This museum collects the folklore related arts and crafts from throughout the state. There are three wings in this museum namely; Folklore section, large doll wing, and folklife wing. The folklore section holds displays of costumes, Hanuman crown, Kathakali costume, leather dolls, puppets, 200 year old ink preparation, wooden altar, folk musical instruments, figurines, deities, and others. The doll wing holds collection of large dolls and statues. The folklife wing holds daily instruments, agriculture instruments, weaving implements, folk games, baskets, utensils, and others.

Folklore Museum Mysore

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20. Indian Museum, Kolkata

This is a unique style museum. This museum contains skeleton, unique Mughal collections, ornaments and many others. This is one of the oldest museums in the whole world. If you are in Kolkata, West Bengal, you ought to visit this museum. Archaeology, economic beauty, art, geology and many other galleries are found in this museum.

Indian Museum kolkata

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21. Government Museum, Chennai

This is also called as the Madras Museum. This is located in Egmore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It was established in the end of 19th century. There are a lot of exhibits related to botany, zoology, geology and many others. There are many galleries about the South Indian kings. There are also separate galleries for children. There is a huge library with old books and many collections in this museum.

Government Museum chennai

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22. Dakshinachitra Museum, Chennai

This is a living history museum, which is famous for exhibits of crafts, lifestyle, performing arts, architecture and other cultural elements of South India. Created in 1996, this museum holds more than one million pictures and 4,220 artifacts related to heritage of Southern India.

Dakshinachitra Museum Chennai

Top element of this museum is the collection of 18 ancient house structures constructed by professionals to recreate the history of India’s ancient living style. You can find collections of silk articles, cotton textiles, cultural exhibits of Brahminical communities, craft items, journals, art works, and others. There is a large library of books about folklore, anthropology, art and craft, and others.

Inside Dakshinachitra Museum Chennai

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23. Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad

This is a museum that is dedicated to art. There are a lot of carvings, artefacts, paintings and many other elements from various countries and various eras. This museum is located in Hyderabad. It is one of the most common tourist destinations in this state.


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24. Nizam Museum, Hyderabad

This is a museum of unique collection. This museum is filled with just the gifts that the last Nizam received during his silver jubilee celebration which was conducted in 1936. It has many gold objects, glass inlay work, diamond objects, silver elephants, 1930 Rolls Royce card, Jaguar Mark V and many others. It also has the wardrobe of the Nizam and 150 years old lift that was manually operated during his reign.


25. Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad

The first attraction of this museum is its architecture. This museum showcases above 1.1 million exhibits in 38 galleries spanning for two levels of this giant structure. This museum has an art collection that belonged to numerous kings and reigns from India, North America, Burma, Egypt, Nepal, China, and others.

Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad

Top exhibits to see here are dragger collection, Margaretta in Mirror, veiled Rebecca sculpture, porcelain collection of 2nd century, collection of clocks, collection of Quran, wood paintings, textiles, carvings, metallic works, and others.

Inside Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad

26. Calico Museum, Ahmedabad

This is one of the top destinations in Ahmadabad. It is a museum that is dedicated to fabric paintings. This was established in 1949 and has cloth paintings from pre-historic era to recent ones. The displays at this museum are very attractive and have attracted a lot of international and local visitors. Many cloths in display were used previously by Mughals and other ruler.

Calico Museum

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27. Paldi Kite Museum, Ahmedabad

This is a museum for kites. The museum started with the donation of Mr. Bhanu Shah’s kites to the gallery. You can find signature kites of varying types and sizes lined in glass mirrors. Some of the kites even have mirror works and block prints. If you love kites, this would be an interesting museum to cover. There are also exhibits related to origin of the kites, the advancement in making kites, techniques of flying kites, and others.

Paldi Kite Museum Hyderabad

28. Wax Museum, Kanyakumari

This is located in Baywatch in Kanyakumari. This museum has wax statues of various celebrities and they resemble the personality very closely. Starting from Manmohan Singh to Mother Teresa, there are a lot of statues with which you can take pictures. The photo would look like you are actually standing with the personality.


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29. Island Museum, Hyderabad

This is located in the Nagarjuna Sagar Lake in Hyderabad. This is the only island museum in the whole world. This is a unique museum that contains remnants of Buddha like his ear ring, tooth and many others. This museum is located on the third largest lake that was made by man and, the Dam is the largest one in the world. People visit this museum very often for its unique collection.


There are a lot of other interesting museums like Jawahar Toy Museum, Rail Museum and so on. Each one would give you a unique yet wonderful experience.

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30. Napier Museum, Kerala

The Napier Museum was inaugurated in 19th century, making it the oldest in the state. This museum is located in Trivandrum region and was named after the British governor of Madras (Chennai), Napier. This museum is famous for its collection of textiles, archaeological items, ivory articles, bronze statues, stone sculptures, art work, and others. The museum is built in ancient Indo-Saracenic architecture. This is the best museum to cover if you wish to explore the ancient lifestyle and culture of the land.

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