20 Best Places to Visit in New Year in India

New Year Celebration in India is the major event like any other destinations in the world. Are you bitten by the travel bug? Then pack your bags and get ready to celebrate this New Year by travelling to some of the hottest tourist destinations of India.

Below are some of the 20 Best Places to Visit in New Year in India.

1. Rajasthan - The Land of Deserts

Winter is the best time to visit the hot deserts of Rajasthan and the time to celebrate new year. This state still treasures the regal culture and living style of the Rajput clan. Travel on deck up elephants to the forts or stroll through the Thar Desert on camels to feel like the Maharajas.

The palaces of Rajasthan exhibit some of the finest specimens of architecture, while the shopaholics can fill their bags with unique boutique apparels, leather shoes, costume jewelry and home decor. Feel like a monarch here as you are served some of the most delicious food of the state on silver lined plates and handcrafted cutlery. Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur and Ranthambore National park are the must visits at Rajasthan.

Rajasthan New Year

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2. Kerala - the Land of Backwaters

Celebrate this new year in a different way and breathe in some fresh air and treat your eyes to the breathtaking scenic beauty at Kerala. The state is a natural abode, offering you a stay on the crystalline backwaters at some of the most beautiful and comfortable houseboats of the country.

Enjoy a mesmerizing sunset at the sea beaches or entertain yourself to boat races and Kathakali dance programs here. Kerala is also a favorite among bird lovers, as its rich flora and fauna forms a natural residence to various avian species. People who are looking to restore their health this new year can spend some quality time at the Ayurveda SPA resorts of the state. Last but not the least; the taste of steaming hot rice and fish curry served on fresh cut leaves at Kerala will linger forever in your taste buds.

The Cochin Carnival

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3. Shimla - the Land of Snow

This new year enjoy the chilled vacation by visiting Shimla. You can enjoy the ridges and crowd to celebrate new year. Visit the churches, walk hand in hand with your beloved over the snow carpet of Shimla or sip some piping hot coffee, enjoying the sight of snow drizzles sitting near the fire. This place is ideal for skiing as well.

Shimla Ridge New Year Celebration

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4. Goa - the Land of Beaches

Enjoy a warm and wild winter at Goa this New Year. Besides the gala New Year party at the state, it is also the best place to bask in the warmth of the sun lying over the soft sands. Enjoy a moonlight cruise over River Mandovi or pray at some of the oldest churches of the world at Goa. Enjoy the beach and rave parties during the New Year. The Ayurveda SPA resorts can relieve you from stress, while the all-night beach parties will bring out the real you.

Goa Beach Parties New Year
Goa Beach Parties New Year

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5. Delhi - the Land of History

Delhi - the Capital city gives you lots of options to celebrate new year. The capital of India is a wonderful blend of past and present; while on one hand you have thousands of years old monuments like the Qutub Minar and Akshardham Temple.

On the other hand you have the president’s residence and Mahatma Gandhi’s memorial. If you want to celebrate New Year with some music, food and Dance then Delhi has a number of pubs, cafes to enjoy the music and Dance. Also you can find the best places to have lip smacking Mughlai cuisines, which include spicy kebabs, aromatic biryani and tangy street food, popularly known as chaats.

New Year Party, Delhi

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6. Corbett National Park - the Land of Big Cats

If you are a wildlife lover, get thrilled this New Year with a visit to the Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand. Besides the tigers, the park is also a safe shelter to Asian elephants, leopards, sloth and Himalayan black bears, varied species of deer (sambar, barking deer, hog deer and chital to name a few).

Jim Corbett National Park

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7. Andaman Islands - the Land of Corals

Has the underwater world always been a mystery for you? Visit the Andaman Islands this new near and feel the warmth of the place. The primitive life accompanied with the lively marine world just at your reach makes it an awesome New Year vacation.

Scuba Diving Andaman

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8. Auli - the Land of Skiing

If you always dreamt of a vacation at a snow land then Auli is a must visit for you this January. Besides the awe-inspiring scenic beauty of the snowcapped mountains, the place is known for its multiple skiing slopes.

