40 Best Places to Visit in India in April

Spend a hassle free vacation along with your family and kids by planning the holiday perfectly with a tour operator before the vacation. India the most beautiful tourist destinations welcomes travellers to enjoy the beauty of various states in the month of April.

One who likes to take a break from the rush of the life can book their tickets along with the hotels and spend a mesmerizing vacation in the top places of India in this coming April. Here are the 40 Best places to visit in India in April with Family, friends and couple that are worthy of visiting once in the lifetime.

Top Places to Visit in April in North India

1. Jaipur

The capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur is mostly known as the Pink City is a worthy place to visit. One can see the colorful culture of Rajputs along with various forts that offer a great experience of the holiday.

Jaipur - Pink City of Rajasthan
Jaipur - Pink City of Rajasthan

If you wish to enjoy Jaipur to the fullest, try to explore the architectural beauties and bygone era’s reminders like City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort, and others. If you love to explore, there are numerous more forts around the region, too.

Elephant Ride at Amber Fort
Elephant Ride at Amber Fort

Taste the tempting delicacies of Jaipur and even pick a few handmade goods on the streets of Jaipur. In short, if you love to travel back in time for a nostalgic vacation, Jaipur is the right destination for you.

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2. Leh and Ladakh

Leh and Ladakh the most enchanting destinations of India are to be explored in the coming summer. People can spend a mind-blowing vacation in the pleasing environment seeing the natural wonders. Studded in the beautiful state Jammu and Kashmir this destination welcomes people who love bike riding, trekking and a few more thrilling activities.

Beyond nature, the destination is bubbling with the charming Buddhism culture. With the warm of April, many monasteries will be easier to visit. Some tourists even prefer staying back in one of the monasteries for a night to enjoy unique activities. Luxury is all about trying out exotic things and Leh Ladakh is the right destination for such an adventure.


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3. Agra

The part of Golden triangle Tour, Agra is the most fascinating place of India. With a gem Taj Mahal this location is world famous and people can even visit the Mughal constructions along with the charming symbol of love in Agra.

Taj Mahal

People fall in love with the numerous marble and sandstone Mughal masterpieces like Agra Fort, Tomb of Akbar, Baby Taj, and others. However, they forget to embrace the culture of the land. Enjoy shopping, catch a drama if you love, taste the local cuisine, and do not miss to explore the forgotten capital of Mughals, Fatehpur Sikri. Beyond these, it is much easier to enjoy an elegant royal vacation in Agra, if you wish to enjoy a romantic time here.

Red Fort in Agra
Red Fort, Agra

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Agra Travel Guide

4. Udaipur

A princely city Udaipur is a perfect destination for people who love to explore the architecture of the forts. Known as the city of the lakes this region of Rajasthan is worthy to visit during the vacation. Lake Pichola is the heart of Udaipur, when it comes to tourism and culture.

Travelogy Guest Boating in Udaipur
Boating in Lake Pichola, Udaipur

Enjoy a stay in any of the royal accommodations to enjoy a blue-blood vacation. If not, get closer to the culture of the land. Cuisine is an integral part of Rajasthan’s culture and Udaipur is no different. The romantic beauty of Udaipur also bleeds from the Aravalli Ranges bordering the city.

City Palace, Udaipur

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5. Kolkata

The capital of West Bengal and the most busy city of the country India, Kolkata is a perfect place to plan a holiday. Here you can see the beauty of the Victoria Memorial, Kali Temple, Millennium Park, Science City and a few more. Along with this one can enjoy seeing the city that is a blend of Indian and British culture.

Kolkata is an artistic land famous for providing a holistic vacation for budget and luxury travelers. The colonial structure gives a sepia ambience and the suburbs provide luxury activities including shopping for interesting souvenirs. Do not miss to try the Bengali cuisine, which has a signature tangy taste derived by a unique mix of spices.