Skiing at Auli

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9. Lakshadweep - the Land of Scuba Diving

Want a secluded vacation this new year just with your special one? Lakshadweep beckons you with its deep blue sea and amazing marine life. Bask in the warmth of the sun lying at the sea beach or get close to the magical underwater life with scuba diving.

Lakshadweep Island

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10. Nainital - the land of Lakes

The Himalayan beauty and the mystic nature of Nainital lure tourists from far lands. While the Naini Lake is popular for its spellbinding view, encircled by the Great Himalayan peaks, the Nainital Zoo treasures rare species of wildlife, like snow leopard, steppe eagles and Himalayan black bear. Sipping some butter tea sitting at the sprawling valleys of Nainital is another must do activity.

Naini Lake Nainitaal

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11. Mumbai

If you are planning to spend New Year with party and nightlife, it is best to choose the Mumbai city, which never sleeps. Mumbai is the party hub for those who would like a carnival styled vacation. When it comes to New Year, the locals stick with house parties, beach bonfires and luxury parties in hotels and halls. The night sky will be decorated with lights and crackers. Every lounge and hotel in the city will be organizing theme parties.

If you choose high-class hotels, you might bump into celebrities and Bollywood faces. If you are looking for a quiet place in Mumbai to sip a drink and enjoy the land, the Marine Drive is the best place. Starting from JW Marriott to Hyatt, the city is lined with multinational hotel brands, which have a gold standard for New Year celebration.

Life is incomplete without visiting places and hence begin the upcoming New Year with visits to some of the jewels of Indian tourism is the bestest way to celebrate New Year and make it memorable in a different way.

Mumbai New Year Celebration

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12. Kolkata

When it comes to celebrations, the harbor cities have a knack around it. Kolkata is another nightlife, booze and party style of New Year city. The clubs around the city become very enthusiastic with celebrity guests, DJ, lip-smacking buffet, dance and much more. Kolkata is one of the few cities, where you can find celebrations for all age groups. Visit the hotels and lounges during New Year’s Eve for a ravishing party time. This is the city with an enthusiastic happening crowd, which would party, all night long, literally.

Kolkata New Year Party

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13. Gulmarg

Not everyone is the night-owl party animal style of tourist. Some would love a unique celebration. If you are looking for a snow-filled vacation during New Year, it is time to head towards Gulmarg. You cannot find a lot of parties and raving night time here. It is all about nature and romance. If it is your first new year together with your special one, it is possible that you would want to spend it in a classic place with each other’s company.

Such a heaven is Gulmarg. You can find all the snow and romantic activities at prime beauty. If you are looking for a unique experience, try Outer Circle Walk drive, Gondola ride during sunrise or sunset, snow activities and so on. If you are traveling to India for New Year, make sure to pre-book your tickets as the country is planning to increase the cost of flying during New Year.

Gulmarg New Year Celebration

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14. Mcleodganj

How about spending the New Year in an enthralling way. Choose the exotic Mcleodganj to enjoy an European old-fashioned styled New Year celebration. The place will be pleasingly chill throughout the month. With the end of the year, the music gets to the peak. You can find people in the street, conducting galas and enjoying drinks like a carnival.

You can find numerous foreign visitors in Mcleodganj for a unique celebration. The best way to spend New Year’s in Mcleodganj is by choosing to spend the celebration time in any little cafes with live music, cultural programs, booze and other celebrations. If you are looking for silent time, you can camp at secluded places or hire cabins along the valley for a night.

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15. Jaipur

If you are looking for regal styled vacation, Jaipur is the right place. This Pink City celebrates the New Year in a very grand manner. The New Year celebration incorporates cultural and heritage values of the land. The best place to enjoy an authentic New Year celebration in Jaipur is Chokhi Dhani. Starting from traditional games to local delicacies, you can try every element of the culture.