Victoria Memorial Kolkata India
Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

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6. Srinagar

Capital of Jammu and Kashmir this is one outstanding place that is to be seen once in a lifetime. The splendid location Srinagar welcomes people to enjoy boat rides on Dal Lake and even enjoy special holiday in the place surrounded by the Himalayas.

Srinagar Dal Lake Boating
Srinagar Dal Lake Boating

With the climate of April, Srinagar moves out of the snow-white ambiance and gets an emerald makeover. The natural beauties will be lush with foliage and vibrant wild flowers will almost be at bloom. Summer is the blooming time for many fragrance flowers, making April, a photogenic season in Srinagar. For a complete vacation, visit Shalimar Bagh Mughal garden, tulip garden, Pari Mahal, and others.

Nishat Bagh Srinagar
Nishat Bagh, Srinagar

Srinagar Travel Guide

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7. Auli

Auli - A place in Uttarakhand is perfect to spend a holiday and one can enjoy the ambience of the region. The region is loaded with oak trees and with the fascinating view of the Himalayas and the majestic environment offers a lovely vacation.

Obviously skiing is out of option if you are visiting in April. You can balance it off by visiting exotic destinations like Auli artificial lake, Narsingh Temple, Joshimath, GorsonBugyal, Auli ropeway, Nanda Devi Park, and others. Summer is the time to see spectrum of colors in Auli, rather than just snow and ice.

Auli Uttarakhand
Auli, Uttarakhand

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8. Kullu Manali

Referred to as a same place Kullu and Manali are two different hill stations very close to each other. Travelers can enjoy trekking, rafting, gliding in Manali and at the same time purchase high-quality woolens in the Kullu streets.

Apart from adventure activities, the place is also famous for spellbinding nature with pine meadows, cascading waterfalls, enticing lake, and other hill station beauties. The beauty of nature is complimented with the exotic culture of the land too. Kullu Manali is both an adventure and a romantic vacation destination.

River Rafting in Manali Himachal Pradesh
River Rafting in Manali Himachal Pradesh

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9. Shimla

A perfect place and the capital of Himachal Pradesh for people who loves to spend hot summer in a cool manner. The nature beauty fascinates people and at the same time of can fill the bags with the amazing goods available in the Mall a huge shopping area in the Shimla.

With the climate of April, the snowy mountain views will be clear and nature will be lush with foliage. Spotting wild colorful flowers and birds are quite easier during this season. Moreover, many adventure activities like camping, trekking, hiking, mountaineering, and others are more famous during the summer.

Shimla Mall Road
Mall Road, Shimla

Shimla Travel Guide:

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10. Kashmir

Kashmir is India’s mini Switzerland with timeless beauties of spirituality, nature, and culture. During the summer season, the alpine regions of the land become chilling spots to escape the sun. Starting from houseboat rides to exploring valleys, Kashmir gets a honeymoon look during summer.

Moreover, the culture of the land is more colorful during summer and you can spend time exploring Buddhist monasteries, floating market, highland deserts, much more.


Kashmir Travel Guide

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11. Dalhousie

Dalhousie is famous for its scenic summer view of clear mountain backdrop enveloping pine-clad valleys, Buddhist culture, and spirituality. Those looking for a solitary escape into the laps of nature would choose Dalhousie as their summer retreat destination.

Dalhousie is gaining popularity for its adventure activities like boating, trekking, paragliding, adventure camping, and others. Apart from all these, souvenir hunting for Tibetan craft items is a very common activity here.


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12. Khajjiar

Khajjiar is a small meadow, closer to Dalhousie. Geographically speaking, Khajjiar is a very small destination. However, the placid nature makes it a flawless honeymoon destination for all. Standing at 6,500 feet above mean sea level, this place is a breathtaking beauty famous for adventure activities like trekking, horse riding, paragliding, camping, and others.

The region is filled with dense high altitude forests, lush meadows, and a few ancient temples scattered around. The place receives ample snowfall during winter and in summer; it gets a fresh and lush look with greenery, everywhere.