If you are looking for a royal way to enjoy the celebration, stay as guest in any of the palace hotels or royal resorts. Every hotel and lounge in the area will throw classic parties and celebrations.
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New Year Celebration in Jaipur

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16. Kasol

How about celebrating the day in the middle of nowhere, in the laps of pure nature. Kasol is a paradise for hipster styled New Year celebration. If you are looking for a serene and silent way to experience the passing of the old year, try to choose a secluded place in Kasol, pitch a tent and enjoy a private party with your friends. Thanks to the clear skies of December, you would be able to enjoy a star-filled nighttime.

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Kasol New Year Party

17. Rann of Kutch

Visit Rann of Kutch during New Year to enjoy nature, culture, heritage and adventure filled New Year celebration. During December, the salt desert will be celebrating the Rann Utsav. Pitch a tent or hire a camp and enjoy cultural activities throughout the night. If you are up for some adrenaline pumping action, try the desert adventure activities.

Starting from folk dance to desert safari, you can enjoy all flavors of Gujarat here. Shopping and cultural sightseeing will be at the prime beauty during this celebration. Rann Utsav starts from first of November and ends on 28th February. This festival attracts more than 8000 international and national tourists.

Rann Utsav

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18. Jaisalmer

Just like the great white desert, the cliché Jaisalmer desert is also one of the prime destinations to enjoy the festival. Just like Rann of Kutch, camping in the middle of the desert is the major activity. Choose the right service provider, who would provide cultural and adventure activities in the desert. If you are traveling with your better half, the best romantic way to spend the New Year’s Eve is under the moonlight on the cool sand of the desert.

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19. Gangtok

Gangtok is one of the hidden destinations of India. While all the iconic attractions will be crowded with the celebrating crowd, these hidden gems attract people of unique taste and celebrating spirit. This is the place for trekking, pilgrimage activities, exploring monasteries and others. If you seek the traditional monasteries, you can spend a serene and silent New Year’s Eve with cultural and spiritual activities. If you are looking for a little celebrations, visit Saramsa Garden, Nath La, Zero Point Yumesamdong.

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20. Mussoorie

Mussoorie is the Queen of all Hill Station. This beautiful natural paradise is famous for enjoying a natural New Year’s Day. If you want to keep away from the commercialization of the festival, this is the right place to visit. Enjoy the mighty Everest backdrop while camping to have a serene and silent celebration.

If you are looking for simple parties, visit the Mall Road or Gun Hill. All the local hotels and pubs will be organizing amazing theme or authentic New Year celebration with music, dance and booze. It is important to choose the right hill station for the celebration. December is the peak winter season and choosing very high altitude can lead to very chilly nights, which would affect the celebrations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do Indians Celebrates New Year?

A. Yes, New Year is celebrated in India on 1 January

Q. Which are the best places to celebrate New Year in India?

A. Goa, Kerala, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur are the best places to celebrate New Year in India.

Q. What are the best places to celebrate New Year in South India?

A. Goa, Kerala, Mumbai, Andaman, Lakshadweep are the best places to celebrate New Year in South India.

Q. Whare the best places to celebrate New Year in North India?

A. Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Varanasi, Agra, Rajasthan, Kolkata and Gangtok are the best places to celebrate New Year in North India.

Q. How Keralite Celebrates New Year?

A. Cochin Carnival is held during New Year and it is the biggest New Year celebration in Fort Cochin. This is the 10 Day celebration ends on New Year Eve. Get complete info here.

Q. Which place is the best for New Year in India?

A. Goa is the best destination to celebrate New Year as the place becomes gorgeous with the dazzling festive mood from morning to night. Every corner of the location is decorated with a new look that makes the places unique from the other states in India. Many tourists from different places even foreign start to reach the state from the eve of the day. The architectural structure is almost designed with the culture of Portuguese; the decoration completely gets a unique look that makes the people charmed in the whole day especially at night.
The specialty comes in Goa in New Year's Day slowly when night starts to get its place. All of the places get different looks with dazzling light. The night gets fulfillment with hot dances of young girls and boys the beats of D J’s under the stars. The beaches get the topmost festival mood that no one can forget the night’s experience if he once meets the party.
The specialty comes to you when you are in the moving moods among the natural beauties of Goa on the New Year morn. The natural beauty along with the touch of sea sights provides you heavenly charming all the time on that particular day. The hotel and restaurant come to ready for visitors with delicious food at the best price. Reach Goa and enjoy full day and night that makes you happiest.