The region is filled with dense high altitude forests, lush meadows, and a few ancient temples scattered around. The place receives ample snowfall during winter and in summer; it gets a fresh and lush look with greenery, everywhere.

Paragliding in Khajjiar
Paragliding in Khajjiar

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13. Kasauli

Kasauli is a small hill town located on the lower edges of the Himalayas. It is surrounded by forests of cedar trees and pines. The Victorian structures and enchanting calmness gives a glorious look to the destination.

Kasauli is famous for scenic nature, the collection of endangered wildlife, and a soothing climate to escape the heat. If you are visiting in summer, do not forget to enjoy the cable car ride along the timber trail, trekking, hiking, and others. The place has numerous ancient and new temples to explore and enjoy the culture.

Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh
Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

14. Nainital

Nainital is an interesting destination famous for unmatched natural beauty, colonial architecture, and romantic activities. This is the City of Lake Naini, which attracts tourists for enjoying panoramic views from viewpoints, ropeway ride, Tibetan souvenir hunting, exploring ancient temples, and much more.

If you are looking for a weekend getaway during April, this is the right place to choose. If you wish to make your vacation more interesting, choose to stay in a colonial lodge.


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15. Gangtok

Gangtok has the natural beauty of a high-altitude destination and the unique cultural beauty of the north-east region. While the prismatic beauty of the land attracts honeymooners and family visitors, the lush flowers and enchanting wildlife attracts photo-enthusiasts.

Gangtok, Sikkim
Gangtok, Sikkim

Gangtok is also famous for adventure activities like trekking, camping, hiking, river rafting, and others. The backdrop of Kanchenjunga adds a pristine beauty to every view from this destination. If you wish to engulf everything, take a cable car ride.

Gangtok river rafting
Gangtok river rafting

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16. Kalimpong

Himalayas is always portrayed as a white ice region. However, the Kalimpong of West Bengal will give you a contrasting look with the rapid flowing Teesta River, cardamom plantation, valleys, evergreen alpine forests, cinnamon plantation, and others. With the summer climate, the region will be flourishing with poinsettias, sunflowers, and many vivid orchid flowers.

Summer is the right time to enjoy natural aromatherapy with flowers everywhere around you. If you are looking for wildlife attractions, explore the sanctuary regions to spot Asiatic black bear, red panda, pangolin, and other exotic animals.


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17. Shillong

Shillong is both summer and monsoon destination. This hill town is called the Scotland of East, due to its spectrum of beautiful nature, a plethora of cultural beauty, and absolutely delightful cuisine. This hill region is located in Meghalaya and is famous for its ancient ambiance, canyons, waterfalls, green hills, and much more.

If you are looking for a laidback town for a romantic vacation, Shillong is the right place. You can also enjoy adventure activities like scooting, skiing, kayaking, trekking, hiking, and others.


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18. Tawang

Tawang gets its beauty from the Himalayan nature and Buddhist culture. This place is riddled with tourist attractions like Madhuri Lake, Turanang Falls, war memorial, Dirang Monastery, Seela Pass, Bumla Pass, and others. The mountain passes in this region allow you to enjoy exotic adventure activities.

After exploring the culture of the land, make sure to stop by the bazaars to shop some Tibetan-Indian souvenirs like porcelain items, religious items, décor articles, and others. Summer is the time to see Tawang out of its snow cover and with numerous colors.

Bumla Pass Tawang
Bumla Pass, Tawang

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19. Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a spiritual destination located in the foothills of the majestic Himalayan kingdom. The city gets its pious ambiance due to the River Ganges that flow through the city.

Rishikesh Temple, India

Rishikesh is both a religious destination for Yoga, meditation, and pilgrimage center and an adventure hotspot.

Yoga in Rishikesh
Yoga in Rishikesh

Top activities to enjoy in Rishikesh are flying fox, bungee jumping, camping mountain biking, abseiling, and others. Or, you could spend a rejuvenating time in one of the ashrams, taking part in workshops and other initiatives.