Q. What is the best way to celebrate the New Year?

A. New Year is one of the best internationally recognized holidays. People all over the globe say goodbye to the previous year so you can welcome the beginning of the New Year.
The year is almost over! And We all have already started to prepare the New year’s celebration planning. A couple of weeks are left to welcome the New year—but what and how to do? Basically, some of the basic plans are to hang out or drinking and enjoying at parties. However, you’ve done one or the other for the past five years and
you’re looking for something different. During the celebration, you can observe parties, events, and functions to be held everywhere in the cities. Such a famous and enjoying event is an open-air event. These events are kind of street parties where you can enjoy the performance of famous singers, DJs and other performers, which will cheer up your heart. Additionally, If you are a party lover then the Dance club would be the best option for you. Dancing and enjoying while drinking wine or shorts is kind of the best way to party hard and say goodbye to the last of the year. Many High-class hotels and resorts
cast performances from orchestras, jazz bands, or professional singers and musicians to enjoy the night with loved ones. Final and the most exciting event is firework. You can enjoy the firework at the heart of your city which is mostly done around 12 Am of the night. It will definitely enlighten your experience complete and you will return to home with happiness and unforgettable moments.

Q. Do Indians Celebrate New Year In India

A. The whole world observes New Year according to the Christian custom on the first of January consistently, Indians are good to go to praise this common day along with people from other parts of the world. There are different new years celebrated in India by different communities. But according to the Christian calendar, New Year falls on 1st January every year irrespective sun or moons location. Instead of accepting it as religious nature, 1st January is very special to Indian people. Where all caste creed and colors are the same. Everybody right from a kid too young to old everybody remains busy celebrating the day. Indian people generally take good and healthy food wearing new clothing, going to churches and a lot of other activities that they perform on this special day. It is more of a festival than others. Indian people make new promises for the whole years. The New Year festivity in whole India is extraordinary; it has its one of a kind style of festivity, convention and reason of festivity. Punjab observes New Year on thirteenth April, Assam celebrates on fourteenth or fifteenth April, Bengal celebrates on fourteenth or fifteenth April, Sikkim celebrates on the eighteenth day of the tenth month of Tibetan Lunar Calendar and in Tamil Nadu, it is praised on thirteenth or fourteenth April. But everyone celebrates 1st January keeping pace with the rest of the

Q. What city has the largest New Year's celebration

A. Well, No matter where you are on New Years' celebration. Every country and city celebrated new years day with their best events and functions. However, if you want to experience something bigger and new than, New York City is the best place to enjoy for New Year’s celebrations. You can witness the most iconic and famous Ball drop event at the time square. If you are looking for a big party or a special dinner, live concert or Djs parties, food or drinks, you can visit any nearest restaurant or party to enjoy with thrill. Don't miss the opportunity to attend the New year’s eve race and a beautiful walking tour at Brooklyn Bridge.

Q. Which is the best country to celebrate New Year?

A. There are various counties where the New year’s celebration is an astounding one. You will get to experience some of the unique events along with a soothing view. Still, the USA is the best for the new year celebration. This is because of places like Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, etc. which makes the USA a great place for celebration. New York City is considered to be the best city for New year’s eve celebration. Los Angeles is another place where several events take place. These include the Rose Parade tournament, glow party, fireworks, etc. Chicago is another place in the US where the celebration is superb. This place suffers from the brutal cold so you should wear warm clothes during this time. Several places organize parties while others are filled with various attractions, rides, etc. Las Vegas is a place where huge traffic creates a block party of more than 300 thousand people. You can even go the helicopter for which you will be picked by a limousine and enjoy the eve with champagne along with the choreographed fireworks from the sky. Florida is another amazing place in the US to celebrate New Year at its best. You can either go for Miami or can celebrate along with your family at Disney World.