Flying Fox in Rishikesh
Flying Fox in Rishikesh

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20. Pahalgam

If you are visiting Pahalgam in April, you are right in time for the Himalayan trekking season. Pahalgam is a famous romantic and adventure destination in Jammu and Kashmir. The untouched serene beauty of the land comes from the nature of the Himalayan region. In April, the glaciers would have melted away, allowing tourists to enjoy many adventure activities like trekking along the river, white water rafting, hiking, and others.

Also, the warm climate keeps the region lush with green valleys, flowering gardens, and so on. Top places to visit during an April vacation are Aru Valley, Lidder River, Betaab Valley, Chandanwari, and others.

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Pahalgam Travel Guide

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21. Cherrapunji

This is one of the wettest places on Earth and is famous for its lush green forest regions, waterfalls, living root bridges, and much more. Summer dries the routes a little, allowing tourists to explore the regions with a little ease. The cool air, close-to-nature culture, and thriving flora-fauna are just the beginning of what you are about to enjoy in Cherrapunji.

This high altitude town of Meghalaya is famous for adventure activities like jungle exploration, caving, trekking, birdwatching, village tours, and others. With the summer warmth, you can easily find picnic and camping spots in some of the pristine locations closer to greeneries, waterfalls, or up the cliffs for sunset views.

Living Root Bridge
Living Root Bridge

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22. Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi is a hidden beauty but is slowly transforming into a honeymoon destination for those looking for a solitary escape from the summer heat. Apart from the viewpoints and waterfalls, the place is famous for ancient temples.

Pachmarhi is a year-around beauty. The Satpura Tiger Reserve and the Satpura ranges add beauty to this only hill station in Madhya Pradesh. Pachmarhi is famous for simple yet serene scenic beauties including pre-historic caves, dense forest of sal trees, bamboo thickets, rolling meadows, and much more.

Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh
Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh

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Top Places to Visit in April in South India

23. Goa

The destination all about fun and entertainment in Goa. People who love to spend a holiday seeing sand, water and tasting lip-smacking sea food must visit Goa. This offers a memorable vacation and people can spend time with thrilling water activities.

Apart from the 31 beaches to chill off the summer heat, Goa also holds numerous colonial structures and religious sites for enjoying sightseeing. If you are looking for adventure activities, Goa provides numerous interesting land activities like trekking, spice plantation strolling, island cycling, hot air ballooning, and others.

Beaches in Goa
Goa Beach

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24. Kerala

The Gods own land Kerala is perfect destination to spend a vacation. Wayanad, Kollam, Munnar, Allepey, Neyyar and Periyar wildlife along with many more are worthy to visit. Here you can explore Hill Stations, Houseboats, Backwaters, Beaches and Temples in Kerala.

Summer is also the right time to enjoy houseboat activities here. You can find numerous Pooram festivals (religious festivals) and other cultural celebrations in April. Cultural destinations like Kerala are best visited during any festival time.

Kumarakom Backwaters Kerala
Backwaters in Kerala

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25. Andaman

Enjoy seeing the water life and the exotic beauty of the sea in the amazing destination Andaman. Enjoy the underwater activities along with other sports in the marvelous destination and spend a memorable vacation.

Corbyn Cove Beach Port Blair Andaman

It is much easier to escape the sun when you are surrounded by tropical beaches bordered with palm grooves. Apart from the beauty of oceans and beaches, Andaman has a lush nature on the land too. People can enjoy hiking, trekking, and other activities amidst birds. Join back the population at Port Blair, Neil Island, or other destinations to enjoy the culture and cuisine of the land.

Andaman Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving in Andaman

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26. Mysore

Mostly known as the cultural capital of Karnataka, Mysore is a perfect place to spend a vacation. One can see Mysore Palace, Brindavan garden and even bag some good sandalwood and Mysore silks saree during the vacation.

Temperature can be mildly harsh when it comes to April in Mysore. To tally the heat, you can enjoy some of the less explored regions in and around Mysore like Vythiri, BR Hills, Kotagiri, and others. Do not miss to taste the desserts of this land, especially Mysore Pak.

Mysore Palace
Mysore Palace

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27. Kanyakumari

The most beautiful location located at the bottom of India is Kanyakumari. The seashore and temples here are to be seen along with the sunrise and sunset as this is worthy of witnessing here.

Apart from sightseeing, the place is also famous for cultural attractions. If you are visiting in April, you can take part in the Chitra Pournami celebration. Enjoying beach activities, shopping, temples, and enjoying local sea-food based cuisine are the top attractions to enjoy in Kanyakumari.


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28. Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the land of commerce and color. You can find impressive souvenirs, exclusive summer spots like Jubilee Hills and Bankara Hills, Islamic structures, and much more. If you wish to enjoy a culture fused with Middle-Eastern and Indian elements, Hyderabad is the right destination.

The most amazing city Hyderabad welcomes travelers to have a fabulous vacation. Starting from the historic constructions till the modern theme parks one can enjoy a great time. Don’t miss tasting the mouthwatering Hyderabadi biriyani along with other delicacies in Hyderabad also bag some amazing pearls.

Golconda Fort, Hyderabad
Golconda Fort, Hyderabad

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29. Panchmarhi

The hill station known for exceptional beauty is the Panchmarhi located in the state Madhya Pradesh. The five caves are offered the name and this is a gateway for people who love to spend a better vacation.

Pandav Caves in Panchmarhi Madhya Pradesh

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30. Hampi

The heritage destination in Karnataka Hampi is known for its exceptional beauty. This place is the living example of the art and architecture of the Vijayanagara rulers and the skills of the craftsmen. The Vitthala Temple, Virupaksha Temple, music pillars and a few more are to be seen and things to do in Hampi.

If you wish to enjoy exotic activities, enjoy cycling amidst the ruins, coracle ride on the river, spotting bear at Daroji sloth bear sanctuary, bouldering, and much more. Try to visit Anjayena Hill to catch the sunset from the Monkey Temple.


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31. Kodaikanal

The alluring destination of Tamil Nadu Kodaikanal is perfect to visit in the summers. The lake along with the green valley and a few more offers a better holiday for people who like to stay cool in the hot summers.

April is the right time to visit Kodaikanal to spot rhododendron flower, and kurinji flowers (blooms once in 12 years). If you wish to enjoy honeymoon amidst nature and mist, the summer is the right time to visit. The valleys and plains will be lush with greens allowing you to enjoy a spectacular vacation.


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32. Araku and Borra Caves

The fabulous place nearby to Visakhapatnam is Araku and here peole can even see the natural caves. The place reveals the tribal life and the Borra caves are to be seen and one can easily enjoy the ambience of the region.

Araku Valley is also famous for Padmapuram garden, coffee museum, Galikonda viewpoint, Chapari waterfalls, and others. Do you know that Araku Valley is a hidden beauty of Andhra Pradesh? Thus, even during peak tourism season (summer), the place is the right spot to enjoy a solitary stunning vacation.

Araku and Borra Caves Visakhapatnam
Araku and Borra Caves Visakhapatnam

Andhra Pradesh Travel Guide

33. Madurai

A famous place of Tamil Nadu, Madurai is popular for the Meenakshi Temple. This temple is world famous just because of its exceptional architecture and the sky touching gopuram. This is a spiritual destination, but a worthy place to visit during holidays and don’t miss seeing the Thirumala Nayakat Mahal, 1000 pillar hall and a few more.

April is the time for enjoying numerous cultural festivals including Chitirai Thirunal, Meenakshi Amman Thirukalyanam, and others. To beat the summer heat, Madurai streets will be filled with stalls selling refreshing drinks, which are exotic and iconic to Madurai culture. Do not miss to smell the jasmines of the land.