Q. Which city is best for New Year's Eve?

A. New York City is the best place to visit for the celebration of New year’s eve. There are several attractions to visit during this time. The night here becomes beautiful with the involvement of concerts held by various renowned musicians. A special event of dropping a huge ball takes place during the new year eve where the ball weighs around 12000 pounds. This event is known as the ball drop live in Time Square. There are also occurrences of fantastic parties along with festive dinners to end up your year with a special memory.

The weather adds up to the beauty of this occasion in New York City. You should carry some items with you to enjoy the new year’s eve at its fullest. You should wear warm clothes since the temperature drops at midnight during this time. To capture the beauty of this place, you should bring a camera along with you. The ball drop event is held after
a very long wait so you should wear comfortable clothes and shoes. If you have a good friend circle, then this is the time where you all should celebrate and create an astounding memory. Since there are many other events held as well in New York City, so you can visit them as well to experience the new year’s eve at its best.

Q. Where should I go for New Year's Eve in Asia?

A. Asia is a continent that consists of a large number of cultures. The celebration of New year’s eve in Asia is a good option, especially if you belong to this continent. Chiang Mai in Thailand is one of the best places for the celebration of New Year’s eve. Releasing of paper lanterns is considered to be the major part of the celebration. The huge number of paper lanterns in the sky is great to watch and will give you a soothing experience. The release of the paper lantern in the sky is symbolized as a good luck and is considered to be a new beginning of life. The event takes place near the Ping River here which adds up the beauty and makes this event an exceptional one. There are many other places to explore like the North Gate where you will see several clubs filled with the party atmosphere. Several areas in Chiang Mai will provide you with the rooftop to celebrate New year’s eve. You will get a
unique experience by visiting these places. However, it is advisable to book these places beforehand to avoid price hikes and are sold out quickly as well. The streets in Chiang Mai are filled with amazing sight during this occasion and should be explored during this time. You will get to experience here a memorable new year’s eve.

Q. Where can I go over New Year?

A. There are various places you can go over the new years. Some of these have the largest new year celebration in the world. These places flourish with parties, events by some of the renowned celebrities and many other things. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is the host of the largest new year celebration where millions of tourists come to celebrate and
make new resolutions for the upcoming year. Here, the Copacabana beach is a legendary place for the new year celebration and is the major spot for the same in Rio de Janeiro. Several parties are organized here and all the partiers arrive early to stay up for the rest of the day. The number of people gets increased tremendously in the
evening for the celebration.
This place has a superb atmosphere during this time as you wait for the arrival of the new year by enjoying musical acts, playing football with your friends, etc. The firework session is also fun to watch and lasts for 20 minutes. Being a beach, several cruises arrive for the celebration of New year’s eve. After the music and fireworks get over you are available with amazing night clubs, bars to spend the rest of the time. There are also exclusive clubs available where you will be served with a variety of food along with champagne. You can also visit penthouse events or can harbor along with the cruise to make your new year’s eve a memorable one.

Q. What should I do on New Year’s Eve?

A. New year’s eve is the best occasion to spend time with your friends and family. There are several places you can visit along with them and make the celebration a great one. You can do various things during this time like visiting a club, party or attending a musical concert. Many places will even provide you with some of their unique features like the big ball event in New York City, etc. These events are also great to watch and adds up a greater experience for your new year’s celebration. Many open-air events occur in several places. These are superb attractions and are soothing to watch.
You can go to the clubs along with your friends to enjoy the new year’s eve at its fullest. Some of the clubs even bring renowned DJs during this time to enhance your new year experience. You can even celebrate with a house party. This is also a good option where you can invite your friends and relatives to the celebration. You can make a variety of foods, organize firework session, etc. This will help to form a stronger bond with your close ones. This time is also great for dating where you can take your loved one to either an event, party or any place that holds a good memory of your relationship. There is no end of the things which you can do on New year’s eve.