Meenakshi Amman temple Inside
Meenakshi Temple

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34. Lonavala

Lonavala is a famous weekend destination closer to Mumbai. The region gets its aesthetic beauty from the climate of Sahyadri Hill, dense forest, the lakes, and the waterfalls. The region is famous for tourists as a rejuvenating spot. If you love caving and exploration, this hill station will be your paradise.

Apart from the caves, you can find numerous places for camping, picnicking, trekking, and hiking. Do you know that April is the right time to enjoy leisure trekking amidst vivid flowers and green meadows? The best of all trails to enjoy in April is the Lonavala Bhumashankar trekking route.


35. Coorg

Coorg is one of the prominent hill stations of Karnataka. Coorg is famous for lush coffee plantation, spice farms, forest-covered hills, pleasing climate, and much more. Although the hill town is at prime beauty throughout the year, people flock towards the destination during the summer season. The exotic sceneries with a pleasingly warm ambiance add a romantic feel to your vacation.

If you love nature, this is the right destination for you. Coorg has all cliché hill station attractions and activities to enjoy a pleasing mountain vacation. Do not forget to visit the only Buddhist monastery in southern India, Narmdroling Monastery.


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36. Ooty

The Queen of Nilgiri Ranges is at prime beauty throughout the year. If you want a flawless vacation, this colonial getaway spot is the right destination. Starting from sunset viewpoints to boating in chilla lake, this region has every cliché hill altitude activity you could think of. April is one of the top tourism months in this hill station. Thus, you can find many carnivals and attractions.


April is the beginning of the blooming season in Ooty and surrounding regions. Thus, this is the right month to visit the Botanical Garden and the Rose Garden. If you wish to enjoy birdwatching, trek to the Kalhatti Falls, very early in the morning.

Botanical Garden, Ooty

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37. Coonoor

Located on the Nilgiri Ranges, closer to Ooty, Coonoor is one of the famous hill towns in Tamil Nadu. This is the right place to enjoy all cliché hill station elements just like Ooty, but without the hassle and crowd. If you are visiting in summer, the place will be pleasingly cool and beautiful.

The viewpoints will provide a clear panoramic view without fog, and the waterfalls will be refreshing. If you wish to enjoy time with nature, you can find numerous valleys, parks, and other destinations. Top adventure activities to enjoy here are coracle ride, horse riding, trekking, camping, hiking, and others.

Dolphin Nose Coonoor
Dolphin Nose Coonoor

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38. Munnar

Kerala is filled with tourist attractions and the gem of all is Munnar, a quaint hill region, which is lush with plantations and wildlife beauty bestowed by the Western Ghats. Watching the cloud covered natural beauties via trekking and hiking is just one part of Munnar.

Apart from nature painted with thousand shades of greens, the place is famous for interesting tourism attractions like clear waterfalls, Shikara rides on lakes, jungle trekking, and much more. Do you know that summer is the right time to spot species of Kurunji flowers, the species that blooms only once in 12 years?

Apart from all these, you can enjoy other cliché hill station elements like the panoramic view from viewpoints, valleys, treehouse, cultural towns, spice shopping, and others.

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Munnar Kerala

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39. Matheran

Matheran is the only hill region of India, which is automobile-free. If you wish to get out of the hassle of metro life, this is the right spot to enjoy. You would be wrong if you think that the train route between Neral and Matheran is the only tourist activity in Matheran.

Geographically speaking, Matheran might be a small hill town. But, it has many iconic beauties like lush valleys, trekking routes, viewpoints, forts for exploration, and much more.

Do you know that the young tourists are showing more interest recently to take part in the valley crossing activity during summer? Along with the toy train ride, this hill town is a famous honeymoon destination too.

Matheran Trek

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40. Wayanad

Wayanad is a flourishing rural region in Kerala, which is filled with spice plantation, historic caves, tranquil villages, nature-centric population, and most importantly the engulfing nature. Starting from Kayaking to coracle ride, you can find numerous water activities during April.  If you are looking for some nature time, explore a wildlife sanctuary, dams, plantations, caves, viewpoints, and much more.

When it comes to activities, Wayanad is loaded with too much that would keep you outdoors throughout your vacation. If you wish to slow it down, take a stroll during misty mornings, have an Ayurvedic massage, and enjoy a rejuvenating time in the laps of nature.

Chembra Peak, Wayanad

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Plan a holiday to any of the above locations starting, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and enjoy a marvelous vacation.

Places to Visit in India by Month

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where to Visit In North India in April?

A. North India is a suitable place to visit in April due to the Himalayas. The tourist places like Leh and Ladakh, Auli, Kullu Manali are the places to explore in April. You can enjoy the snowfall, natural beauty and the other attractions of these places.

Q. Where should I travel in April in India?

A. In April you can travel the regions near to the Himalayas to spend your holiday. In these regions you can enjoy the places such as Rishikesh, Manali, Srinagar, Gulmarg, Haridwar, etc. If you love to travel cities then you can go to Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, etc.

Q. What places are good to visit in April?

A. In April the temperature lifts up in India so people look for colder places in India to visit. The north India remains almost colder in these days making it a must visit place to visit in April. Some examples of such places are Spiti, Shimla, Auli, Srinagar, etc.

Q. What is there to do in India in April?

A. April is a month to visit different places and enjoy the vacation. In India you can travel to the different beautiful places and enjoy the glamour of the nature in April. All the states of India have something to offer the tourists in April making India as a most delightful destination all over the world.

Q. Is April a good time to visit India?

A. Yes! April is the beginning of the summer season in India. This time the temperature remains normal in India. In some places the temperature may be little higher. But, in this time India looks beautiful and sometimes the rain brings the temperature down. So you can visit India in April without any worries.

Q. Should I visit Goa in April?

A. Goa is a place where you can have fun in every time of the year. As April is the beginning of the summer season, the temperature will be little higher than normal. The vacations are yet to come so you will find less crowd and the beaches will be cleaner too. As it is not a peak season in everything you can avail discounts and save money. So April is a good time to visit Goa and you should do that.

Q. What is the weather in India in April?

A. In India the summer starts from April. At this time the temperature in many places starts to increase and sometimes it crosses 40 degree Celsius. Some northern regions remain still colder in this time making a suitable place to visit in April. At this time you can explore the hill stations and national parks located in northern regions. Get complete guide about Weather in India in April.

Q. Is April a good time to visit Delhi?

A. In April the temperature of Delhi increases to new heights. During daytime the temperature reaches up to 40 degrees Celsius. If you want to visit this place at this time, you can because in later days the temperature is going to increase more. At this time you can visit the places in the early morning and late afternoon because in day time you can’t go out due to heat.

Q. Can I explore the north India in April?

A. The north India is a place where the temperature remains normal in April. As it is the beginning of the summer season the north Indian states like Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, etc. are not too hot or cold. So at this time you can explore the north India and enjoy the beauty of Indian cultures.

Q. Is south India good for travel in April?

A. Yes! You can travel the south India and enjoy a lot in April. The southern Indian states also get affected by summer and the weather is hot like other parts of India, but the hill stations and the beaches are the places where you can have fun. Apart from the comfortable weather you can save money from because the crowd is less compared to other times of the year so you can avail discounts.

Q. Where can I find snow in April in India?

A. The north Indian regions near to the Himalayas such as Manali, Gulmarg, Ladakh, Auli, Panitop, etc. get snowfall during the winter. Places like north Sikkim gets snowfall almost the entire year. So you can visit these places in April to find snow.

Q. Is it a good time to visit Jaipur in April?

A. No! In April due to summer Jaipur will be heating up. You can’t enjoy the beautiful things due to the increased temperature in the daytime. The best time to visit this place is during November to February as due to winter everything will be fine and you can spend more time with nature.